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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@moepgetier Marking frequently used logins as a favourite might help too — they're listed first when filling.@moepgetier No, sorry, you can't manually sort logins. But yeah, a workaround would be adding a character: "a - Title", "b - Title", etc.@vinona If you drag the "?" out of your dock, then find "1Password" in your Applications folder and open from there, does that fix things?@_mcarroll But please let us know if you'd like some help getting started... my team is happy to assist: support@ agilebits .com@_mcarroll Sorry to hear! You can request a refund from Apple here: https://t.co/ixxn62cRSF@_phubar Got it, thanks for the explanation. I'll pass the feedback along to my team! :)
@_phubar We wanted to keep giving away all of our hard work for free forever, but it turns out that isn’t a sustainable business model. ;)@_phubar Sorry to hear! For what it's worth, we've only had two paid upgrades in 9 years on Mac and one on iOS.@thenextloop I love you too. ❤️@thenextloop Right now we just show the information that is actually on the physical card on the Apple Watch app.@thenextloop Ah, gotcha! That would do it. We're looking into expanding the available fields.@thenextloop I have the same device size & settings, and can see the full entry.@JericaLurve Yep, if you bought from the Mac App Store be sure to use the same Apple ID on each Mac.@thenextloop Is your Watch 42mm or 38mm? Do you have your Watch's text size increased?@JericaLurve One license is good for up to 6 family members in the same house, as many macs as you cumulatively use.@thenextloop Which item type is this? I just tested a lengthy secure note and it scrolls.@jdd68 What's the site and the issue? Synapse only works right after a failed fill.@AgnaKuharik I like you, too. ❤️🔐@amberweinberg Ahhh, hopefully the battery can be swapped out soon. Best wishes. 💝@amberweinberg When you have your own computer, restoring from Time Machine should bring back your 1Password data.@amberweinberg Okie dokie. If there is anything else I can help with, just let me know!@amberweinberg Any chance you have a Time Machine backup?@amberweinberg When you get access to Dropbox, look for a 1Password folder, and within it, 1Password.agilekeychain. That would be your data.@amberweinberg Do you possibly have 1Password on another device, such as an iPhone?@amberweinberg If you can sign into Mac App Store, check the Purchases tab. If 1Password is in your history, install that to access iCloud.@TextExpander @JeffBishop Shucks, thanks for the love, Texty. ❤️🔐@walkebe You're welcome!@amberweinberg Were you previously using the Mac App Store or AgileBits Store version of me? Only Mac App Store version has iCloud sync.@julcocitron ❤️🔐@AlexGarciaIM You're welcome!@walkebe It's a read-only, browser based system, and won't integrate with extensions. But you can copy/paste from it.@walkebe If you use Dropbox to sync, Chromebooks can access 1PasswordAnywhere. https://t.co/pgJLRf4G2X@AlexGarciaIM You can turn off auto-save in the main app's preferences, under Browsers. Will apply to 1Password mini@Causaelity You're welcome!@leebennett But this approach definitely would!@leebennett Yeah, TOTP requires a server to be involved. That wouldn't work here.@leebennett That really depends on the site and use case.@walkebe Well, I'm 30% off across the board until tonight (Eastern time). :)@samj @kix1979 @bmkatz I try to answer here as quick as I can. 😚@samj @kix1979 @bmkatz Basically, if you don't want to type Master Password in constantly, we need to store it so PIN/Touch ID can use it.@leebennett So you could switch to this other vault to create these logins without adding cruft to your vault.@leebennett The entry in Passwords is created as a safety net. Maybe it would be best to use a secondary vault separate from your data.@samj @kix1979 @bmkatz The data is encrypted against the key derived from the Master Password. PIN and Touch ID use that key as a reference.@samj @kix1979 @bmkatz The PIN does the same thing as Touch ID. If you enabled PIN, we'd still have to store the Master Password.@julcocitron The sale is on until tonight (Toronto time)!@walkebe Yes, Mac is sold separately from iOS.@nah0y @MathieuLoutre ❤️🔐@Causaelity Sometimes a good old restart is what the doctor ordered.@volkerdobler You're welcome!@zoocat @tedvid Just so happens I am 30% off until tonight. ;)@Causaelity Could you try disabling sync for primary and then re-enabling it?@volkerdobler Is it possible you have the item in more than one vault? iOS extension pulls matches from all vaults.@volkerdobler Hm, not sure. I wonder if it could be a sync conflict. Is the data within each item exactly the same?@RobotDeathSquad Just drag & drop the attachment to the desktop. :)@reyland Would you mind writing in to support@ agilebits .com so we can talk in greater than 140 characters?@juanbuis @nisummers We can do it together! ❤️🔐@woodenstone That way the copy 1Password syncs to is always available, and Chronosync (or something like) can manage the server part.@reyland No idea. None of ours make sounds at all. Perhaps a system setting? Maybe Accessibility?@bondad Very true.@woodenstone No. Using folder sync? Best to sync to a local spot, then use another utility like Chronosync to sync local copy to the server.@tiffbrownolsen You're welcome!@PatrykKoodziej1 👍@patrix Be sure to buy today, as I'm 30% off until tonight. Godspeed.@tiffbrownolsen If you purchase a v5 license, it will have a complimentary v3 license. :)@bondad Remote app + 1Password for iOS + copy & paste = FTW@patrix I have an importer. :) https://t.co/AzbWJOiYX0@PatrykKoodziej1 30% is a great sale. We rarely offer better than that.@PatrykKoodziej1 Sorry, Google Play does not have discount or promo codes for in-app purchases.@PatrykKoodziej1 We set a base price in US Dollars, and Google handles the rest for currency conversion, taxes, etc.@PatrykKoodziej1 Normal price is $9.99. Sale price is $6.99. The €7.74 difference from €6.17 may be due to taxes.@PatrykKoodziej1 We launched on Android at an introductory 50% sale last year.@Powelljl100 As I said yesterday, it may take time for the icon to show up. It has to go through our CDN. It is not instant.@PatrykKoodziej1 $9.99 is €9.17. €5.99 is not the non-sale price.@gady90 It wouldn't hurt for you as a user to also reach out to them.@gady90 We'll see if we can reach out.@PatrykKoodziej1 @BruceGMobiSol Google Play may also be adding any applicable taxes that your locale requires.@PatrykKoodziej1 @BruceGMobiSol Google Play does the currency conversion. Normal price is $9.99 USD, sale price is $6.99 USD.@MathieuLoutre ❤️🔐@PatrykKoodziej1 Sure is, but it ends soon!@repercussionist ❤️🔐@gady90 Hard to say. We'd have to isolate exactly what script is doing what. Sadly, we just don't have the resources to commit right now.@MathieuLoutre I'm probably biased, but I'd say 10.@repercussionist Also, I'm on sale for 30% off through the end of today.@repercussionist Just in case you need it, here's an import guide. https://t.co/AzbWJOiYX0@ZeroDistraction Look forward to it!@TriggerMikeD ❤️🔐@32_forest Hi, are you having trouble with Wi-Fi sync?@TriggerMikeD Great minds think alike!@Betraydan Done!@TriggerMikeD Adding categories is tougher than some things, as it has to span the entire product line at once. Can't promise anything.@TriggerMikeD You're welcome! We definitely are seeing the need for that with 1Password for Apple Watch. We'll see what we can do.@avsmith Thanks! One of the lovely humans here will reply as soon as possible. ❤️@TriggerMikeD Thank you for letting me know you are interested in this! :)@vinschger No, Knox is Mac only. It relies on core technologies in the Mac OS in order to do what it does.@Rebelbhaskar Please be sure your data is saved elsewhere first. Uninstalling will wipe it from the phone.@Rebelbhaskar Yes, you can either connect to an agilekeychain in a different location on Dropbox, or create a new one, if you reinstall.@Richard_Pendry You're welcome!@Betraydan Yes. iCloud is available in the Mac App Store version of 1Password for Mac.@avsmith Also, if you include your Mac App Store receipt in that email, it will speed the process up. :)@avsmith Yep! Write to support+sales@ agilebits .com and let them know you'd like to add Windows. We'll help you out.
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