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1Password @1Password Ontario, Canada

A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@hollowspy You got it! 👍😘@hollowspy Thanks! Dave puts a ton of hard work into those!@stilgherrian @Westpac @linode Best of luck in getting it sorted out!@jen20 Yes, it sure does.@stilgherrian @Westpac @linode Watchtower was added a little over a year ago. It’s in the sidebar under Security Audit.@jen20 Yes, in main app, go to Prefs > Browser, and add domain one per line to the list.@stilgherrian @Westpac @linode Here’s the full vulnerability analysis for both sites. 🎣@tommorris I may be a little biased, but I work pretty great in Windows & Android, too. Run-> then type msconfig and uncheck (don’t remove) the helper from that list under Startup@kb @Glutnix That’s the way to do it. Keep up with the secure habit. :)@ethomson I can’t promise anything, but the devs will consider the use case.@ethomson I spoke with a developer real quick & he confirmed there is not currently a way to turn off the prompt to install the extension.@ethomson I see. That’s definitely a use case I don’t think we really thought of. It’s designed primarily for website password security.@ethomson I think if you gave it a shot you’d find it would save you a lot of time. How do you currently use 1Password to login to things?@ethomson My extension doesn’t fill anything without your express say-so. You have to click it, or use the command-\ shortcut.@DavdRoman Well, if you don’t need/want iCloud, you can always purchase direct at You're welcome!@toddbuller iOS apps are sandboxed, so there is no way my iOS app could know that information.@djfarrelly We’re working hard to have it fixed with plenty of cushion. But I can’t say for sure how long it will take to fix it up.@djfarrelly Chrome’s dev cycle is 6 weeks. So about 5 weeks till the issue hits beta, 11 to stable.@chrisWhite @panic Ah, gotcha. 👍@djfarrelly I highly recommend you use Chrome Beta or Stable for now.@djfarrelly Yep, Canary totally broke my communications system. Working on a fix, but it’s a massive re-architecture.@chrisWhite @panic Hi Chris, right now my extension can see Login, Identity, & Credit Card items. I hope that helps.@toddbuller Hi, is there something about my iOS app I can help with?@DavdRoman Functionally the Mac App Store version is the same, other than my direct version doesn’t have iCloud.@ethomson The extension is a vital part of the experience, as it allows you to have 1Password fill forms. May I ask why you don’t want it?@k_OSX You're welcome!@k_OSX Do you have an antivirus, firewall, VPN, or proxy running? If so whitelist Installing the extension will stop the prompt. I’m not sure of another way to silence it.@RobertSimpson_ I’m definitely out on Canary for a while. Developers are working on it, but it’s a huge undertaking.@DoronLevy You can reach us at support@ agilebits .com@ethomson Do you have the extension installed?@RobertSimpson_ Yep, Canary changed a lot with how our extension communicates. Lots of work to do. Please switch to Chrome Beta or Stable.@notoakie ⌚️👍@mll_dr You're welcome!@_littlecreative 💣💥@mightyshakerjnr Ah! Well, I’ll have news on that front soon. ;)@PhilSwn @Ionicframework Just to chime in, I’m easy to add to an iOS app! Aw, shucks. You're going to make my icon turn red. Thanks, Sneaks! 😊@mightyshakerjnr …hey…………?@jessysaurusrex @JFKingsley @SwiftOnSecurity Every dinosaur needs a boo.@JFKingsley Soon, my friend. I’ll have news on that Comfortable Cotton soon.@bjacobel It’s on the to-do list. 👍@JFKingsley ❤️🔐@edsherry You're welcome!@amigastu You're welcome!@amigastu Wondering if it is a sync conflict. May be best to delete the item and set this up as a new credit card item.@tastapod I suggest using Chrome 45 (beta) or 44 (stable) for now.@edsherry Chrome 46 (Canary, dev edition) broke our extension in a big way. We’re working on it, but no ETA. Lots to do.@amigastu 👍 Thanks! We’ll look into it on iOS here.@tastapod I’d say you’re probably a-okay. 👍🎲@jgardner04 @SQLDBA @Mike_Fal ❤️🔐@RichardMoff Multiple tags can be on one item.@RichardMoff Folders don’t work that way (not even in Finder). That said, a Tag sounds more like what is up your alley.@jgardner04 @SQLDBA @Mike_Fal Edge doesn’t yet have extensions, as I’m sure you know, but once it does, I’m excited to see if I can be there@mousemke You're welcome!@mousemke @daraghkan You would be best served by using Chrome Beta or Stable for now.@mousemke @daraghkan No estimates. We’re having to re-do a lot of our extension’s communication architecture. Use Beta or Stable for now.@tastapod Your best defense is your Master Password. Make sure it is nice & random. I’m not understanding how it is showing old and new details? Are there two separate fields showing the card number?@IsaevDimka Whoops, link is helpful. If you’re past 30 days, though, you can get a Windows license for 50% off at@IsaevDimka We can switch it out via a refund & repurchase if you bought the Mac license within the past 30 days.@daraghkan My extension is broken in Canary/dev currently. My devs are investigating, but you should Chrome Beta or Stable for now.@mll_dr It's not possible to lock the Photos app like that (no third-party app will allow you to do so).
@mll_dr If you have an iOS passcode set, nobody will be able to access anything on your device without it. Glad to hear it's working now! 👍@mll_dr No, that's not possible (iOS doesn't allow it). Best thing you can do to protect your Photos app is use a PIN Code on your device.@DeanPerry If that doesn't help, could you please email a diagnostics report so my team can investigate further: We have a few extension troubleshooting tips listed here: But regardless of the site, saving a new login item might help: Sorry for the trouble! I'm not exactly sure what ADP is though... Apple Developer Portal?@rosstimson Good point... we'll consider it!@DeanPerry Sorry for the trouble! Are you getting any error messages? Also, what version of Chrome are you using?@mll_dr You can add a file attachments (such as photos) to items on Mac: Is that what you're looking for?@rosstimson We normally include the simplest solution in our docs (use Safari or Chrome), but I'll pass the suggestion along to my team!@therealpuentes My extension is broken in Canary/dev currently. My devs are investigating, but you should Chrome Beta or Stable for now.@ashpole No, TOTP auto-fill is not currently supported. But it's something my developers would like to add in the future! :)@ashpole @DaveHamilton Yep, pretty much. Not all of them with "Software Implementation" use TOTP (which is what I support), but mostly.@ashpole @DaveHamilton Not specific to my TOTP implementation, but there's a list of sites here: @compiledwrong 😍 💖💐😘💌💞@therealpuentes Sorry for the trouble! What version of Chrome are you using? Are you getting any error messages?@DSatu Thanks, Daniel! 😎
@iced_ribena I'll let my developers know that you're interested in OneDrive sync. Thanks for the feedback!@qprfact If it's still not syncing from Android to Mac, please email a diagnostic report so my team can investigate: If you already have sync enabled on both devices, it should be automatic. You can try forcing a sync using the sync button.@qprfact Here's the guide for Android: And v3 on Mac: Where exactly are you getting stuck?@AaronJonesMagic Thanks for the shout-out, Aaron! :)@musehunter Welcome aboard! Please let me know if you have any questions. :)@macintux Hmm... I'm not able to reproduce this. Any more specific instructions? (Feel free to email if needed: support@ agilebits .com)@summitday Sorry for the trouble! Could you please email (support@ agilebits .com) or post on forum ( with details?@QwertyDesignUK Edge does not yet support extensions, but we're excited to see what the future holds!@kennydude You're welcome! ♥️@_alexanderneng We don't support developer builds, but my team is aware of the issue and they're investigating. :)@kennydude I'll pass along your request! My developers have some ideas to help with this.@Xanatori ♥️@Xanatori I'm not sure quite yet, but we're excited to see what the future holds!
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