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New album THE ORIGINAL HIGH drops June 16th. (US) Lead Single GHOST TOWN out now!!! Music Video by Hype Williams: http://t.co/XAA7s2K2vY

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This @SnoopDogg @gwenstefani record is NUTS @Pharrell http://t.co/oXyda88GUcJust lemme feel the touch like the first time Chasing #theOriginalHigh https://t.co/I8wIRFjWku@alisanporter @reevecarney deadly nightshade realnessJust playing with my brothers. @elyrise @optimusrock #creepshow thehotelcafe #endsong https://t.co/Q96NHS3ApK
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTJust lemme feel the touch like the first time Chasing #theOriginalHigh https://t.co/I8wIRFjWku
Thanks Bonnie!! https://t.co/m6JHekyBEOReminder today in #Chicago that @adamlambert has some verrrrry dedicated fans! #Glamberts… https://t.co/ALuSZonJOB
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTOooh @troyesivan love the @Zedd collab!Dang ! Sang boy! @NathanSykes #KissMeQuickVideo#AnotherLonelyNight http://t.co/TE8hKMXSB4 New track from #TheOriginalHigh#EvilInTheNight http://t.co/M3lJOhEsBD New Track from #TheOriginalHigh
Pre-order @AdamLambert's upcoming album #TheOriginalHigh, featuring #GhostTown today at http://t.co/rBFBPTwLgb. https://t.co/hJQ7Ued5kR
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ICYMI - Watch behind the scenes of the @AdamLambert #GhostTown music video! https://t.co/tm4TOfQ3b3
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTCan't wait to chat to @chattyman on June 5th !!
ICYMI: @adamlambert has been added to @1035KTU #KTUphoria on 5/31 at @NikonJBT! TIX: http://t.co/60L4Tfmzn8 #Glamberts
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTGo behind the scenes of the #GhostTown music video today on @Shazam - http://t.co/ByFoAWlVxPExcited to hang with my friends @elvisduran @ElvisDuranShow tomorrow! Listen live at 8a est! http://t.co/prOIZJZy5j.@BigMorningBuzz @NickLachey thanks for a fun morning!! http://t.co/gUD2rvmQrpThanks for the laughs @andy bravowwhl https://t.co/ywKDytsq03
His ❤️ is a #GhostTown! @AdamLambert #WWHL http://t.co/5bDcfrGlm0
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTNew gym jam: Ghost Town - @adamlambert 💗💗💗 proud of you boo!!!
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT.@ddlovato aww thanks gorgeous! ;) excited to hear what's next from you!!Want to see behind the scenes of the #GhostTown music video? Tag #GhostTown on @Shazam to see the exclusive footage premiering tomorrow.Hahahha this is funny: http://t.co/rfoLJSD7nK
Yaaaas @shaundross ! https://t.co/dUquDa3mHX
Did u see that girl Flobbing her drink over there ? #flobbing"When you're gone I'm trippin but I'm pretending I'm fine. So dumb." #underground #theOriginalHigh https://t.co/94PxpFLKKHSee you in Central Park for @GMA's Summer Concert Series on June 19th! #AdamLambertGMA http://t.co/DF8T8Z0h93#GhostTown is @carsondaly's pick on this weekends #DalyDownload! Find your local station and check it out- http://t.co/1Wz0uvhWL3#Underground - from my upcoming album #TheOriginalHigh http://t.co/yvOXH7nl3fGREATEST ALBUM ADVERTISEMENT EVER w/ @adamlambert!!! HAHA! #TheOriginalHigh WATCH: https://t.co/50WaHApWmd
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Going to be on @1027KIISFM with @JoJoWright tonight at 9p! TUNE IN via http://t.co/5ORgwdiDTl #GhostTownOnKIISRemix video!! http://t.co/YlImHTzm2dGreat Nathan!!! https://t.co/Ep6Q5FipnE
Hahahhaha https://t.co/Z4ovyaRs8aRecognize This Former Child Star From The '90s? http://t.co/6e13BafRlc via @HuffPostOWN
notionmagazine https://t.co/Bdq6rsoKDB
.@KrisAllen this is such a moving song. Bravo http://t.co/DG1XTk18R9If you missed any of the #GhostTown remixes released last week, stream them all at http://t.co/NCZkMkTGFn and hit that follow button.Have u gotten into @SHO_Penny Dreadful's new season!? I LOVE this show.
Just posted a photo https://t.co/te9qnwAzbs"Oooh Remember back in Hollywood.." https://t.co/gsMJJ41nlRHappy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there!
WANGO TANGO https://t.co/8K9mT1LTjkAbout to intro @Sia on-stage at @1027KIISFM's #WangoTango! WATCH LIVE: http://t.co/1wMt1yDlCZSo many last minute votes coming in... @AdamLambert "Ghost Town" the #3 song of the week!! Listen from anywhere: http://t.co/N9JlbjMHgJ
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Caramellow https://t.co/Vx8S36sz9bAdam Lambert's New High: Inside the Powerhouse Belter's Latest Reinvention http://t.co/VKDx6cnMhB via @rollingstoneCheck out the final #GhostTown remix of the week premiering today on @idolator by #KREAM - http://t.co/xk4EvtqTuQ http://t.co/FZGZs5zOHb
@BillieMalamas zero ;)@mhlowhorn that's a conspiracy. I'm convinced. Lol@featheredraven are you? cool!@konaflower I wasn't being serious.@sam4553 it got infected! ;(@KelsBarlow I don't use aftershave@RobynG_24 great work!!!!!! Love them.@kubaflamingo I gave myself one. Hahah@YidaGlambert I finally saw Venice for the first time this year. Milan is fab. Also Turin.@itsokadam 😈@xParadiseHarryx I love it. It's like a cross between massive attack and led Zeppelin@PapiGlambert hello!!!@domingalopezb cuz I'm a dog. ;)@KymYSmith there were def days off when I had to stay silent.@DayDream1521 I love the Netherlands.@crisscolferz aww. Sorry about that. It's accidental. Then I wanna keep it fair.@allieyoung13 just concentrating on the album for now ;)@mallorycaylen none of that stuff is planned. We do this all step by step. ;)Regarding my band. I have changed up the players every era (album). Change is good. Keeps us growing. Don't get stuck in the past!@MandyPinkyminky I'm coming!! Don't worry ;)@TheHensleyDiva I love France! I'll be there soon!@lambertpassion 11@Merrie_NY very flattering to be compared to the King.@cristina_gmaij @DrBrianMay it IS great!! Brian's riffs w a big giant hip hop beat. ;)@OskarHawryluk1 oh?@SaraInNirvana hahaha it's true that I'm not a morning person. Haha. I have to drink lots of coffee.@senorita_SM I love you all too!!!@Metal_Guru_82 not really a concept album- but def recurring themes.@Tatyana27121986 There I Said It is the huge ballad!@xkinkykale honey!@CuckooForAdamx I love my Tom Ford Tuscan Leather@purpleELMA oh honey-So much! PhotoShoots, interviews,Visiting radio stations all over the country and then making my way over to the UK.@glamilylove_ I LOVED working with @iamtovelo ! She is so down to earth and talented!@ADAMsexual I hope so!! I love Finland!@emilie_haugan I love ALL the songs on the album!@mxryjholland no tour plans set up yet. It's too early. But I def want to!@Kanjimani hi from LA! ;) I love Germany!Glamberts! What's up!? Twitter party!!Hahaha you guys are funny "I still like the original version the best". Yes me too. This is why it's the main version. #theoriginalhighThis one is my fav. #GhostTown remix by @blooddiamonds premiering today on @billboarddance - http://t.co/noSoxK6Hjs http://t.co/cFMqiGiohE
This Kelis remix is siiiiiiiick https://t.co/PPzvsh1lYBVery proud and inspired @MileyCyrus !🔥♥️🔥Omg the #GhostTown music video is already over 1MILLION views!!! http://t.co/KfzgN7ZQHQ@hi_jimmy yessir!! Extra Spicy pleasehttps://t.co/vLe2JvwvZM Thank you for the great remix @stevenredant! http://t.co/VYgKET9S9z http://t.co/01Wz4uv4LZ
http://t.co/Qpg8OwcGTH @4Music @hi_jimmyThank you xingmanyang! https://t.co/lPxzRsWv1V🎶🎶🎶🎶❤️❤️❤️❤️RT @Ala4afam: #np @adamlambert #GhostTown on the @Z100NewYork @iHeartRadio #8 on the 9@9!
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTCelebrating #CincoDeMayo with #SanDiego native @AdamLambert! ...he dressed as me and well I put on a… https://t.co/iHXLg088GM
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT@Tritonal so glad!!! :)@MDMOLINARI ;)
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