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Teenage Rebel of The Week (retired) 'To Hell with poverty- we'll get drunk on cheap wine'

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New Signs On The London Underground http://t.co/Hzx1SAw7dc http://t.co/f2TthsuH5h
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@matkiwi how many times I do that too! Good service and a smile, warm welcome wins every time. Also doesn't cost anything, business owners!These amazing Torres Strait Islander masks were worn during ceremonies #IndigenousAustralia http://t.co/TPZgDjf6kq http://t.co/5GiNvKcKvB
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Seemingly Involuntary Actions - Answers from asking people on social media. http://t.co/mYud0HcMJw
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Absolutely spot on. @OwenJones84 #BenefitsStreet http://t.co/LAjgC8VYmV
Retweeted by Suzi BebopSt George meets Beowulf: the Dragon Stone of St Bees. http://t.co/nJ52mtD42l
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Breakfast! #Paddington @oakelmash @cordeliaterry Mike #we #are #family #fab! https://t.co/YYeP4sFw7K
The #city #theShard #wembley from #HarrowontheHill oh and a school in the way #Harrow https://t.co/P70rQK1rC9@oakelmash at #theCastle with bowl of #wonderful #roast potatoes #food #of #the#gods #wine #londonhttps://t.co/tmb0zZNXJR
@CCfunkandsoul great tunes - remember em all & Best Disco in Town The Lyceum! #GregEdwards good times! #1980 thanks!Another 70s #classic from #westHarrow #PlantSale NB:no plans to reincarnate as Tom and Barbara #nohttps://t.co/j7Lg48BPoiOur last 1970s bowl from #Midwinter #AlpineGold design by #JessieTait Mum bought 4 of them and soup… https://t.co/cl21fIOBnH
Look's like some mouse is gettin' ready fi #WorldBakingDay! Mi wonder who it is? Find out on @CBeebiesHQ at 9:55am! http://t.co/dfgIqme1JF
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@jayrayner1 got a constant chewer next to me: for two hours solid. Let joy be unbounded #trains"Fancy a quick drink?" 1. Look surprised 2. Check watch 3. Say "yeah, go on then" 4. Miss last train home
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThis is Mt Etna, over Sicily, right now http://t.co/9WsaE8X9RA
Retweeted by Suzi BebopA fab initiative - I was proud to do my part and give out the prizes! #fit #fun #foyer #Exeter https://t.co/cvC9P4m4g3Me and my medal at the #Exeter #Foyer fun run (walk) Sofa to Superstar project ! #fit #nearly #cake #now https://t.co/Mo73CJPMieWEIRD WORLD: Angry commuter gets ‘F**k Southern’ tattoo http://t.co/qFKMvpRRL0 http://t.co/CFKqeNK6GB
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@rupertbu believe me it's my natural state but 1st Class is a treat when I can get it! Arrive in style ready for biz- will be wilting later😕Another business trip to #Exeter but no #FirstClass today alas alas. The joys of squashing up on #FGWhttps://t.co/FMhiKLUH7E
The righteously indignant Ed Reardon returns to the airwaves with a new series. http://t.co/9km6boy9hw http://t.co/NwfuAZ4OQw
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Say what you like, UKIP have really stuck to their policy of integrity & straight talking in politics “I will resign, actually no I won’t"
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop"I want to know all your dirty secrets," she purred. "I think there's better ways of announcing the Snoopers' Charter, Theresa," said David.
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At #GoldenEagle #Marylebone enjoying Spring sunshine with @cordeliaterry #wine #london #fun https://t.co/nzEbMP0eLO
The Sun admits '600,000 benefit tourists' story was false. The correction is quite small though so help by RT'ing it. http://t.co/JoIugiZAzD
Retweeted by Suzi BebopCameron's victory speech in full. http://t.co/CAQHfzoS09
Retweeted by Suzi BebopMoms know everything 😁👌 http://t.co/2o7vOo3UQZ
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThe magical Vogelherd #Horse carved in #mammoth ivory & found in Vogelherd Cave, Germany, in 1931 c. 35,000 years BP http://t.co/sCt60oDQ5s
Retweeted by Suzi BebopA word of advice to Labour from @davidhepworth. http://t.co/rtbAuxU903
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThe @RadiophonicWork produced one of the most memorable TV themes ever. What was your fave? http://t.co/ax0CDkGqI5 http://t.co/vk8NUCJq94
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop13 basic rights you're going to lose under the new Conservative government | @beechardrich http://t.co/ESNpnWPouy http://t.co/bcs9azc01r
Retweeted by Suzi BebopIn case you haven't seen very many flying sheep today, here you go. http://t.co/GUExWHULOH
Retweeted by Suzi BebopHow is it that John Craven is awash with new gigs when female presenters his age are all put out to pasture? #BBC
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop"Your card has been declined. Come on, up you get." http://t.co/nxfEDt6avD
Retweeted by Suzi BebopAfter a long week of #politics the only VAT increase I approve of #drinkies #garden #vodka #londonhttps://t.co/fZHV0kIfzFAt Dulwich Picture Gallery JT with old friends #Poussin #LeBrun #art #gallery #london #culture #fun https://t.co/NDu63lErjwJT and #Ravilious excellent exhibition! #Dulwich #art https://t.co/0P71LuEr2XAt Victoria station en route to West Dulwich for Dulwich Picture Gallery #Victoria #London #arthttps://t.co/RRaTCDIoa7
I just checked on-line and it turns out that Grant Shapps was the first woman to circumnavigate the globe in a spitfire! #wikishappsfacts
Retweeted by Suzi BebopWhat a photo. It's like a rubbish Banksy piece come to life. #ukelection2015 http://t.co/LVumnn7G6E
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@theJeremyVine Distribution of Labour seats compared to England and Wales coalfields. http://t.co/kQslL7fJ9r
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThatcher & Murdoch did not invent selfishness, greed and contempt for the poor & weak. But they made them socially acceptable.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopWow. This is really good. I mean, REALLY good. On Labour and why the polls got it wrong: https://t.co/PiDSA5iiyW by @shaunjlawson
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop
BBC reporter now saying oh dear this is difficult for the Queen who had assumed she could be at Windsor this morning..now has to face M4 etc
Retweeted by Suzi BebopOn the bright side, we're just brief flickering dots in an uncaring universe.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopI am offering 20 days of my time to 20 state school drama departments to encourage young actors/writers into profession. Apply here.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopNo! No! No! https://t.co/euea69DYvHPoint implied by Andrew Neil-"If #SNP have Scot; #Labour North- #UKIP 3rd Party-then #Tories are a cluster in S.#England. #legitimacy #
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop'Lay Lady Lay'* #ConservativeBobDylan (*subject to under-occupation penalty & other criteria of Bedroom Tax)
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop
'Knocking Down Bevan's Door' #ConservativeBobDylan
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop
Same age. One campaigning against unfair rent. One in club that smashed up restaurant and threw money at waiters. http://t.co/JntT1By4GQ
Retweeted by Suzi Bebophttp://t.co/5L9hcl2T6v
Retweeted by Suzi BebopOoh nooo! https://t.co/eNA1gtDA6A
Lunch! Brasserie Zedel Piccadilly Circus. Oh yes. #soho #London #fun #noexcuseneeded https://t.co/PPU3S4m6Aw
To amateur econs (I include #Osborne) who prattle mantra: "#Labour caused Crash". All over the world? #Tories #hoax https://t.co/poQDPNjBPD
Retweeted by Suzi BebopAfter the Harrow on the Hill May Festival - bag full of cakes from #MiriamsMunchies #theCastle a… https://t.co/559l7QvBTN
@HS2AintGreen @NEHantsGreens Spot on. A few reasons why environmental groups oppose #HS2 here. http://t.co/0tIrA3yW3O
Retweeted by Suzi BebopIn about 50 minutes, a human made probe is crashing on Mercury. That's pretty damn cool http://t.co/emCd6NXdZl
Retweeted by Suzi BebopReader’s letter of the day http://t.co/qqWCT63NwC http://t.co/YReQbZIVoH
Retweeted by Suzi BebopGrundy Barmy Army - the only decent family in #Ambridge #TheArchers
Retweeted by Suzi BebopIf you suspect a child may have been sexually abused contact @NSPCC Helpline for advice 0808 800 5000 http://t.co/dBSizhXFFy
Retweeted by Suzi BebopFemale genital mutilation increase in England 'only tip of iceberg' http://t.co/uObWeiPrjL
Retweeted by Suzi BebopLots of creative business stuff to do today, but making time for lunch at #MiriamsMunchies is… https://t.co/y9hlp1EboS
Proboscidean psychosis http://t.co/vGkNtgJAjC
Retweeted by Suzi BebopOptician: "Left or right?" <both lenses appear identical> Brit: "Left?"
Retweeted by Suzi BebopAd. says 'invest in ...London, the home for your capital'. Until our profit making banks give sufficient returns to savers, HOMES are sunk
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThrowing shapes in honour of the goddess Hathor c. 1600 BC. From a Theban tomb, Egypt. #InternationalDanceDay http://t.co/cJaD5gjbaL
Retweeted by Suzi BebopFrench impressionist painter Claude Monet in his garden, 1915 http://t.co/uofvCZHzR2 http://t.co/W3kRqUcwtQ http://t.co/AowcKUcbi3
Retweeted by Suzi BebopDevelopers who demolished Kilburn pub to rebuild It “brick by brick” http://t.co/DtouqOJxqe http://t.co/W03OgoibWk
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThis 1812 "Picture Book For Little Children" is enough to give David Lynch the vapors. http://t.co/JhpnUCmRKc
Retweeted by Suzi BebopWe can jump-start cross enterprise solutions by capitalising on vision-setting trends and best of breed supply-chain business cases.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopDisabled suffragette fought for the right to vote and spent 9 months in jail, imperative we vote #ge2015 http://t.co/SDxv2IT1T0
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop
The Clash in Philadelphia, 1982 http://t.co/KHGinYw72c
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop
The swimming reindeer - perhaps the most beautiful piece of #IceAge #art 13,000 years BP http://t.co/D4VN4JbCPW http://t.co/RDnEN8NRZX
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@debsdustbunny noble! Your discretion does you proud :)1920s flapper / early 30s bright young thing gifs are life! http://t.co/0bVhu1wEWy
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@debsdustbunny obviously the one on the right has your name on it, Debs?! And who can blame you!#BorisJohnson s London: a hub of super- apartments for the super rich; unreal rents; "poor doors"; a town fighting for its soul.. #Marr
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop“@Oakelmash: Thanks Tom! #iwasthere6music” @Oakelmash got on the radio! #proud great memories of great gig The Clash at RAR Victoria Park 78Newest pub in #Harrow - big screens, DJs, darts live machines, open 7am. That's not a pub, it's a nightmare. @TheCastleHarrow still rules#iwasthere6music The Clash -RAR/Anti Nazi League rally, Victoria Park. Why? Brilliant band, great day - and didn't TRB play as well?
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop
In The Golden Eagle #Marylebone for a quiet sit down. Oh, and a drink! Remembering happy drinks with… https://t.co/gmNo1fSCLf
@pawboy2 and Kia-ora 'orange' squash drink with unspecified 'bits' in contained in intriguing pyramidal carton.Happy Friday, everyone! http://t.co/d5gOIEg9QX
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop
Quite cross: "Honestly, it's fine" Very cross: "Seriously, don't worry about it" Bloody livid: "Look, just forget it"
Retweeted by Suzi BebopBert Hardy, Commuter. London, 1952 http://t.co/msdzhO8xCS http://t.co/jn4D6Q9AkA http://t.co/p4JUG7jbkn
Retweeted by Suzi BebopAn Animated History of Hairstyles Representing Specific Time Periods Within the 20th Century http://t.co/UMe4ZiDqhb http://t.co/jMIuG32oB3
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Grant Shapps is several chaps. People in the media think he fiddled wikipedia. Grant Shapps never lies. He mistakenly over firmly denies.
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And so the day begins....tea is good, day can only get better #funky #Southampton #business #conference https://t.co/O1UXrflxsY
Bet you didn't realise just how huge Africa is http://t.co/fTjH9QULpe http://t.co/mZA84MhkRT http://t.co/vod3up4Vtw
Retweeted by Suzi BebopClapham Junction in the sunshine en route to spend a hot day in a hotel conference room #businesshttps://t.co/qKxxaC4kfB
Peter Oborne on Ed Miliband http://t.co/zUqymxAWt4
Retweeted by Suzi BebopJust driven over Hammersmith Bridge. Riverside studios is now a pile of bricks. My heart weeps.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopHorrific things to hear: 1. We're out of tea 2. I'm going that way too 3. Show everyone that impression 4. Can we have a quick chat?
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They called it a "regeneration scheme", but it's not. It's just cramming whoever can pay their extortionate prices into tiny boxes. #Kilburn
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop#RadioHarrow is a new station launching tomorrow morning as Radio Northwick Park and Harrow Community Radio become one better #VoiceofHarrow
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop
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