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Evelyn Hannon is the CEO of Journeywoman, largest online travel resource for women+free tip newsletter going to 70,000 women in 240 countries.

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TORONTO - Best place for nose piercing?@NicoleBoyHouse xoPerfect! --> Scrumptious Grilled Vegetable Salad Recipe http://t.co/BkcW37h0eR via @yummymummyclub
20 HOT Travel Deals for Women: http://t.co/XaSIZvpF2rTravelling to #Europe this summer? You need to read this -> http://t.co/J0WCrH3JQzWhat do you know about altitude sickness? http://t.co/GALCwxdOwI
Will you let me tell stories? lol https://t.co/kOPDq6dZLi@GDgeek @SocMediaCamp :) xoxWhat do you know about altitude sickness? http://t.co/GALCwxdOwICoolest Hotel Room Tips -> http://t.co/4g4IsDnPJITravelling to #Europe this summer? You need to read this -> http://t.co/J0WCrH3JQzLadies, if you haven't yet read our May #Travel #Tips you are definitely missing out -> http://t.co/mAt2kdlugw20 HOT Travel Deals for Women: http://t.co/XaSIZvpF2rTurkish Airlines - brochure we were given to describe the bedding package we slept on in Turkish… http://t.co/PzN1O8qPNC
Hopelessly Devoted To Beauty Products, 1988 http://t.co/QJrqCmS9f4 via @wordpressdotcomBet you'll start packing:) --> In pictorial form - 25 reasons to travel solo: http://t.co/PO4NEUwBXSRespect from http://t.co/WdUyXFNO5O. You are a pioneer and a mentor. https://t.co/rgBDi90WvJ
@elle_croft Thank you. Now I have to figure out how to log out:)INSTAGRAM HELP please. I have two accounts. How do you switch from one to the other?I'm Not Hot and Neither Are You. My rant is featured in June's Zoomer Magazine. http://t.co/d4CiBO6Rff@NicoleBoyHouse @YummyMummyClub xox
This looks SO GOOD! --> Sundried Tomato Pasta Salad http://t.co/yAuK52Nghv via @yummymummyclub@adventureista @markvdheijden Ears buzzing? Yes but I thought it was just old age:)
pool table in library setting in Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge #Istanbul http://t.co/yLaB82IJB2Lockers in Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge # Istanbul http://t.co/HG1x5aoeL5@adventureista @markvdheijden haha talking behind my back:) xo to both of you.
Especially if they are citizen selfies, Mark. https://t.co/WEtE97E0DaTel Aviv This lovely gentleman made sure I had exactly what I wanted for breakfast. @DanHotels gold star employee. http://t.co/OkhKu8KujD
TURKEY - Everybody thinks tulips came from Holland. Actually, tulips were a wild flower native to Central Asia and Turkey. #LoveFromTurkey
@pinkpangea OMG My dinner was incredible! Thx for being my guide:)@FunJoel @Roopunzel @pinkpangea @EatWith Juicy company, indeed! Thx for coming out:)@Roopunzel @pinkpangea pk@Roopunzel @pinkpangea Great I just got back from the market. Guess I have to go right back. Is Brenner off Ben Yehuda or Hayarkon?@Roopunzel @pinkpangea 6pm? Bar called Imperial cocktail bar Hayarkon 66, shold be close to you good? What is the cross street?@ilovejerusalem @Roopunzel AWW... I'm gone Sunday:)@Roopunzel Are we meeting tonight?@ilovejerusalem @Roopunzel This trip I'm just reading, relaxing here and going to the beach. Come to Tel Aviv:)@ilovejerusalem LUVIT! Now tell me how you REALLY know:)@GirlGoneTravel Absolutely. I could be doing things/sightseeing but all I really want to do is read and write and sit in the sun:)@ElenaSonnino LOL I look fine but that's where the 'pilotness' ends:) xo@JennAnnis Gorgeous - a few minutes of rain otherwise ...OMG!!!@GirlGoneTravel 'Morning Babe:)@JennAnnis Awww ... feel better. xo from #Israel:)@ilovejerusalem How do U know about it? :)If I was really a Turkish airlines pilot this what I would look like. #lovefromturkey http://t.co/BxKGfwK2i6RT @Journeywoman: Turkey, you have absolutely. Positively won my heart! #LoveFromTurkey #Travel http://t.co/0H6IPWRtzZ
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonOn my way home fromTurkey via Israel:) http://t.co/kyx2tKhjkR
@turnipseeds Make sure you get a great #CitizenSelfie that I can share in my article:)
@DanHotels I meant BUFFET. LOL@DanHotels Till what time is breakfast buffer served? I'd like to invite some guests on Saturday. I'm aware of costs:)@turnipseeds How is Bulgaria?@ryanwright Happy Birthday Sweet Man:)
I will be in Jaffa this weekOf possible I will try. Thank U! https://t.co/HMxoJAJoL6@DanHotels Look behind. See me waving? I'm here in #Israel and following you on Twitter:) Can't wait for your fabulous Israeli breakfasts!Turkey, you have absolutely, positively won my heart! #LoveFromTurkey #WidenYourWorld http://t.co/qrcf0Xq7kETurkey, you have absolutely. Positively won my heart! #LoveFromTurkey #WidenYourWorlf http://t.co/XYkukB1Qsl
xoxo #LovefromTurkey #WidenYourWorld #LoveFromJourneywoman https://t.co/k0x7QTwIKlLOVE!! RT @LaShaunMartin: BEST cruise @collegetourists @Journeywoman #widenyourworld #lovefromturkey @TurkishAirlines http://t.co/kCZHjljyfD
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@markvdheijden @sheswanderful xoxoxoxo :)
Istanbul is gorgeous day or night! #LovefromTurkey #widenyourworld http://t.co/B5rU0zAbGh
Thank you Turkish Airlines for the peace and quiet of your Business Lounge #lovefromturkey http://t.co/I2snnOhekK#LoveFromTurkey #WidenYourWorld Keep an eye out. Just sayin' http://t.co/YvQHzFZXFqKeep an eye on this space for hashtags #WidenYourWorld #LoveFromTurkey. Big juicy thx to @TurkishAirlines for the Business Class ride 2nite.
Countdown-> Watch this space for hashtags #WidenYourWorld #LoveFrom Turkey http://t.co/aOFPxp9luQDo you remember the band CROWDED HOUSE? And ERICA EHM? Here's both in a fun interview http://t.co/aBdeXFdFIk #MuhMusic #MTV@Clippo Zurich! A lovely sophisticated city. U'll fit right in. Enjoy your flight. Don't stress. Enjoy every min. Too soon it will be over.Need inspiration this Saturday A.M. Here's 20 of them. Take your pick! http://t.co/KMFKO8SBOR@VeraLove93 where is your photo? #Twitterrules@HotmGuney Where is your photo? I block anybody without one. #RulesofYwitter@auntbea12 Where is your photo? I block anybody without one. #RulesofYwitter
@Peady @Clippo Everybody, including me stresses about traveling alone. We just practice till we get it right:) Where do you want to go?I'M GOING TO TURKEY NEXT WK - Reminds me of 'Surviving a Massage in a Turkish Hamam (public bath). http://t.co/pkqCFeGMJ5 #lovefromturkeyA-OK my sweetie:) Off to Turkey and Israel next week. You? https://t.co/a2gAfa8rZQ@20Nothings :)In #France: Ten things to do in May http://t.co/dj7omLqxXM
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonRT @AviMayer Cool! // Tel Aviv ranked best city in Middle East for young people, 14th in the world - http://t.co/4H5CgYkrv9 (Haaretz)@20Nothings I'll be there too and I'm a grandmother. Be sure to come over+say hello. Together we can send #lovefromTurkey. #widenyourworld@turnipseeds I can't wait for us to declare our #lovefromturkey! @TurkishAirlines
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonTRAVEL -- One of my readers ask ... Any neighbourhoods in #Lexington, #Kentucky that are considered unsafe and that tourists should avoid?Female photographers- female subjects around the world - http://t.co/f029pm31tX
@ElenaSonnino I look forward to meeting you. That will certainly #WidenMyWorld:)Watch for this hashtag next week #lovefromturkey Just sayin... http://t.co/QHMT7xk0WE@Mahsappeal Thank you:)LADIES! My rant -> Why is 'hot' the measuring stick for who we are and how we age? http://t.co/AgpBpuxoSZ
11 #Travel Sites You Need to Bookmark http://t.co/TYrFkEuyeU @rome2rio @seatsixtyone @Journeywoman @packabook @budgetyourtrip
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon
@icareforseniors Look behind. See me waving? I'm following you on Twitter:)@YMCbuzz Thank you-not only fun but an excuss to get my husband to clean the kitchen after dinner #Ecycle
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonBwa ha ha ha ha! https://t.co/i2Q7AJOeJr
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@YMCbuzz *comb in back pocket* #ecycle
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@YMCbuzz @Recycletronics Thanks for the great chat, and helping to remind people to recycle NOT toss their electronics #Ecycle
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonWOW Congratulations! What ya going to buy with your big win? #ECylce https://t.co/nvJst1XvGC
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonThanks @recycletronics and @YMCBuzz for such a fun #Ecycle party tonight!
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonNow you can be my #eCycle guru and we're even:) xox https://t.co/n6oMrKmKuEI promise to #eCycle Touch Double Black (you need to be a child of the forties to understand) but it's a good thing!@YMCbuzz& I also I promise to ensure all of my family #Ecycle too
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonRT @YMCbuzz: Everybody put their hands over their hearts and repeat after me. I promise to #ecycle
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonLove this! https://t.co/P0pgCosH1P@YMCbuzz I promise... and I let my husband promise too! #ECycle
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@YMCbuzz I promise for the sake of our children and grandchildren! #ecycle
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@YMCbuzz I like totally promise to like totally recycle like my electronics. Totally. #ecycle
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon
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