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living the dream on SportsCenter at 9am.. husband, father, Temple grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed Tastykakes, wish they built Wawas in CT..

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Ahhhhhh... So good to be back home http://t.co/2Q5rhQJThVThis is incredible. @TheRoots performing the Action News theme song. @FrankKnuckles http://t.co/8v7MFMzngC
@spencerfannon a thing of beautyTurned away for 5 seconds, my 3 yr old stamped his 1 yr old bro on forehead, cheeks, nose and both eyelids! I'm not even mad, that's amazingMatt Stonie new hot dog eating champ: 62 Calories: 17,360 Fat: 1,116 grams Sodium: 48,360 milligrams@DerekBodnerNBA @PatGallen_975 I agree as well. But I'm not sure they can be in the same spot for another year.@PatGallen_975 I do too. My generation and above view it differently from millenials.@PatGallen_975 I don't get that. I'd say it's 75% positive whenever I tweet about him. But I'd suggest that crowd is 30 or younger.@PatGallen_975 the genius of having all that cap room. Take advantage of desperation.@Nickbeyond @BeyondSport you're the best Nick. I'm sad I will miss this summer's event but looking forward to the next one. Hope you're wellThis sums up the Sacramento Kings right now. Players are passing up max deals. http://t.co/WgebjMXD8eFor all of our faults, people around the world are jealous of the FREEDOMS we possess. Happy 239th Birthday America! Be safe this weekend.This how we celebrate the 4th and @jaycrawfordespn birthday. Live it up!! http://t.co/dDztVzZKcH
Good look at how Deandre Jordan made his decision and picked the Mavericks http://t.co/fkecJHaeidSerena. GOAT.
@TheSportsHernia nothing can touch the outtakes to this scene.Don't miss the @ESPYS on July 15th as Danielle Green will be presented with the Tillman Award. http://t.co/WpAr1rpG1R http://t.co/B0grkZebr2
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiA boss. RT @wingoz: Ok @JimTrotter_NFL ... http://t.co/SEJNhuRRiMThe T is always with me in studio. http://t.co/JQ4Jhjs8Jr http://t.co/d91xD9lZNW@DanWeiner we all realize that.@DanWeiner as I said in my initial tweet.@DanWeiner still didn't factor in this.@dashofsports tell that to the Knicks and Lakers.@DanWeiner comparable to who or what?A free agent chose the Bucks over the Lakers and Knicks. It's the new NBA. Good for Milwaukee.My man @KNegandhiESPN celebrating that Philly heist with some Sixers blue! http://t.co/MTVmchYFSu
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@BobLeyESPN the pitch I saw featured video of you in an Eagles hat. Complete hogwash. I was bamboozled.According to @Chris_Broussard, Lakers pitched glitz and glamour to Lamarcus Aldridge, he wanted to hear more about basketball..Don't feel bad for Steph Curry, in 2017, he's eligible to sign a 5-year extension for around $35M PER SEASON, according to cap projections.Current League NBA MVP Steph Curry is the 6th highest paid player on the Warriors..Love the Sixers trade with the Kings last night..
If you think the players are getting paid in NBA free agency, just think what the owners are raking in. They don't spend unless they make $$Dan Gilbert doing all he can to please his star but also has the cap ballooning next 2 years. Works for Cavs. http://t.co/O0Okb2fXed@SkyDigg4 sending positive vibes. Just heard. Damn. You'll come back stronger. That's who you are.If Lebron signed a max extension now, he’d average $23.5M per season. If he waits 2 years to sign a max deal, he’ll avg $40M per season.@SkyDigg4 yup...NBA Salary Cap: 2014: $63M, (Projected) 2015: $67M, 2016: $89M, 2017: $108M@robg0927 I don't even know the 4th guy.NBA free agency begins today. Someday that right side will be filled up. It was like the touch screen was mocking me. http://t.co/fUsWagMAWqWow RT @WindhorstESPN: Kevin Love will accept a five-year, $110 million contract extension with the Cavs according to sources- @DaleJr on @SportsCenter w/ @KNegandhiESPN on ESPN2 #NASCAR http://t.co/d4rKDZnHHd
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiSo @DaleJr just mentioned I should try a mayo, banana and peanut butter sandwich. Is this a thing?ESPN sources say Goran Dragic has a five-year, $90 million deal from the Miami Heat
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiAbby Wambach on @SportsCenter said the US team talks about the 2011 WC Final loss to Japan all the time.. potential rematch Sunday.@kohara19 & @AbbyWambach snap a 📷 with a couple #USA fans before joining @KNegandhiESPN next on @espn! #SheBelieves http://t.co/o4jewEBmFf
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiUS Soccer Stars Kelley O'Hara and Abby Wambach will join us live at 9:05am ET on @SportsCenter
Another USA shutout. This time against the hottest offense in the world.Carli Lloyd > LLOYD! (Ari's voice) > Lloyd Braun. Germans are screaming serenity now.That goal was a thing of beauty.Carli does it again!@DuranSports atta boy.@DuranSports well done.@DuranSports haha. It's in the Delaware river.@DuranSports @RoxArroyo58 @georgelopez hold up. You're in my city?@SeniorBowlPhil @EAMaddenNFL now that's a cool gig.You have to take care of your people. Treated the 9a SC crew to lunch. Shoutout to Todd from Wallingford @chickfilA http://t.co/6DfZKqzRPe@AminESPN @tomhaberstroh @ChickfilA you missed it by a couple days. Next time for sure.This is pretty much how it went when @KNegandhiESPN brought in a Chick-fil-a feast after the show today #GameChanger http://t.co/F6gJ2Epjl3
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiReason No. 627 that @KNegandhiESPN is a living legend around here: he brokered free @ChickfilA for lunch. BOOM http://t.co/n1YrjVrSH2
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiRoger Federer's straight set win at Wimbledon took him in 67 minutes this morning..Learning The Ropes At Sportscenter With The One & Only @KNegandhiESPN 👋🏼⚽️🏀⚾️🎾🎬 http://t.co/1VonbSlF4P
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiIn his 12-year career, Dwyane Wade has never been the highest paid player on the Miami Heat.
Chris Pronger maybe the first athlete to be traded in the same week he is elected to the Hall of Fame.This is fantastic. http://t.co/Fn0TBab7aC@ke4ole1 @jaymee she's as cool as you think she is. Always fun mornings.@ArashMarkazi congrats bro. Great news.@TempleOwlNation I appreciate it. #templemadeGillick deserves a ton of credit for 2008 but he (and ownership) often escape any criticism of the shape of the current Phillies..There's a strong perception among other teams that Pat Gillick's has been the dominant voice in the room for the PHI in the last few months.
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@bubbawatson you deserve an AWWW Shoot on this Travelers Highlight read next on SportsCenter this morning.. congrats on the W.Serena is American Tennis..the last American male to win a major? Andy Roddick -2003 US Open.. In the same time, Serena has won 14 GS
This is an unbelievable save from a near disaster on the bike. http://t.co/dWOKfwgHjTAn entire baseball season in one gif. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2015 Phillies. http://t.co/6dXEdjFEBU
@RB_Mrs I can't imagine what you guys went through there. Glad to hear he's ok. My best.Coming up at 5:05! @MattLombardo975 and @joestaszak975 will be joined by ESPN's @KNegandhiESPN to discuss what is next for the #Sixers
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@RebeccaLobo @karalawson20 @SkyDigg4 not a bad list to be in 3rd place. You guys are always open setting up easy dimes..@breenewsome was prepared to be arrested, nothing was going to stop her from taking a stand.. What a week.. https://t.co/id9FgBfkYO
@wchernow Its not pretty but I think the flyers are in better shape than the Phillies and Sixers.Phillies or Sixers- which franchise will have a winning record first and what year? I say Sixers in 2018.@ICTVgrad07 it's gonna be awhile.@ICTVgrad07 @ESPN_RobKing I'm not saying you're right but I understand.@BrittMcHenry @ESPN_RobKing it's the little things. We celebrate hits. Others celebrate wins.@ESPN_RobKing thank you for being so kind in my season of torture. You guys look scary right now.The Phillies GOT A HIT!!!!Carli keeps getting it done.My 3-year old son is ready to cheer on @ussoccer_wnt vs. China. #ComeTogether #USWNT http://t.co/4vV5nFSBiwMavs took 7-2 Satnam Singh, who was in the crowd. He's the first Indian-born player ever selected in the #NBADraft. http://t.co/lFYZTO5Xwg
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiThe perfect response. http://t.co/2YnIoSlzWQ@dubois @ESPNMichele 100% accurateHumor is required to stay sane following Philly sports. Had a blast @ESPNMichele http://t.co/EsWqFGsHVIThe plan really is 2 years away from being 2 years away. http://t.co/x9bgXXYqDh@tollick @AnishESPN happy our employer understands and respects thoughtful tweets from our personal accts. Matt needs to focus on himself@PelliniTraining absolutely but striving for it can also bring change.A big day for equality. And every human being should have that opportunity.@TD_Trae where the hell is Beeks??@DishNSwish what a bum.Max Scherzer has given up 1 hit in last 2 starts.. he faces the Phils today.. Fewest hits over 3 straight starts is 3 by Johnny Vander Meer@erikbond caught myself. It's Friday. My bad.@JimTrotter_NFL appreciate yaGot a question about last night's draft? Our Insiders will ease your doubts on 10a @SportsCenter , send us your questions w #drafttherapy
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