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I am eating a gourmet pop tart @ 2tarts https://t.co/vfrecjGTCz
YO @rwohan WROTE A LOT OF WORDS ABOUT STEVEN GERRARD THIS IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT http://t.co/XMSywaGJgfEvery time I read something that Brian wrote, I feel like he rotated an object that I'd only ever seen from one angleBrian Phillips (@runofplay) is and remains one of the best and most versatile essays currently working http://t.co/AILpw0FT68made new friends @ New Braunfels, Texas https://t.co/2NM7kmEhA2@LesHorn it's a distinct possibility@LesHorn New Braunfels is such a good name for a townTexas Wedding @ River Run Condos https://t.co/GKM5bnsUII.@runofplay on Rafa http://t.co/QFeE71HJhc
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@Clint_Official good q! I haven't seen enough of her in that role yet to really know how I feel about it@juliarubin @soniachopra miss u@juliarubin wedding in New Braunfels, Texas!If you are bold enough to buy on-the-go calamari in the United terminal at LAX, you are bold enough to be the leader of the free worldYou can buy calamari at a counter-service food vendor in the United terminal at LAX. Anyone who does that should instantly be made president@SarahNEmerson Hivju might be my favorite GoT actor to see outside the showI wrote about how particularly weird it is to see Game of Thrones actors literally anywhere outside Game of Thrones http://t.co/N2JsJJ9LRG
@alanna BUCKET TEETH IN PARENTHESES@alanna (Bucket teeth)@alanna OH MY GODI have gotten myself into a coffee situation that I was not prepared for @ Chimney Coffee House https://t.co/dumf8hIZdGThe Jamie XX / Young Thug / Popcaan track is out, which means that summer starts today, right now, who wants a Tecate http://t.co/fBAXwsGBgH@kaelamyers @rachelysanders @russellbrandom spoiler a girl walks home alone at night@kaelamyers @rachelysanders i knowwwww it sort of needs the rest of the movie around it to hit as hard as it does@rachelysanders @kaelamyers you should you will like it very much@kaelamyers @rachelysanders i actually died and then came back to life during that scene@rachelysanders @kaelamyers oh holy shit have you guys seen A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night?ahahahahahahahahahaha LET'S GOOOOOOOOO https://t.co/zp2WV88DRDI'd like to propose "Death" by White Lies as the best bad song in recent memory. It is terrible, but also great. Now taking counterproposalsALL HAIL KING @ChrisRyan77 FIRST OF HIS NAME http://t.co/eXqwDaLah5
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@andygreenwald had to be like, ...give me a second to actually listen to it@andygreenwald the other day I played Can't Deny My Love for someone and was looking at her with so much enthusiasm and expectation that sheHey so @BrandonFlowers up and made the best album of 2015. He came on my podcast to talk about it. http://t.co/B9HHBOO0L5
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@en_cohen they are remarkably sensual@A_W_Gordon I'm not a brand man, I'm a Brand, man http://t.co/RDj6qZECsc@A_W_Gordon don't talk to me about brands, i no longer acknowledge that they existSeinfeld, on the other hand, I grew up with on every single night. I feel like that's my Letterman, if that makes senseIf your parents don't watch them, they tend to remain part of a television segment you just don't realize existsI feel like, comparatively, there isn't a form of entertainment more tied to being grown up with than attachment to late-night showsbecause I didn't grow up watching Letterman, so he just never seemed like that much of a figure to me personallyI've been legitimately fascinated by the widespread and passionate outpouring of love for Letterman in the last weekThat LinkedIn did serve as a beautiful memoriam to how desperate I was for work, though. Like: I made a LinkedInFinally deleted my damn LinkedIn, so now if you're a stranger who wants to send me requests you'll have to do it through ransom notes@jeremypgordon @A_W_Gordon no he's got the 200, i think i've maybe beat him once or twice in my life@A_W_Gordon @jeremypgordon Jeremy, did you know that Aaron's lifetime record against me in various Maddens is something like 200-1@jeremypgordon @A_W_Gordon yeah, I can definitely picture that@jeremypgordon @A_W_Gordon I was thinking it initially had to do with a hex you carried in your veins from centuries ago, or etc@jeremypgordon @A_W_Gordon this second tweet has made me think that I do not fully understand the meaning of "inchoate bloodborne howls"@A_W_Gordon nice chandelier
I feel the way about Josh Smith that most people seem to feel about BeyonceThese Sea World ads should end with the words "paid for by Philip Morris"Fun fact: Jason Terry has played against Steph Curry, Dell Curry, and James Naismith@BenMathisLilley Duplass comes back at the end to save them from the dinosaursBecause Jake Johnson has yet to show up in a JURASSIC WORLD preview, continuing to hold out hope that he might be the main character"We become acquainted with @rachelysanders, who feels strongly positive about big dogs, pie, and scripted television" http://t.co/2ARsTk0o3p@minakimes problem with anything labor on national level is it gets wrapped up in talk of the ECONOMY and then becomes a dirty word@minakimes totally. I think it's way more comprehensible as a local community issue—for everyone!—then as like, a national bugabooPeter Dreier wrote a very good thing for Dissent couple years ago about the major legacy of radicals in city gov't http://t.co/auVqtMvYkx@glassshallot for sure, but have to start somewhere. I think the message of local governments passing progressive legislation is importantL.A. wage-increase a great example of how municipal gov'ts can lead the country left in a way that might seem like fantasy on the fed. levelWhen the man's right, he's right http://t.co/7i9EvhOFt2 https://t.co/7aLHEbjVFZReal proud of L.A. right now http://t.co/lBTBAdq4qVlook at god https://t.co/udWCbnP83h
It is very important to cultivate odd and idiosyncratic phrases and then use them as often as possibleStanley Elkin's repeated use of "better restaurants" here is how people should aim to speak http://t.co/EuBpdhkA3WHELLO @_Cooper http://t.co/P2UEQVaSlt
POUR A DRINK, LIGHT A SMOKE, SPILL A MILKSHAKE, LAWN-MOW YOUR TOE: It's a special MAD MEN pre-finale pod: http://t.co/CKScjH8kEq
Retweeted by kevin lincoln"Haha, men want to be lazy and quasi-fat, women want men to be toned and fit. I’m glad this has been cleared up" http://t.co/z5wB3QbXa4@jwherrman i have not in a long time seen a story so brutally/effectively make the polar opposite argument of the one it is claiming to holdread: http://t.co/gSHl2IMivL
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@aka_Reynolds very cool, i'll check it out@aka_Reynolds i have not@aka_Reynolds totally@aka_Reynolds yeah it's one of the things that hasn't carried over from the page to the screen, and I think it has to do with the mediumsI am seeing MAD MAX at 8 which is disappointing bc it means I can't read this @PAPPADEMAS piece on it until tonight http://t.co/nRKZY9DABJThe Blrgh EraObviously, fictional film is not documentary or emotionally exact, but this kind of exceptionalism is particularly interesting/weird/blrgh...and leave out the concept of terror. That should be terrifying! New York keeps getting destroyed in movies and it's like, routine!This is why there's such a cognitive dissonance in contemporary blockbusterdom. You can't just be like, WE'RE GOING TO DESTROY THE WORLD...I wrote for @Hazlitt about how Marvel + other blockbusters can't bring themselves to make a truly terrifying villain http://t.co/rGJXxKiX4Q
@atotalmonet i feel very strongly about it@atotalmonet YOU MAY THINK HE LOVES YOU FOR YOUR MONEY BUT I KNOW WHAT HE REALLY LOVES YOU FOR / YOUR BRAND NEW MODERN DAY PILLBOX HAT@sweetestsara that's a good oneWhat's your Taylor Swift Bad Blood video name, mine's COLDGLOVE@andygreenwald i hope there was vermouthRussell Westbrook appearing in person at the draft lottery is our generation's version of Zeus walking among humanityIf anyone needs a band name, you can have Great Perfect Dumb Engine for freeIt's like, the great perfect dumb engine, the perpetual motion machine of whatever, can't be stopped, it can only break itselfSilicon Valley is winning the ideological war in such a corrosive and intellectually destitute way that any defeat will be self-inficted...contributions to progress." — @jwherrman http://t.co/cHwt61hShV"One of the great triumphs of Silicon Valley is its success in framing its companies’ objectives as missions, and their successes as pure...It's important to choose the delusions through which you see the worldTo this day, and despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, I still believe that "ViralNova" is a joke Pynchon made in Gravity's Rainbow@juliarubin miss u come visit@juliarubin that's basically how every theater in LA is! i like it actually@JackPMoore it was a real compromise, let me tell youSUUUUUUUUUP http://t.co/jnJRwDLV9j@DangerGuerrero COUNTERPROPOSAL: no air
What if we don't know it yet but this Hawks-Wizards series literally never ends. Think about how innocent we are right nowAl "Al" Horford@audevwhite @JackPMoore small world, i guess
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