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"Jenny Slate, Ari Graynor to star in FX roadtrip comedy from Obvious Child team" yes please do that that sounds GREAT http://t.co/RWUAsQFIg0@JackPMoore @Mirandapberman yes, whenever@Mirandapberman @JackPMoore HI GUYS@audevwhite hi Aude I like your new Twitter namegchat is for working out your grand unifying theories of the universe http://t.co/90bWh90cvpNearly every sentence from this terrific @killquilty interview w/ P4k is worth quoting http://t.co/BxsEUJ8y2q@jwherrman i think that makes your writing better bc those basic economic principles are probably wrong anywayWith this piece on tech apparatus of flex employment, a reminder that @jwherrman is one of our best economics writers http://t.co/1zA9BGDH6nI wrote about why it bums me out that the scene in EX MACHINA where Oscar Isaac dances now lives outside the film http://t.co/HA1lXff4l1
If I were the Celtics I'd come out for the fourth quarter in full Medieval armor. Maybe mounted. Like, why not, rightFlexible scheduling is defensible in the same hysterical universe where not paying employees would be defensible if you could get away w/ itBill Clinton's former Sec. of Labor, Robert Reich, arguing for guaranteed basic income, against flex scheduling https://t.co/W6QgaKeZyI@DangerGuerrero @celebrityhottub Angst. Malaise. Alley sex.NEXT WEEK ON MAD MEN: 😟. 😶. 🚬.Next week on Mad Men: Don attends a meeting, Peggy files her taxes, Stan tells a long story about a bad beat at the poker table.
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@DangerGuerrero @celebrityhottub Glen. Glen. Glen.@DangerGuerrero @celebrityhottub Peggy. Roger. A sad brunette
good dog https://t.co/nubjeDatig
@DudleyDooRagz but it's a reasonable suggestion@DudleyDooRagz I think the difference is that Mad Men is what made Weiner's name and enabled him to make drawer scriptsSome lovely photos of dudes shredding in New York, with some thoughts on what it means to shred New York, by me: http://t.co/Yy1e7OM6Lk
Retweeted by kevin lincolnTiny Man Drinks Beverages From Enormous Containers
Retweeted by kevin lincolnFor a change, @GrahamDavidA is bullying me http://t.co/5CGzfMTmmL@lizzieohreally I'm no glassware rube. Big Glass can't tell me how to live@DudeYork drinking coffee out of an elegant glass vessel is no game, Amazon@yksnpnwrbrhsa THE HEART NAMES HOW IT NAMES@lizzieohreally carafe, coffee vase, elegance goes by many names@ZTracer @rwohan omg@GrahamDavidA @yksnpnwrbrhsa it's never too lateFor the record, this is a coffee vase https://t.co/xGXUvWhihA@ZTracer @KTLincoln insulation precludes elegance
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@KTLincoln insulated coffee vase is clearly what's needed here
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@GrahamDavidA i don't thread tweets and you can't waste time on elegance@KTLincoln can’t disagree with beauty and elegance tbh
Retweeted by kevin lincolnThose were my coffee vase thoughtsSo, the coffee vase: elegant, but functionally flawed. But is that a fine way of life? It might beEspecially for someone who likes to linger over coffee, because he doesn't have an office / is an affable nomadBut I have noticed that when I have a coffee vase, it's elegant, but it goes cold v quickly, and that's sadElegance should be the main pursuit in all manners, including drinking coffeeI am generally pro serving coffee in a coffee vase, for reasons of beauty and eleganceI have some coffee vase thoughts@williamfleitch and that makes perfect sense to me@williamfleitch I can see that! I just never got past the sense it was assembled out of spare parts. Didn't feel like the right tone for MWI wrote about Paul Feig's OTHER SPACE (it's p good!) + what happens when writers do scripts they've had in the drawer http://t.co/3V8EGK6WIp@wesjudd ahahaha whoa! I don't watch much NHL so it's a blind spot, though I really like hockey, but that's pretty radNBA hope: post-Big Three, we enter balanced age of Mutually Assured Destruction: teams build around one giant each, i.e Curry, Davis, Harden@scott_tobias jhadslf;jasdlfjas just the idea of the three of them on the same team makes me dizzyA half-decade to come of Davis and Curry diametrically rending the world in half is almost too wonderful a prospect"A player so in the mode of the deity-ideal that he might have sprung from the forehead of basketball itself" — @runofplay on Anthony Davis@BukoTime yeah they're like the bizarro arguments in both sports@imjasondiamond @tom_hawking yeah it's one of those assignments where you're sort of hedging your best most of all@BukoTime totally. I would say that watching JJ Watt can be pretty aesthetic in a very brutal way. He'd be my other choice@c_heller I want to stage a one-man play in which Dion just tries to recreate Stephen Curry games@BukoTime yeah I think Rodgers would be my choice for football@c_heller yeahhhhh I think he's second? Or first and Curry's second? It seems like the two of them are the leaders for sure@haydenhbird I think Messi's the most core other choice, for sure@iboudway i feel like tennis is predisposed toward aesthetic beauty in a way other sports aren't@imjasondiamond @tom_hawking there are very few other athletes whose physicality I'd describe as "picturesque"Is Steph Curry's game the most aesthetically beautiful of any current non-tennis-playing athlete? I'd say yes, but I'm biased toward the NBABecause: "When you never miss, all your shots feel like trick shots." — @runofplay http://t.co/kTWzD2DyY8Watching Steph Curry 2008 NCAA tourney highlights on YouTube is like stumbling on a Monet in your local coffeeshop https://t.co/hVbwka7gUw
@kateperkns Netflix Artisanal@GrahamDavidA i love that like, ~this~ is supposed to be a thing of all Ted Cruz's things that's noteworthy"Blake Lively is in Accepted, which is a good movie. I’ll watch it again before I see Birdman a second time" —@rwohan http://t.co/b6rquPGOz6@juliarubin man, Johnny Depp has had a long and varied career@davidlsims that simplified view should just be "Oscar Isaac"@aaronpcalvin @Yolo_Tengo instant fav for any Hop Along tweets@davidlsims i don't get how people are watching this and being like, "Oscar." Dude's face is immobile@juliarubin this isn't guyliner, it's covering your face in construction cementYou watch that trailer and it looks like one of the Madame Tussaud wax sculptures is trying to convey emotionBLACK MASS looks promising, and that cast is loaded, but Johnny Depp still can't move the skin around his eyes because of all that makeup
Brandon Flowers is America if America were just a kid's idea of what the inside of a casino is like and that's the America I want to live inI stand by my theological commitment to his solo album Flamingo being one of the weirdly best pop records of the decade so farNobody told me there were new Brandon Flowers songs out and a new Brandon Flowers album coming in May but it's true https://t.co/MPruSBDPJE@brenthatley not meant as a dig! I think in light of that, + that GWB went to Yale, it just makes his frontrunner status more notableReally good story by @A_W_Gordon on PLAYMAKERS, the 2003 ESPN show about a fictional, druggy NFL that the NFL 86'd https://t.co/wTsyfMB4Ii@bobbyfinger i think they might even say it twice@bobbyfinger and the way they shoehorn it in at the end of an otherwise solid trailer is rough, tooPost-trailer, you may doubt my dream that BATMAN V SUPERMAN can be the worst film ever made, but you will not break my resolveAll those hours of watching Friends finally paid off. Here’s me on when the show got weird for @Grantland33: http://t.co/DcHqX5yPaX
Retweeted by kevin lincolnPlaymakers, The Show the NFL Killed for Being Too Real https://t.co/CQtoUX0wCJ
Retweeted by kevin lincolnI hung out with the Manhattan dentist who makes Floyd Mayweather Jr mouthguards from gold, diamonds, and $100 bills: http://t.co/JgT9g8p6ED
Retweeted by kevin lincolnI never thought that anything could make me laugh harder than Clickhole's garbage sons quiz but I was extremely wrong http://t.co/NNfWCiXoWF
Retweeted by kevin lincoln
@jeremypgordon http://t.co/c2N8ZPC8e2@jeremypgordon http://t.co/wSY1Ck7AW3@SteveKandell https://t.co/95BB6gbn4pv surprised audience didn't ask, "who is this small child you dressed up and had interview the adult director" http://t.co/NpbwFdhUK0@ldbahr those chairs make good posture tough!Here is a VIDEO of my and @ldbahr's Q&As with Alex Garland after showings of Ex Machina in LA last week https://t.co/95BB6gbn4pDear person in Virgil Village who has been honking their car horn for the last three minutes: your new circle of hell is under construction@wesjudd yeah, that's deep. but i understand. still a lot more to go@willystaley most people believe that Moby-Dick and Jaws aren't the same. What this movie presupposes is, maybe they are@willystaley catch me at Melville's grave asking the headstone about ambiguity@shockleysmith god: "no, it's in the language." me: "this isn't a fair conversation, you're god." god: "do you want to enter paradise or no"@samsreiss @A_W_Gordon yeah, i completely agree. i always feel the most guilty with books@samsreiss @A_W_Gordon strong strat@shockleysmith that's such a good ideaI once read MOBY-DICK to the point where I had 50 pages left and then just... stopped. Didn't go back to finish it for years. I'm despicableQ is, how serious of a character flaw is it? Do my habits of cultural consumption mask a serious illogic hardwired into my brain? HOPE NOTI will start a show and watch half a season and even I really like it, I'll just... stop. I don't know why. I think it's a character flaw
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