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Hi // writer: Grantland, NYT Mag, GQ, VICE, tv, &c // I recommend movies you'll like http://t.co/TjmVMlDpRs // kevin.t.lincoln at gmail dot com

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The Knicks got a Free Agent Fever and the only cure is LaMarcus Aldridge but their insurance doesn't cover him and the generic's Greg Monroe
They say mercury in fish is dangerous and yet THE WHITE HOUSE IGNORES MY LETTERS ABOUT DESTROYING MERCURY THE PLANET https://t.co/bfyLLmZcolThey say jumping out of a plane without a parachute at 30,000 ft is dangerous and yet they KEEP BUILDING AIRPLANES https://t.co/bfyLLmZcol@willystaley @PAPPADEMAS you think Per Se makes you check your board or can you take it to the table@PAPPADEMAS solid mad libshttps://t.co/bJuml4UVVqhttps://t.co/bXFcxCx0a8I wrote about about Dzsenifer Marozsan and Jorge Valdivia, who are both fun soccer players: http://t.co/YuqJuANz1u
Retweeted by kevin lincolnExcellent excellent stuff by @runofplay on Roger Federer's graceful exit and athletic Lions in Winter http://t.co/Btix0FO2xCMy wife wrote a novel and it's out today!!! Can you believe it??? BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT NOW http://t.co/iVTLNK1jxy
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@rachelysanders damn cool dog@yksnpnwrbrhsa exactly. I once tried to track down a pair of shades Arthur Miller wore and the price was harrowing@yksnpnwrbrhsa it's important to recognize the space between our fantasies and our Warby Parker presents@yksnpnwrbrhsa ๐Ÿ˜Ž@yksnpnwrbrhsa that's literally what i own right now, so yeah@yksnpnwrbrhsa yeah i'm not going to buy a Saab any time soon but a man can dream@yksnpnwrbrhsa i fear it's true but i must keep up an elk-proof face@yksnpnwrbrhsa my vibe is elk-proof@yksnpnwrbrhsa i would look great driving a Saab@rachelysanders yesterday i saw a guy chase his dog down Sunset Blvd and, when he caught it, carry it under his arm like a bag of groceries@alanna there are no designated horse-riding areas on Los Angeles roads, unfortunately. maybe I could share the bike laneLike, no matter what year it is, a Saab will look just slightly out of place. Kind of like a horse@rachelysanders i completely agree and aspire to one day be that personA Saab would be the perfect accent to my already-present vibe, which mostly involves looking vaguely lost in time@juliarubin yes, but I didn't buy a Saab, and that was immature@silviakillings unfortunately, you have now earned the obligation of copy-editing all of my tweetsI regret buying a car before maturing enough to understand my profound admiration for Saabs@silviakillings tyHi. On July 12 and 19 a play I wrote is being performed at @AnnoyanceNy by @kingfirestorm & @dyldaws. Come!? Please!?https://t.co/G44OEEIwjy
Retweeted by kevin lincolnI'm not saying that the article is useless or anything like that: just seems like a significant element to any potential World War IIII would imagine that, were the world to end, its most powerful country might have some feelingsI can't help but be confused that a many-thousand-words-long article about the possibility of world-ending war doesn't mention China, thoughVox is suggesting that we're on the brink of land (and possibly nuclear) war with Russia http://t.co/ARsqk2yJa1"The fireworks are only there to distract you from something hiding in the darkness." @ChrisRyan77 on TD2: http://t.co/xj8QnDPsSG
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This is probably the greatest thing ever published in the history of the internet http://t.co/jkiQqTaEPy
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Wrote about THE WOLFPACK and the way that our culture right now is really seeking escape from cinema http://t.co/TO85BnD6u1
The NBA Draft telecast is so much more enjoyable than the NFL Draft that it's hard to believe they're essentially the same eventMyles "Look at Wrist" TurnerIf the Heat get Justise Winslow, Pat Reilly is for sure a warlockIf my team picked Hezonja I'd be taking shots of Hennessey and trying to hijack a helicopter, so happy for the city of Orlando right nowPorzingas being like, "I'm not going to be another European bust" has me firmly in his corner. Best verse of the draft so farShout out to this Yung Knicksfan who appears to be Vining himself sobbingDammit, @Racked is gonna take all our jobs. http://t.co/CsWyLvw2Mg
Retweeted by kevin lincolnFrank Kaminsky didn't get the memo about the red jackets. But he would like to know whether you got that TPS report. He can resend it@KTLincoln YUNG CONTINENTAL http://t.co/Iq86tRZHx9
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@c_heller oh my godJAH LOOKS FRESH. MY MAN OUT HERE LIKE A WAITER AT THE NORTH POLEIf the Knicks take Kaminsky at #4 I will transmogrify into a mythical bird creature https://t.co/hrYdXW4d5VThis is a really good piece by @dannychau about the new and improved NBA wing http://t.co/kIWxBkQamjWe should all get draft day off so we can sit together and drink beer and make jokes@lfitzmaurice currently spending a lot of time driving around listening to it w/ the windows down, waiting for passerby to tell me I'm punkChaser: "What the hell is this shit?" โ€” @williamfleitch http://t.co/AiPZsGRsWvShot: "You never expect a movie to hurt you. ... [Ted 2] hurts." โ€” Wesley Morris http://t.co/e7sjeG990zHow @patrick_brice made his feature directorial debut twice in the same day: http://t.co/WVMbU38lJ5 #longreads http://t.co/i8kVXRU02b
Retweeted by kevin lincoln"Such slender reeds, sentences are." @louisahthomas's Salter obit is lovely http://t.co/yuGsp7wvAm@en_cohen & It Was Phil@chaykak @CarolineMEisen ahhhh thanks guysFor @Hazlitt, I remembered James Salter, a writer of extreme beauty and intuition http://t.co/v6zZjIAyMr
The Lakers should trade the pick, Randle, Clarkson, and throw in like, Gwyneth PaltrowIf the Lakers trade for Boogie I'm going to move into LA Live and become "Lakey the Lake," an experimental mascot-performance-art pieceAll of the pieces by, and about, the great James Salter in @newyorker. #rip http://t.co/vnEkol5t2W
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@chris_strauss @BillBradley3 Titus definitely, definitely in there@BillBradley3 I have also run really, really fast recently while listening to Hop Along@BillBradley3 it's hard to argue with thisFirst time I listened to "Celebration Rock" I was running in Central Park and I literally started jumping I was so hyped upNew Desaparecidos some serious "run really, really fast" music, a category that is epitomized by Japandroids@rachelysanders @davidlsims But I'll Watch Almost Anything So: The Rachel Sanders Story@davidlsims ooo i haven't seen #3, #5, #6, #7, or #10 yet. I'm interested that you loved Eden! I really couldn't get into itThrough the first six months of 2015, I'd say my top ten looks something like this http://t.co/6JdKtL91Ru@A_W_Gordon I try to serve the public good as best I canPSA: Three of the year's best movies โ€” EX MACHINA, '71, and CREEP โ€” all just hit VODJG Ballard. David Cronenberg. Clickhole http://t.co/Onh5JahixHGuys the world is a better place for having @ohheygreat in it and you should read all of the series this concludes: https://t.co/9HrySG3JL2
Retweeted by kevin lincolnTwitter is quixoticI had to delete my tweets about the delightful intoxication of Quixotic quests because I used the word "delight" twiceThis is an thoughtful and sociologically savvy piece about middle-aged white dudes trying to dunk http://t.co/EyUnedHdM4
I wrote about Cristiano Ronaldo for Grantland's "what if pro wrestling could draft other athletes" roundup. http://t.co/kekPnjSHXQ
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@rachelysanders ~very few~, but not noneVery few ongoing cultural efforts more worthwhile + lovely than NYRB Classics. The covers just keep getting better http://t.co/TlKnSUTahq@BillBradley3 it's a great idea. I need to go out and buy a bunch of them. Been wilting spinach with near every meal I cook lately, tooSometimes I forget that there are people who don't think that the NBA Draft is the world's greatest sporting eventAbout 90 seconds after opening this link from @BillBradley3, I am eating #1 on the list. All hail @BillBradley3 http://t.co/t81Bq1lHF2@hotdoorknobs on yoozh, you're only allowed to send people messages starting with "hiya"@hotdoorknobs yoozh@JayOnrait you guys should get him on the programToday the first Desaparecidos album in over a decade is out; in 2012, I wrote about the reunited band for the NYT Mag http://t.co/vAt6w65uiW@jeremypgordon this is the review you were born to write@TweetsBySrey identicalGet on the Kit Harington trainThe Kit Harington train is coming round the bend and you're either on it or you're not https://t.co/OzYiCzMRbK
So many of my interests colliding in one storyOH MY GOD DIDDY SAYS SAL ALOSI ATTACKED HIM AND SAL ALOSI SAYS DIDDY SWUNG A KETTLEBELL AT HIM THIS IS UNREAL http://t.co/dNNmTHsbio"(Salter at one point estimated that he has had eighty-seven hundred martinis in his life)" http://t.co/tS7YBxnqwq@phollanda he does mention Jordan. one of the fewAttention @GrahamDavidA http://t.co/GUYxWO0LQm@TheLincoln i know, I like the idea of suggesting that and going with Cumberbatch / Hiddleston over Fassbender / Hardy / Jack O'Connell@parabasis @TheLincoln agree@TheLincoln yeah that whole part made literally no sense
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