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Bill Clinton sought paid speeches in North Korea & Congo...why? DOJ investigating. #ClintonCash #EmailGate #Tcot
Retweeted by NouvelleMORECrimes?#BillClinton Went2 #StateDept 4 LucratveFees Fr #Terrorist Nations! #Greed #Justice
Retweeted by NouvelleCrony Capitalism, Bribery, Inside Stock Tips, Corruption: (Reid; Pelosi; Feinstein; Clintons; Obama; Gore; Holder:'s job is to mess with our lives to justify their existence. Abolish EPA, HUD, IRS, Dept of Labor, Education. Let FreeMarket prevail.
Retweeted by Nouvelle#Corrupt Arkansas Legacy Continues(Like Chicago):Former AK Treasurer, Martha Shoffner Sentenced 30Months For Bribery: Via @CollegeFix: UNCCH's ‘Literature of 9/11’ course sympathizes w/ terrorists, paints US as imperialistic #nced
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Why are our schools over burdened? 7% of K-12 Students Have An #Illegal #Immigrant parent:“@alexxuhh: the results of socialism. Venezuela’s Food Shortages Trigger Lines, Hunger and Looting - WSJ”@SenSanders
Retweeted by NouvelleMyrddin Publishing Daily is out! Stories via @NouvelleNom @CharlesBMurphy @NurseMeTender
Retweeted by NouvelleIran Renews Support For Hamas Terrorists via @Kredo0
Retweeted by Nouvelle#Agree. Gov't grants drive UP the cost of college tuition, like Fannie/Freddie & CRAs did to Housing. Get Gov't OUT: NOT #Welfare; #SchoolChoice; Seal the #Border to stop Drug Influx, Crime Influx, Services Overexpenditure. TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY to submit your nominations for the Congressional Veteran Commendation program!
Retweeted by Nouvelle#Agree. Defund #EPA, & sue their contractor who caused Colorado River pollution: 'Environmental Restoration LLC.' Ramos wouldn't follow the rules, & wait for his #Illegal #Immigrants: it easier for students to get Grant Money, but you won't simplify our taxes? We want a #FairTax, not Grants: McCain, you've been in Congress a while, WHY can't we purchase H/C Ins. across state lines? #TCOT #PJNET #CCOT of Iran ‘side deal’ backs reports Tehran would have major role in nuke site inspections |
Retweeted by NouvelleCALL THE SHOW NOW with your opinion on #JorgeRamos - Was he not waiting his turn to ask a question and line jumping? Call at 818-353-1276
Retweeted by NouvelleBecause the MSM is as corrupt as our Gov't: to #Election2016! [Can't make this stuff up] #WakeUpAmerica #SisterPatriots #tcot
Retweeted by NouvelleYep: owner: EPA record of toxic dumping dates back to 2005 Yep, Dems are #Hypocrites #Liars #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOTEPA withholds mine spill documents from Congress: WHY is our CONGRESS so ineffective about Washington corruption?!?!WH fence-jumper killed after he attacked a Pa. court officer: #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #WAAR #2A Saves Lives
Fox News: Clinton Emails Were Classified Under Executive Order Signed By Obama
Retweeted by Nouvelle**MYSTERY** "The State Department Did Not Provide A Secure BlackBerry to Hillary Clinton": via @JudicialWatch
Retweeted by NouvelleHey, #ChrisMatthews, all the dem presidential candidates are frighteningly WHITE. Where's your Jindal, Cruz, Rubio, Carson? #Hypocrite
Retweeted by NouvelleTed Cruz TRUMPS Megyn Kelly on unfair question, says ‘I’m not playing the media’s game’
Retweeted by NouvelleTrump Is Right Again… Here’s How Much Money America Saves For Every Illegal Alien We DEPORT
Retweeted by Nouvelle#Benghazi heroes were betrayed in so many ways by so many of our "Leaders"& then they traded Terrorists for Bergdahl broke 2Laws:(1)- 18 USC Sec.1924,unauthorized storage/classified info; (2)-18 USC Sec.793,misuse/DefenseInfo: just asked Sen. Cruz leading questions that presume anchor babies are constitutionally protected. She's wrong.
Retweeted by NouvelleDocuments Reveal Obama Admin Knew Terrorists Had Planned #Benghazi Attack 10 Days in Advance: via @JudicialWatch
Retweeted by NouvelleI must say that @realDonaldTrump drop-kicks the corrupt media better than almost anybody.
Retweeted by NouvelleTOMORROW: Don't forget to watch our "@HillaryClinton Email Scandal" panel live from 1-2 PM ET!
Retweeted by NouvelleLawsuit filed against #Obama's Pentagon over prisoner swap for deserter #Bergdahl via @examinercom
Retweeted by NouvelleImmigration Document Release Confirms #Obama Admin Has Presided Over the 'Worst Prison Break in History'
Retweeted by Nouvelle#KellyFile Megyn, How come the constitution must be followed with illegals, but the administration and SCOTUS walk all over it constantly?
Retweeted by NouvelleAgree. Deport #Illegals, Enforce #Everify, Stop Earned Income Tax Credit, Implement #FairTax: questions were so slanted:Would you deport kids?;Would you defund ALL of PlannedParenthood-they do good.. @megynkelly asking ?s to @tedcruz that Univision would #KellyFile
Retweeted by NouvelleJust like I thought. Megyn goes after Cruz. Ciao to you #KellyFile
Retweeted by NouvelleYeah @megynkelly sorry you can outsmart alot of people but @SenTedCruz crushed your foolish gotya question #KellyFile
Retweeted by Nouvelle@SenTedCruz LOVED how you pointed out to #KellyFile that she was asking the same slanted #Immigration question the other lib reporters asked#SchoolChoice would solve everything. Get gov't OUT of education: #Defund Dept. Of Education: #Defund #IRS & give a #FairTax. It would make us all equal, & decimate lobbyists: @SarahPalinUSA, we loved your state!
Retweeted by NouvelleDid you know that Mexico immediately deports illegals without due process or hearings? #WhatAConcept #TheMoreYouKnow
Retweeted by NouvelleA new tax on gun and ammunition sales is in the crosshairs of the NRA in Seattle
Retweeted by NouvellePlease ask him to read the Constitution: have to defend the entire Bill of Rights! #StandWithRand in AK
Retweeted by NouvelleLike Hillary, Lisa Jackson (#EPA), and Obama: other people's money to buy votes! Housing, Education...are LOCAL issues: the Smelt Fish need it? you:"EPA admits poor will be hardest hit by new energy regulations" via @DailySignal
Retweeted by NouvelleAt worst, #IranDeal enables terror, funds the Iranian nuclear arsenal and gambles with our national security. (2/2)
Retweeted by Nouvelle#WeThePeople don't understand why no #VA employees have been arrested,when there's documented evidence against them:;t grants CAUSED increase in college tuition. Get Gov't OUT of the Student Loan Business: Demand That 'Offensive' Crosses Be Removed... From CATHOLIC School TRULY UNBELIEVABLE IT'S A CATHOLIC COLLEGE
Retweeted by NouvelleRight. Can you imagine Kelly asking Hillary why she called Bill's trysts: 'Bimbo Alerts'? chants "death to America" and burns our flag. Call @SenatorCardin now to stand against this bad deal >>>
Retweeted by NouvelleBoy trips in museum and punches hole through $1.5 million-dollar painting: #PJNET #CCOT
‘Birthright citizenship just DOESN’T MAKE SENSE’ – Ted Cruz on ‘Face the Nation’ #tcot #PJNET #MLSCC
Retweeted by NouvelleYUP😳In Spanish Jeb Bush Promises to fight to grant Dreamers a path to citizenship.
Retweeted by NouvelleSo Mexico has stricter immigration laws than the U.S. Yet Calls Trumps Plan Racist. #GoFigure
Retweeted by NouvelleI am deeply concerned that the @WhiteHouse has been withholding information it is obligated to provide to Congress
Retweeted by NouvelleSo why isn't she? you: did no one in Congress support Ron Paul & Rand Paul when they wanted to audit the Fed?! How can you possibly support the #IranDeal ???!!! Abedin says Charles Grassley tarnished her reputation?! #Weiner #BimboAlert #DoubleDipping #Email #Benghazi.... hid military facilities & refused inspections by the UN. We cannot afford Nuclear Iran.
Retweeted by NouvelleDefund Planned Parenthood; Defund #IRS; Defund DeptOfEducation; #WorkFare NOT #Welfare; Repeal #ObamaCare;TortReform was the Islamic Terrorist gunman 'ready to fight to the end'?...and why won't you call him an Islamic Terrorist? forgot to mention the 'gunman' was an Islamic Terrorist: real Headline is: American Soldiers Thwart ISLAMIC TERRORIST'S Attack on French Train: Louisiana State Trooper in serious condition after being shot in the head during a routine traffic stop.
Retweeted by NouvelleAll Lives Matter:, please have her arrested: redistributing other people's money to buy votes. Clintons took MILLIONS for college speaking fees. #HYPOCRITE Hillary is a criminal? if no one in charge asked her to sign it? Convict them all:, New Hampshire, & Louisiana join Arkansas & Utah in DEFUNDING PlannedParenthood: #TCOT have to make it very painful for the Chinese to be aggressive in cyber warfare. #Carly2016
Retweeted by Nouvelle
Everything's upside down.ANY person who VISITS WH,has a background check-but person who runs it--hid all HIS records #respect for #America from #WhiteHouse #President #MichelleObama. Where's Jackie O when u need her? #tcot NASTY
Retweeted by NouvelleObama Knew He Was Trading Terrorists 4 Traitor - My American Thinker piece -. - -124
Retweeted by NouvelleUnless it's #HillaryForPrison2016: The difference: Trump tapped into issues Cruz has raised. Cruz has been trying to fix these issues with GOP obstruction #tcot
Retweeted by Nouvelle#Fraud: Please document $800 BILLION Hard Working Taxpayer Dollars spent on #Stimulus infrastructure spending: stops by the student org fair at University of Iowa to support @RandPaul
Retweeted by NouvelleWe don't trust our gov't to provide H/C. Why can't we purchase H/C Ins. across state lines? Tort reform? #VA care? me in Idaho this Wednesday to talk policy & discuss how we take our country back in 2016! #StandwithRand in ID -
Retweeted by NouvelleHow does it happen that Taxpayers turned over $800 BILLION for a #Stimulus that was supposed to fix infrastructure? turnout tonight for @RepThomasMassie at the @RandPaul Iowa campaign office in Des Moines #StandWithRand
Retweeted by NouvelleYou mysteriously failed to mention the 'danger' the 3 brave Americans took on, was an Islamic Terrorist: 'Anchor Baby' is SO much more insulting than 'Bimbo Alert':
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