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Rachel McCormack @R_McCormack in front of a flaming bbq,

Like a crack ridden Glaswegian Sister Wendy Beckett Panelist on R4 Kitchen Cabinet Likes a wee whisky now and again Lives in E17

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@kirstininnes but that’s just me. They are very very weird about Scotland in MSM media atm. Very weird.@kirstininnes if it was me I would ask for an explanation as to the racism as it as astonishing accusation to make about a writer@kirstininnes usual London MSM madness tbh@gavinbaxter it was meant to be shocking@kirstininnes you and your morally turpid casual racism against the English@DanSmernicki look upon it as training for when we meet.@DanSmernicki have you not got any booze in the house man?@DawnHFoster upstairs at The Lamb on Lamb’s Conduït St?@JuliaBall nope@foodwithmustard @WeeRascal I used to love them@JuliaBall ah. Don’t have Sky@MarinaOLoughlin you seen this M? what is that?@JuliaBall it is MAD@ska_dad it is MAD@MalcolmCombe this is MAD. Daniel O’Donnell is on my iPadDaniel O’Donnell is hosting a country and western show in Irish on BBC Alba. Right now.Today @NicolaSturgeon unilaterally destroyed Curriculum for Excellence & set back Scottish education by at least a decade. Congratulations
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@foodwithmustard I have never heard of them. I’m not sure I want to.Does BBC Alba regularly put on Irish programmes? @MalcolmCombe ?@TimJDFletcher oh I dunno@52Betty it’ll get easier.@toticopons @FCBarcelona ha ha ha*sigh* it was a Dr Oetkers pizza. Or whatever you call those ones. Do your worst fooderati.@waiyeehong @AndreDang *whispers* Dr oetekers pizza@TimJDFletcher Christ noI can exclusively announce that I am not transferring to any football clubs. Not even to make the pies.@EmmaLDickinson I’m saying nothing@fishwifeskitch silence@AndreDang far worseI have eaten food that would get me expelled from the fooderati.@52Betty fun?@gi_nav in which case you are stuck moaning. Forever@gi_nav go and see a coach or a careers advisor@solcelo @Magnus_Jamieson the writer’s point was he thought Adrian Lester would be more suitable.Look at the price London and weep Rhoda is your Aunt??? I know Rhoda (vaguely) from down here. Fuck me this world is TOO SMALL@LadyCatHT they just see succesful working class Glaswegian. Ticks almost every box except LGBT@sturdyAlex wow.@MalcolmCombe what a bloody pain learning a new language you know nothing about is. (I’d forgotten that too, bugger)@MalcolmCombe have just watched Speaking Our Langauge. Reminds me of my Mother in the 80s and her ‘un plano de Cuenca por favor.’@LadyJanieGeek ha ha ha ha ha!@MalcolmCombe @bellacaledonia ah fuck it I’m going to learn some Gaelic. I was going to learn German but that won’t piss anyone off. . .Happy birthday to the fabulous Queen of gin and sherry @kplunketthoggeI'm really sorry my comments about Idris Elba have caused offence [full statement attached]
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackPolice in Munich: we're overwhelmed by donations for #refugees - please stop bringing stuff...
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@Dunringle @HI_Voices 😂😂😂@LadyJanieGeek I am WEE WHITE WOMAN, who has so little sex I’m not sure it matters that I prefer a penis. *blows trumpet*@HSCactor @KosherSoul @HarperCollins ace!@lauraroweeats huge congrats on the job@MalcolmCombe no. No. Just keep it. Not a problemTonight's menu @NewmanArms - room for walk ins.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@MalcolmCombe btw you didn’t think I was criticising you with my tweet that you storified? Did you?Am very much looking forward to the anti-SNP pundits and their views on rent controls.@olgakhazan there is a completely tasteless joke about that and the number of men that talk out their arse, but I won’t make it.@D_Libris @renireni but it has been shameful. And the police defence has been pure racism.@D_Libris @renireni standing down early, because of a number things, this being one of them. So it’s not been ignored.@D_Libris @renireni by ‘London’ media it’s being going on for so long now I don’t think people in Scotland care. The chief of police is >@D_Libris @renireni I wonder if that had to do with it being Scotland. Scottish media went apeshit. MSM is very London and US focussed.I’m on @bbcradio4 right now on The Kitchen Cabinet #bbctkc In case you want to listen.@MagnusMacDaid @bellacaledonia @WingsScotland @DavidJFHalliday they were always fascinated and disappointed that I couldn’t speak it.@MagnusMacDaid @bellacaledonia @WingsScotland @DavidJFHalliday I used to spend a lot of time explaining to foreigners about Gaelic.Maybe if refugees disguised themselves as ancient ruins of temples, the government might be interested in saving them?
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@MalcolmCombe @andywightman when he gets on Twitter he should put ‘feudal scourge of Arran’ on his bio@cornishgrill @NewmanArms good luck!First day of us opening for lunch @newmanarms - book online, on the phone or walk in. @ The Newman…
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@AileenMcHarg @PeatWorrier ‘seen by the Telegraph’ *phoned in by a pal of Cochrane.*@rredstockings @bindelj I do hope it’s former. (I like my Mother especially when people tell me about theirs, she’s great.)@rredstockings @bindelj my Mother does, but I wonder if it’s a Scottish thing from lassies. Or else it’s internalised patriarchy.@HHbruichladdich Ooh hello! I am coming to the Islay Jazz festival then I am doing again, maybe in September.
@WeeRascal good@WeeRascal wowWhat your Monday night needs is a drone video of people skiing in the Cairngorms yesterday.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@PeatWorrier not in my house batman@Susan_Rae1 oooh I’ll come with you next week.@cornishgrill maybe closed the bank holiday?@AnneMcLaughlin indeed.@kplunketthogge @Rick_Stein yup.@ByLeavesWeLive bloody hard.@kplunketthogge well yes it has indeed been left to do well . . .Like a lot things@judycopywriter ah yes, I find the idea of extra mashed potato very difficult to conceptualise.@Southsidegrrrl @PeatWorrier yes, DM me your e-mails and we can get going.@PeatWorrier @Southsidegrrrl that sounds like fun . . .@cornishgrill golden hind@PeatWorrier I got excited there when @Southsidegrrrl mentioned parties.@kplunketthogge It was never going to be though, was it?@pipmccormac tell me that’s your house Pip 😉@ScentedForager @BBCRadioScot I KNOW. I didn’t think they’d read it out 😳Oh George what a sham you are showing us this ‘democracy’ is.@PeterArnottGlas that is just excellent.Ace @BBCFoodProg on radio right now. Really worth iTranny.And so the term ‘Pratchett Job’ was born.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@samatlounge oooh that is interesting,@BBCRadioScot oops. I didn’t mean you to read it out!@samatlounge is it covers or recipes or both?You can our freedom but yell never take our PIES!! listening to someone on the radio trying to say Don Geraldo. MY EARS!!!!!!85 years ago, the 36 islanders who remained on #StKilda were evacuated to the mainland
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@timhayward then smoke. They used to do the same with ham but it’s now only done on a big scale with beef.@timhayward 5 mins in this video shows you how they do it a leon with beef they cure for three months first
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