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Rick DeVos @RickDeVos Grand Rapids, Michigan

CEO of @StartGarden, Founder of @ArtPrize, Proud Michigander-anian, Investor, Reader, Helicopter Pilot, Traveler, Photographer, Curious Individual.

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A complete disassociation from the reality of how people use space. Bizarre to think humans made this video.
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Cool little story about a U of M student building his own Tiny House to live in at school accept and embrace the humidity.
A big void used to be filled by religious observation, tithing, community groups. Now partly filled by yelling at strangers on social media.“When we erect the guillotines, I’ll make sure we grab you first.” Fanaticism stays the same down through the ages.Enjoying brooklyn bar menu generator more than I should →
Retweeted by Rick DeVosVery cool evening events on tap for ArtPrize 2015: Happier Camper Extremely delightful. You Match These Long-Haired Men To Their Tall, Tired-Looking Girlfriends?
Retweeted by Rick DeVosWhen ppl sing awe-filled praise of journalism and journalists as a kind of disinterested priesthood I mostly laugh Rs say, "Wait till we have a GOP pres." If that happens, they'll say, "Wait till we have a filibuster-proof majority."#excuses
Retweeted by Rick DeVosBig 'ol crosswind go-around"And this, kids, is why airplanes have 'flaps.'" #WhoahWhoahWhoahWhoah #Yikes #ComingInHotWith all this angst over nouns and pronouns why don't we just go back to that 20th century classic - "Comrade." It worked so well last time.Quit hassling the yaks, people!
LIVE on #Periscope: Paint literally dryingEl Niño has dramatic effect on Great Lakes ice cover El Niño is Spanish for THE NIÑO. Sign me up for a mild winter."If they were capable of making you stronger, you’d be stronger by now." Field was better."science suggests that real differences do exist between female and male brains" #Wow #Crazy #Amazing #ShockingUS Mean Center of Population 1790-2010
Retweeted by Rick DeVosTwitter: 44.8% Spam Bots 26.7% Middle Aged Ppl Yelling at Strangers 18.2% Teenagers Making Cryptic Statements 10.3% Ppl Yelling at AirlinesWhy Homeschooling is Growing off babies is a thing? This is something that people actually do? am 87% sure my local paper doesn't know how pie charts work.
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"Why immigration may be the defining issue of the 21st century" Some interesting observationsEverything is fun and games until you have to run it like a business."Chavez has to go down as one of the most disastrous leaders the world has seen quite in a while." the most workable options are binary: full & unapologetic neo-colonialism, or quarantine? Others not working. Militant urban bicyclists are such a delightful bunch. Ugh.Bikes bikes bikes bikes bikes bikes bikesSeptember is the worst market month over the past 50 and 100 years, but August is the worst month in the last 20 years (@bespokeinvest)
Retweeted by Rick DeVos"We demand handcrafted products from local artisans obeying strict regulations and making living wages!" "This place is way too expensive!"What's the quote again? Ah that's right... “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action” Holga digital camera Shocking it took this longMacadamia nuts are SO GOOD.Ugh. Sugar subsidies."Free Candy" van creeps out parents in Sacramento.
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Every Thing You Own is a Relationship You’re In Now here is a challenge.Funny enough Kanye: I had, in fact, not guessed by that moment.Best thing one the web this year, easy.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosBig congrats to my brother Ryan on taking third in the Melges 32 World Championship No!! I want my magical app to mediate my experience. I don't want to communicate with real, actual people!!!@briandokter Eh depends. Just looking for interesting spots to check out.@briandokter yes but you can save and share routes that themselves contain many segments along the way. I want some good long ride ideas."One-way mass media leads to homogenous, passive culture!" Tech builds user generated content platforms. "Tech enabling runaway narcissism!"
Retweeted by Rick DeVos@briandokter Yes but I want good long routes to take.@jsh_1 Roughly 1994-1998 or 2000 if you're generous.The Grand Wagoneer. Yes. watching the VMAs because they seemed important & maybe even taping them on a VCR to watch the performances again later? Good timesAre there any repositories of good Grand Rapids/Kent County area Strava bike routes?Interesting read on NYC food carts and street vending: is hard, that's why I appreciate websites telling me in advance how I will feel about the article
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Finally watching Chef's Table. So wonderful. More beautifully photographed documentary portraits of profession and craft, please.Is It Time to Bring Back the Battleships? chill out.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosStop putting expensive non-OEM wheels on your expensive automobiles, Californians.And these setups were always in state fair/carnival/drinking & party places. But hey, the human race survived. when bungee jumping was big in the 90s & they had sketchy setups where you'd jump from a crane cage over a parking lot? Good times.When thoughts turn to getaways and cozy cabins RT @dwell: The perfect writer's retreat: case of the MH370 wing segment keeps getting weirder:
Retweeted by Rick DeVos"Hanging out in ibiza...partying with famous people, able to do whatever I want, and I've never felt more isolated." Michael Jordan in his dorm room, 1983
Retweeted by Rick DeVos"there's no reason new carmakers should be forced to play by old business models they didn't create and may not want" duct tape mask seems like it would be painful to remove? would NEVER be used on red-blooded American citizens
Retweeted by Rick DeVos"Continuously offering reliable styles isn’t a new idea, but it’s typically been associated with mass brands." faving of tweets in a conversation you're not a part of is funny/sad/very 21st Century.Reminder: Lack of school choice is never admissible as a root cause of anything, children are just food for the compulsory schooling system.A giant cloud of balloons installed in London's Covent Garden market:
Retweeted by Rick DeVosA wildly detailed 100-year plan for getting humans to Mars
Retweeted by Rick DeVosOoh yes. RT @dwell: Adobe style gets a modern update in New Mexico: feel this gif just encapsulates so much of our current reality
Retweeted by Rick DeVos"The molecules are in motion" answer is yes, children.
Retweeted by Rick DeVos@WolfMoonMixers Awesome--thank you!Most commonly spoken language other than English or Spanish
Retweeted by Rick DeVos@WolfMoonMixers I'd like to order some mixers but the link on your web page doesn't work?Subcontracting is about to become a "nearly unworkable morass" In a specialized and fluid world this is terrible.A is actually a striking and attractive vessel. Based on the renderings this new not. is about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving.
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A core part of the New Fundamentalism is an ironclad conviction that it isn't fundamentalist."Rutgers to Students: No Such Thing as 'Free' Speech, We Are Watching You, ‘Think Before You Speak’", on occasion we do spike our beer with bourbon. And we think you should, too.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosMichael J. Fox on set of Back to the Future, rehearsing Johnny B. Goode, 1985.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosExpecting to see that line of reasoning advanced soon."When they were writing the 1st Amendment they couldn't have IMAGINED everyone having access to publishing tools as powerful as the Web!"Funny how that socialism always seems to work out will be a great building to bring into full commercial or residential use in downtown GR, this is awkward.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosThe growth of Uber in China is breathtaking, especially given incumbent political advantage:
Retweeted by Rick DeVosThat Swedish philosopher's rejected @voxdotcom piece reads EXACTLY like a Vox piece.
Retweeted by Rick DeVos@alissamarie True, it isn't a mandate yet...that will probably come in the next 3-5 years. #CynicI'm all for treating people with kindness & respect, but when you start mandating new language & calendars you're firmly in FanaticVille.I think most of us can agree that this is insane, no? Are we allowed to call this crazy? Because this is crazy. often seems at least half of the "joy" of living in NYC is derived not from actually living there, but in informing others that one does.This Nazi gold train possibly found in Poland is like something out of a movie is profoundly important. How many other scientific fields have this problem?
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Retweeted by Rick DeVosBecause millions have studiously ignored lessons definitively learned in the 20th century, stuff like this happens
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