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My voice does more than just sing. instagram: stephaniejblock

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NYC (and environs): Anyone need a sweet dog? #Repost from harlowandsage ・・・ Dear New York City, This… https://t.co/HuKJ6XJGIt
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First question I ask my students every day, "have you eaten?" Thank you for supporting #RedNoseDay @SebArcelus @StephanieJBlock
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockVivi begins her philanthropic efforts in honor of #RedNoseDay. #photogrid https://t.co/0OHOS8PwCM
Why is it impossible for @SebArcelus to change the channel when DANCES WITH WOLVES is on television?? #nomoretatonkaPlease Sign & RT: Add your voice to end Canada's #SealSlaughter! http://t.co/oqMdetgQhg via @PETA #SaveTheSeals http://t.co/9EUnEBrQ9s
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockHappy happy birthday to the flame goddess known as @sierraboggess! She is enough-it is unbelievable how enough she is! xoxo
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@StephanieJBlock HUGE fan of yours. I'm a young director promoting DROOD in Annapolis, Can you help? http://t.co/CkdEgalMjb be well.
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockCause your super nice!! https://t.co/vXw3XYfJCl#Repost imamysedaris Disturbing. https://t.co/cNiVijvuLhI can't believe how long the days feel and yet the weeks and months are flying by. https://t.co/f6rMJQzzsF@sn3882 Sarah!! I hope you had a terrific birthday. Here's to an exciting year. 🎉@Cboudewyns @ScottAlanNet Christopher, thanks for your kind words!! It's truly one of my favorites to sing.Thanks "mom in car"!! https://t.co/0rV9LFmASL@ClairieBearyy Lets do it!'
Come on. You know you want to do this. https://t.co/0jrfAFVd6k@RetreatBroadway @KathyDeitch Hey @StephanieJBlock - can you spare a shameless retweet to help promote our VIP Tony Awards Raffle? Thanks!
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@bfbreavey @RetreatBroadway @KathyDeitch I love shameless tweets!! Send me a link that I can repost as I am technically stunted. XO
@serendipityxoo Beautiful!!! I hope it was a night to remember.
My vote is @DMurphyOfficial https://t.co/yNk5E86nGWAwwwww, Brent!! Thanks Man! https://t.co/qxR7KBJGwmPeeerrrtttfect!!👏👏👏 https://t.co/jPliml1dgVThank you, Livvie!! I finally look like a Barbie;) https://t.co/DVBDCqJSxU
@serendipityxoo XO
@StephanieJBlock our online auction features a Meet & Greet w/ you & tix to the @newyorkpops Holiday Concert! http://t.co/9igzdepuLL Pls RT!
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block#WickedTheMusical's Stephanie J. Block (@StephanieJBlock) rockin' the original Act II Elphaba dress! #WICKEDthrowback http://t.co/T5mBscELLk
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockCarnegie Hall, Christmas tunes and a friendly meet & greet... Hope to see you there! https://t.co/IsittceAeN
@katepghfan Kate. I gotta tell ya, "Sidewalk Flowers" has quickly become one of our favorite books. Thank you SO much!!@SebArcelus just said to Vivienne, in all seriousness, "I do not negotiate with terrorists." That pretty much sums up our day.
Hi, B! Don't give up... Verification can soon be yours!! (Then, world domination) https://t.co/BTxMxYRNs0If you can dream it. You can achieve it;) xO https://t.co/OG4FrdFxWK@MsJCP Hiddie Ho, lady!! Hope you are happy, healthy, busy and well. XThe day has come. IT has finally come! I am a verified Twitter-er. Thanks @twitter. My mission is complete.
Amazing! I'm honored. Happy Graduation. X https://t.co/SbLbdx5Fb0
Dad IDEA http://t.co/IMwFNbzxot
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockI showed @SebArcelus this pic. He said "Damn, girl!! What's that from? When did you take that pic?" Wha wha...Not me https://t.co/pmycQ3IuGXI can totally see the resemblance in the face. The body??? I WISH! https://t.co/pmycQ3IuGX@klo143 Some back combing on top. Then take small pieces back and bobby pin, with what is hanging loop around and attach with clip. Repeat:)@WickedlyEmerald Thanks for the invite;)Tragically cute. https://t.co/WwHL8T6xXTBan animal testing! -- #WordsThatDontGetUsedEnough http://t.co/clSvnv6k5X
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockWhen we cannot earn our own bread, we lose our dignity. This is a tragedy today, especially for the young.
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@PatrickLeeSmith Love PORTLANDIA!! I have seen this skit several times and laugh every time.In honor of Mothers Day @Huggies donated 1.5M diapers to @baby2baby for every tweet or RT with #snuganddry they will donate another pack! RT
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockTragic! https://t.co/O8ToCLCO5wSEE the greatest gift you can give your Mom this Mother's Day. Check out @MidDirRep 2pm performance on Sat. May 9th. https://t.co/4pSstBq3ni@serendipityxoo Juries... Shmuries. You're gonna do great! They are lucky to listen to you sing. Don't fear it. Enjoy it!
@fransescadrose Already proud that you chose such a challenging yet fulfilling song!!@fanichina I do sob with happiness because I can't believe he chose me. I am the luckiest!I'm hosting a night with Tony winner @theebillyporter at @SOPACnow in NJ June 15 to benefit @MidDirRep. http://t.co/zocIcMG8yQ
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockOh Mother Nature, if we promise to treat you better, will you promise to send rain to CA?? Cuz this can't happen. https://t.co/rInYH1rJCOYou have no idea how sad your soul will be if you miss the @BIVoices spring concert. Git yer tix! http://t.co/G95zbBvZrM
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockHey singing, acting, happy Catholics. Good luck at the @Mintyawards... Award or not, you have a lot to be proud of!!@katepghfan K. Thanks for the amazing books for Vivi and for being there last night!! XO
I have a pit in my belly. So much work. So much heart. May they all continue on to projects they love just as much. https://t.co/BWSRP8lz20@klo143 So fun to catch you "on campus". Thank you for supporting @AutismNJ. #performersforapurposeJust performed FOR GOOD w/ the sweetest 13 yr old, Jodi Di Piazza... Celebrating her talents & beautiful, young life. #performersforapurposeCome enjoy an evening of performances featuring @StephanieJBlock and more for @AutismNJ. It will take place in Memorial Auditorium at 7:30.
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockHappy Cinco de Cuatro, ‘Arrested Devlopment’ fans http://t.co/RSjd0WHNfW http://t.co/BnFFSVAeHq
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@StephanieJBlock you should checkout my sister's website. All proceeds benefit her children's autism needs 💖 http://t.co/s2CWTfyfI7
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockUse your Force to fight for the Arctic. #MayThe4thBeWithYouhttp://t.co/VCxOptr1rN http://t.co/bCvI5kP4kw
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockI've never heard/read this quote before, but I love it. https://t.co/l18ihyfOSYThis is happening tonight!! Please join us!! Thank you for your support. https://t.co/BrnL8hkz9P33!! This makes me crazy HAPPY! https://t.co/y0oRqXMT7C
Oh No!!! I take a nap and this crap happens... #muststayawake #amotherswork.... #vivienne https://t.co/GoXqqDofGG@StephanieJBlock wow! Thank you so much - it means the world to me. The story behind the candles can be found here http://t.co/PM0NlQA3cN ❤️
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockYou know me... If it's an amazing product and an amazing cause, I'm in!! I encourage you all to check it out. X https://t.co/Xr91fWA0XlJust moms at the neighborhood "ship yard play park"wearing Navy Pea coats. #unintentionalcostumes http://t.co/DsfSQibBaz
The illegal dog meat festival that nobody is stopping http://t.co/pYUemmODGX #StopYulin2015 http://t.co/DZCOvVmjpl
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block[#OnThisDay: 30 Apr 2009] @DollyParton’s Bway @9to5TheMusical opens w/@AllisonBJanney @StephanieJBlock @MeganHilty ++ http://t.co/748zEBh0fL
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@JohnWixted Thanks, John!!How in the world...??? https://t.co/AStZvAjDBZ
More details for Monday night's event here: https://t.co/BrnL8hkz9PThis Monday. 7:30pm. Montclair State University Auditorium. Autism Fundraiser/concert. Me. Belting. Buy tickets. Help others. Hear me sing.I love that our friendship has continued to expand based on the life expectancy of an avocado;) xo https://t.co/RgtfOwPEkR
An electric @BrianGGallagher thrilled @birdlandjazz last night, celebrating the release of his album #allthatsahead. http://t.co/xa1Z4zRyGY
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@erichbergen Very cool!We're having a theater/office tag sale this fri and sat with all sorts of stuff for ur show, theater, etc. Info at http://t.co/EklsElKYJq
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@Thalz1980 @RIPLEYTHEBAND Thank you so much Thalia!Today, We hug our pals to congratulate. We hug our pals to console. But we remind ourselves with great pride "The play's the thing."
@ScottNevins @SebArcelus @erichbergen @StephanieJBlock It blew my mind how great it was and got a nice note in return http://t.co/SDuPlBlKyM
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockCan we have an in-depth conversation about @SebArcelus brilliant work on #madamsecretary tonight?! WOW! @erichbergen @StephanieJBlock
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockOh, Scott,TY! @SebArcelus was so great & the writing was exceptional too!@cbs #MadamSecretary @MadamSecretary https://t.co/acYLwSGk2z
Just watched my first full episode of @MadamSecretary. I loved it! Will need to go back and start from the beginning ASAP.
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@StephanieJBlock @arsnova @sakinajaff @RealKateBaldwin Steph, Kate AND Sakina! A triumvirate of Fierceness! <3! (((Fangirling)))
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block
Loved #smallmouthsounds @arsnova! It was a privilege to watch @sakinajaff & company!! Thanks @RealKateBaldwin for letting me be your date.Great episode, @SebArcelus! I'll be watching tomorrow night. @CBS https://t.co/BtRx9qjr9bThis brave little girl needs a seizure dog. Every retweet helps! http://t.co/CLJZaZb9JY http://t.co/dxVU3tCnxF
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@WickedlyEmerald Come on day!! Be a little nicer to this girl. X@StephanieJBlock I want to tweet and retweet this... But since I can't, do it for me;) #proud #HOC #powerofthepen10 things we want from House of Cards season 4 - http://t.co/2kjG7pOUK9 #GoogleAlerts
@LisaHowardNYC Congrats on all the well deserved goodness... Your voice, your heart, all of it!!"I only feel angry when I see waste, when I see people throwing away things we could use." - Mother Teresa http://t.co/xHIQyDwv33
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block🎶Happy Birthday dear, Barbra...🎶 (sung with a slightly, but glorious nasal tone and a soft vibrato) #likebuttah #Ilovehah #forevah
Man, the news is bumming me out today.
Please look at these 7 beautiful dogs we have here in LA avail for adoption http://t.co/ICMXbDSpLB
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockOkay to not know. But when you don't know, yet think you know, and wield power in that ignorance, it's a recipe for disaster.
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@just16bars 🎉Happy Birthday🎉@AndrewRyHolder @MrJasonRBrown I LOVE this idea!! Thanks, Andrew. X
Trail mix is just MnM’s with obstacles.
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockChatting with one of the nicest guys in the biz tnite. Tune in to watch me on @latelateshow this very evening. @JKCorden
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