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Tristan Kromer @TriKro San Francisco, CA, USA

#leanstartup, #custdev, #RoR, banjo, questions, tao, #bmgen, irony, #UX, unstealthy, T-shaped * generalist. No ninjas or rockstars please. I run @leancircle.

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Why We Need Storytellers at the Heart of Product Development http://t.co/6bb5dg2Dvj by @sarahdoody #ProdmgmtRT @shiva0110: Using testable hypotheses to bring #leanstartup into the enterprise #prodmgmt #startup http://t.co/uV09qinMKV by @rossdawsonRT @pivotservices: The most important user experience you're ignoring. #prodmgmt http://t.co/UtVg6o4VCl by @fearlessjenn via @usertesting
7 Tips to Turn Existing Customers Into Your Small Biz’s Biggest Advocates http://t.co/PBOerAVPMF by @YoungHeike #CustdevThe Shallow Dive into Chaos http://t.co/1DlfEkOqFt by @lunivore #LeanStartup #Experiments@TriKro we offer discounted access to the greatest apps for startups who take our #SER survey now! Mind sharing? :) http://t.co/oem2nLt8xu
Retweeted by Tristan KromerRT @tparekh: Motivation + Trigger + Ability = Behavior. Nice post @ttunguz about building great products ~ http://t.co/UgEg053BAp #prodmgmtRT @RichMironov: What is Product Management? the core, over-extended, the totally dysfunctional http://t.co/HIXW7zb3cE #prodmgmt @sueraisty
The Minimum Viable Product: A Primer http://t.co/bi5X5j7H05 by @ericries #LeanStartupRadical Redesign or Incremental Change? http://t.co/Cdke0e171K by @HoaLoranger #UXRT @blossom: Good companies manage Engineering, great companies manage Product. http://t.co/Of0eGqH1Oj #prodmgmt #startups by @__tosh@itsryan Thanks for the RT! @lottydottyRT @usertesting: If you're building a product, and not testing, you're doing it wrong. http://t.co/Vd4aG3tbR1 #UX #ProdMgmt by @slanoue
@iecllc7 Thanks for the tweet Marvin!The Four Parts of a Minimum Viable Product http://t.co/h9WoSX9k2f via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@lottydotty Thanks for the tweet Laate!Kickstarter != Product/Market Fit http://t.co/505ul3CmhY by @BoltVC @BenEinstein #LeanStartupMinister of Enterprise and Innovation, Mikael Damberg visiting us today at #TINCSV LEAN workshop @TriKro Nordic... http://t.co/QmESQKm6Zp
Retweeted by Tristan KromerAdvice for customer interviews, "Give rejection a big hug", @RyanMacCarrigan @TriKro #leanstartup #TINCSV @innor_sv @vinnovase @Stanford
Retweeted by Tristan KromerContent Amid Chaos http://t.co/6dVbaXBKiO by @sara_ann_marie #Startup #LeanStartupRT @MindTheProduct: 5 Lessons We Learned with Our First Product http://t.co/Sx0HUQmGxP #prodmgmt first-time lessons by @jo_sayers"Obsessed is a word that the lazy use to describe the dedicated." —UnknownRT @NedFL: 5 Things You Should Never Put on Your Product Packaging(and 5 Things You Should) http://t.co/cgusQafcGb #prodmgmt @FinnIndustries
How I launched my app, as a solo, non-tech, first time founder, and full-time dad. http://t.co/Y70lnzGKS1 by @soamlall #StartupsHow to Build Your Digital Business with the “MVP” Process http://t.co/NUwOAFVw4p by @nestguy @chrisgarrett #LeanStartupRT @rich_opara: The rise of micro #startup acquisitions http://t.co/Fjsp5DQKIr - @amitpaka micro in size, macro in price #leanstartupIf you're in Cincinatti, definitely check out Lean Startup Circle with @rywalker http://t.co/mMl6kcVfJJRT @V4Violetta: Value Proposition Canvas by @PeterJThomson http://t.co/m8BbPHvk6R #leanstartup http://t.co/O5XNg2ivzt
@TriKro wants to "encourage peer to peer exchange of knowledge to help grow ecosystems" read more here http://t.co/JufchS4neU
Retweeted by Tristan KromerCategories http://t.co/7VK6HP9bVn by @ThisIsSethsBlogRT @mfishbein: Lean Startup Case Study: A Money Making Business I Started and Shut Down http://t.co/gTbcdlMvnG #Lean #leanstartup"Picnic in the Graveyard by @TriKro" idea generation http://t.co/b2lxfJ4J1Y
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@hlgr360 Thanks for the tweet Holger!RT @thepressfarm: 8 Advanced Tips for Never Losing SaaS Customers #growthhacking #saas #UX #leanstartup http://t.co/rS7GPkUhAh by @neilpatel
VCs as Gas Stations http://t.co/31deaPVGVu by @fredwilsonRT @playinglean: "A company is not a family"- How to tell somebody their job has outgrown them http://t.co/mieV56Pa4S #leanstartup @chrisyehRT @vashishthask: De-risking Your #Startup in Five Steps http://t.co/uf10AP4x9F via @startersquad #leanstartup by @iweinfuld @DaanAssen
@dansaffe Thanks for the tweet FredrikThe Fuck – Correct your previous console command https://t.co/afO8O214oL
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@untamedjess Thanks for sharing Jess!Ask the customer to describe their problem using their own words. http://t.co/MdlDZuxjdb via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@mikael_rask Thanks for the tweet Mikael!@MalinHofflander a pleasure! Thanks for coming Malin!@HofflanderS thank you for coming Stephan!@LaunchTomorrow Thanks for the tweet Luke!Picnic in the Graveyard by @TriKro http://t.co/yTBxxw7zuV
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@christherunner1 thank you for coming and the kind words Christian! @Runway_is@nerdgirl Thanks for sharing Stephanie! @cooper@TriKro says to get our own f*#!kng template as he talks about designing great experiments at #ProductTank @cooper http://t.co/5YCClGFykR
Retweeted by Tristan KromerProduct Managers who work with experimental need toolkits #producttank @TriKro http://t.co/YdD4VrdJqO
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@nclinton Thanks for the tweet Nate! @cooper @producttankGreat talk on the difference between experiments and research by @TriKro at #producttank sf. http://t.co/03LDHB1mXr
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@itvadmaven Thank you! I had a fun time! @CanvsORL @otw15@MediaSpurt Thank you for the kind words! That was fun!@AndrewFridayC Hi Andrew! @LeanCircleSF and @hackersfounders are great. Also 106 Miles and Designers & GeeksThe Most Common Reasons Startups Fail http://t.co/iJXcIvIG6K by @triinlinamagi #Startups #LeanStartupRT @ralph_ohr: Applying iterative learning to career development. Good post by @simongterry: The #LeanStartup of Me http://t.co/7fx8ncrHUlRT @GeneSobolev: The #leanstartup – How to find the early adopters http://t.co/rVEnCCHv9z via @StartupJuncture #startup
The Story of a Product Built Entirely in Public http://t.co/xRq5vrhl2T by @awwstn #Prodmgmt #CustdevThe 7 Factors To Consider When Pricing Your Startup's Product http://t.co/QhLrjoxaim by @ttunguz #PricingRT @paradigmrpa: The 4 Essentials to Starting a Company Whether You Have Money or Not http://t.co/RyIadGcRkx #leanstartup #startup @jaygould@EvanSims_ great! Glad to hear it. Nice to meet you and see you next time!RT @rossahall: Lean startup or corporate division? How to manage when you're both http://t.co/ErK98nfVnR #leanstartup http://t.co/6dhH66Hvv0
Why Lean Startup is Bad for You.. http://t.co/M2aHdZrxGP by Aswin Shibu #LeanStartupThe Tyranny of the Minimum Viable Product http://t.co/TUVMFggTHf by @JonHPittman #LeanStartupRT @RodKuhnKing: Growth Hacking 101: Read This To Become A Magician http://t.co/21mzaXwJZF via @YoavVilner #leanstartup #bmgen@AdriaCorso Thanks for the tweet Adriano!New blog post: "Playbook: Picnic in the Graveyard & Generative Research" http://t.co/mGt2eByX2M@LaunchTomorrow Thanks for sharing Luke! Btw: fixed groups page. Working on show page next.@EdouardDopper :)@1KevinCurtis Thanks for the tweet KevinRT @RoboticSales: Don't Fall for These 12 Mental #Money Traps http://t.co/gmDKJwzsaj #helpastartup #leanstartup #startup by @GrantCardoneFor those in Europe - New blog post: "Playbook: Picnic in the Graveyard & Generative Research" http://t.co/lu8YL181cn
For those in Asia - New blog post: "Playbook: Picnic in the Graveyard & Generative Research" http://t.co/EpWDbzDuXm4 Tactics for Remote Customer Development http://t.co/PCHJOeFeAI by @benaldred #CustdevThe Design Process That Helped Us Ship a New Product in 11 Weeks http://t.co/Fov1L62qbA by @jmeharrydesign #LeanUX #UXDesignLearn from one of the global innovation leaders and startup coaches @TriKro about corporate innovation, eco s…https://t.co/NmGrPKqQa4
Retweeted by Tristan KromerRT @mccullochdd: #LeanStartup Principles Apply to #TechTransfer (@BeckySStoughton) http://t.co/BB2PUdFtwsNew blog post: "Playbook: Picnic in the Graveyard & Generative Research" http://t.co/dx8y6Aj4ec@AdBresser Thanks for sharing Ad!@masramadhani Thanks for the tweet Dimas!Playbook: Picnic in the Graveyard & Generative Research http://t.co/8pyAF2LPzoRT @thepressfarm: How to Spot The Difference: Actionable Vs Vanity Metrics #growthhacking #leanstartup http://t.co/7hPRHKtMsL @ericbieller
@SHERM8N np!Raising Money in London Almost Killed Our Startup http://t.co/BBKWOoJBv2 by @SHERM8N #LeanStartupMy Startup Failed http://t.co/zpi7B2SuyV by @JasonHuertas #Startups #LeanStartupRT @IFTTTMarketing: 7 Modern Marketing Frameworks Every #Startup Needs to Know #leanstartup http://t.co/RWYE1W5wNo by @LloydaAlexander@FaisalAlKhalidi Thanks for the tweet Faisal!Get the comprehension part down first. "Comprehension vs. Commitment - Lean Startup Experiments" by @TriKro http://t.co/kfDLWH9jiU
Retweeted by Tristan KromerRT @paradigmrpa: No Money to Start a Business? No Problem. Try These 5 Options. http://t.co/fhT6miGG5r #leanstartup #startup by @sujanpatel
Smoke tests: when the signal we get from the market is NO, we have to truly grasp WHY @trikro http://t.co/kpxKeKuV0z
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@kubajeziorny Thanks for sharing Kuba!@gregtheclimber Thanks for the tweet Greg!Direct Marketing (And The Other Kind) http://t.co/4PHHY3hpEs by @ThisIsSethsBlog #MarketingRT @ca_leanstartup: Forget 'Lean In': Here's How to Define Your Success as a Working Mother http://t.co/CrrFEccih4 #LeanStartup @ask_dr_nat@tendayiviki thanks as always Tendayi!Comprehension vs. Commitment - Lean Startup Experiments by @TriKro http://t.co/cSJby4jO6v #leanstartup
Retweeted by Tristan KromerRT @YannickFrank: How To Validate Your Business Idea By Testing A Hypothesis! http://t.co/RUZxcOIkp2 via @hatchery_io #leanstartup @AKholti
@Bestowr Thanks for the tweet!Distraction http://t.co/DQP70zBOyN by @fredwilson
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