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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Canadian Nomad

Helping charities fundraise, donors give, advisors with client philanthropy. Networking & digital business enthusiast. Opinions, are my own especially #TOpoli.

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Tomorrow evening. See you there! https://t.co/1NrkHQa6aM
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Listening to @cbcmusicblues @CharlesONeil1 ? #CAGP15 has left me in a thoughtful mood. Blues, perfect soundtrack. http://t.co/oLNbihPnMYA whole bunch of 'runners' just followed me. Here's my Twitter mission http://t.co/RiMz4FtvH1 - running, NOT on the list. #transparencyJoin @professordenny, @uinvitedu, @kenwyman at #HFMReConnect and meet your fellow Humber Fundraisers! http://t.co/NnM53q20m0
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@RyanCFP will do this for sure! Crazy generous of you, big thanks from our team.I have checked into rehab after 6 coffees a day at #CAGP15 Safely tucked away surviving on chocolate bark from Thursday's break
Love this New Orleans cover of Darkness song "I believe in a thing called love" http://t.co/a5LxUqeCUB http://t.co/4BipmqYFM8@RyanCFP selfies are a serious business.So much mutual respect at #CAGP15 ! cc @EDProgram @GeeshGeorge @HilbornJim @malburrs @RuthInOttawa @dpklassen http://t.co/mSQQSqo8gHWhat do generous advisor leaders look like? @KeithStonegate @RyanCFP ! Thank you both for sponsoring #CAGP15 ! http://t.co/4onRDexr2fHow can I thank @GPtekkie enough?! My networking event partner in crime! See you soon at @CAGPRegina #CAGP15 http://t.co/4SbIoExI7sYes @PeggyKilleen even @terryoinfluence realized that at #CAGP15 ---- #WeHug So many fans, so little time http://t.co/twCtnWtUQCWhat a gift to spend more time with @YYCPhilanthropy at #CAGP15 ! An IRL moment with @LeahEustace http://t.co/xZIxTlvMC1Love that the @donormotivation slide was on in the background with @KeithStonegate & @terryoinfluence #CAGP15 http://t.co/HwEDwS36uS@FEEDNOVASCOTIA #SoulsHarbour is hiring a kitchen worker. Must be a student with a disability. http://t.co/3SgiATlG4b
Retweeted by Paul NazarethI watched the sunrise over Halifax with @terryoinfluence and watched it set over Montreal with @HilbornJim - it's been a good day. #CAGP15@RachinTO @porterairlines got a peer who missed a flight on board last minute - and seated me next to mentor whole flight home...Oh @porterairlines you pulled off not one but two miracles tonight. I could not love you more right now.From this angle @harveymckinnon you are influencing @terryoinfluence or telling a story of catching a tiny fish. http://t.co/vNQWv0Z8igAction shots of @RyanCFP storytelling with @terryoinfluence at #CAGP15 http://t.co/XV9jJAP91IOur own @harveymckinnon with @terryoinfluence at #CAGP15 - two great teachers come together! http://t.co/KML6KrqFPJ@RyanCFP agree would be a family affair to have professional voice of @Brenda_NW in Banff! #CAGP16Look at this full room @RuthInOttawa @CAGP_ACPDP what a way to end #CAGP15 ! See you all in Banff in 2016! http://t.co/mDj4Rea0glBig thanks to our conference hosts of #CAGP15 cc @charlesoneil @RuthInOttawa http://t.co/7IC2kLfoyALiving donor stories outperformed deceased donor stories for 40 out of 40 charities tested, via @TTUGenerosity #CAGP15
Retweeted by Paul NazarethFinal speaker at #CAGP15 is data rockstar @TTUgenerosity - biggest Friday turnout ever!! http://t.co/nLHJR0aarPBuckle up #CAGP15 were heading into the brain to talk about planned giving! This IS rocket science people! http://t.co/iNF7hgF467You did it @CAGP_ACPDP @RuthInOttawa ! 90% of #CAGP15 has stayed until the end to hear Prof. RJ!! http://t.co/6AibGZwntAA big #CAGP15 hats off to @HollyWagg - a good sport on #SelfiesWithHolly cc @LeahEustace @RyanCFP @RuthInOttawa http://t.co/Ad7s9foZ9nTHANK YOU @RyanCFP @LeahEustace for the #SelfiesWithHolly #CAGP15 contest! @canadahelps will help a small charity! http://t.co/qhja1E9tugImpact? PG Growth brought @Richardradclif to Canada to inspire us to serve donors from heart, not head #CAGPtop10 http://t.co/qdsIbtrbScHow's this for a conference site?! Coming at you for #cagp16!!! @thebanffcentre #cagp15 @CAGP_ACPDP http://t.co/d5IjMlMEbX
Retweeted by Paul NazarethYou still have time #CAGP15 delegates to enter @WeAreJohnson #CAGPtop10 contest! Tweet your vendor pics! http://t.co/cjTJAQuWLFThanks @PeggyKilleen for sharing my @CAGP_ACPDP advisor slide! cc @SusanManwaring @KeithStonegate @malburrs #CAGP15 http://t.co/IWy8zjSHVE#CAGP15 some of the experts who r only one phone call / tweet away when you're part of @CAGP_ACPDP says @UinvitedU http://t.co/OtYBFc4aq7
Retweeted by Paul NazarethCrowd gasps as @kevinmacdonell shares they have a donor survey with 100 questions!! #CAGP15 That's engagement! http://t.co/BMF2RYwaWVNot cause & effect, great engagement with phone campaigns have an impact on MG & PG @kevinmacdonell at #CAGP15 http://t.co/XRbj5doS33Here's DOUBLE impact @WeAreJohnson : Scotiatrust sponsors @DonorsGuide powerful PG resource for donors! #CAGPtop10 http://t.co/q8xdM15vf0Best part of #CAGP15 time with legends like @harveymckinnon & @frasergreen who are in fact, helpful humans :) http://t.co/6iwfYpuIMcThe ladies who tweet at #CAGP15 : @LeahEustace @shanstu @GPtekkie @HollyWagg @shegrosz @ligiafpena http://t.co/zXqfmUdxDiCharities talk about @harveymckinnon team as transformative experience to improve how they serve donors #CAGPtop10 http://t.co/0jdV5ThiEcDonors read @charityupdate material and come to charities better educated before they plan gifts! #CAGPtop10 #CAGP15 http://t.co/h3HqPXqk3bThere is almost 300 years of Canadian PG expertise on @HilbornJim team! Big donor impact! #CAGPtop10 @WeAreJohnson http://t.co/IXLaIqgGsoThe team at Scotiatrust manages $1B+ in Foundation capital & empowers HUGE donor impact! #CAGPtop10 @WeAreJohnson http://t.co/gML7dupPnEYou want impact @WeAreJohnson ? @TD_Canada has changed how we talk about Women, Wealth & giving! #CAGPtop10 #CAGP15 http://t.co/jpd3RjwWHb#CAGPtop10 @MTCharity team budget update helps charities serve donors better! http://t.co/6yQeABrQgE @WeAreJohnson http://t.co/eTEKZ126unA few minutes left #CAGP15 to enter the #CAGPtop10 contest from @WeAreJohnson ! cc @CAGP_ACPDP @RuthInOttawa http://t.co/wUojOeqTmhThe @MTCharity team helps donors plan powerful legacies as national estate planning experts! #CAGPtop10 #CAGP15 http://t.co/gqiIVydKJ1Looking forward to predictive analytics in planned giving with @kevinmacdonell at #CAGP15 ! http://t.co/uA7WcYz39JTeam @harveymckinnon helps charities connect better with tdonors for better legacies! #CAGPtop10 #Cagp15 http://t.co/6vjH709bymWhat a talk this morning at #CAGP15 - @terryoinfluence mobbed as he walks the halls. Loved by all Canadians http://t.co/ul87rewUvzHere's that show @harveymckinnon from @terryoinfluence @cbcradio http://t.co/5Jcfc3VuK7 on the power of nudge! #CAGP15It seems #CAGP15 has fallen - Under the Influence of @terryoinfluence http://t.co/hbtq27LG3FCharity update from the federal budget via @MTCharity http://t.co/yUmoYGokhd cc @afptoronto @AFPIHQ @AFPFoundationCA"A great story is aimed at your heart, not your head, and storytelling is a direct path to the heart." @terryoinfluence #CAGP15
Retweeted by Paul NazarethMake people feel your message - not just understand it. @terryoinfluence at #CAGP15 http://t.co/fatmE4Olu6Our own MB has joined the Twitter! #CAGP15 cc @RuthInOttawa @CAGP_ACPDP https://t.co/iQLmXi9MrLThe joining of two huge parts of my life the amazing @terryoinfluence of @cbcradio at #CAGP15 http://t.co/smJrStiX2xHear hear #CAGP15 https://t.co/rUZ1fB3eDQThis is how many of us see @malburrs as a champion of @CAGP_ACPDP - thanks Scotiatrust for sponsoring #CAGP15 ! http://t.co/Az6tM8q7UFSwooning a little with @terryoinfluence with @RuthInOttawa @malburrs and the #CAGP15 team this morning! What a pleasure to spend some timeAre we ready #CAGP15 ? @terryoinfluence is Canada's influencer in Chief! Super-high value speaker! See you at breakfast!
@GryphonReport ok so, that was the kindest tweet ever :)Friend of @CAGP_ACPDP the nationally respected Margaret Mason has joined Twitter! Welcome @gusmom13 ! #CAGP15 http://t.co/pdui4GrkotLove the big deal we're making over Frank Minton at #CAGP15 - the Godfather of our profession. cc @CAGP_ACPDP http://t.co/6oiuVhUCjOAll the former Friends of @CAGP_ACPDP on stage at #CAGP15 - this is a field of dreams for me. http://t.co/l5p3b2H61oOur @CAGPTorontoArea team is so proud of Michelle Osborne of @UofT winning the @CAGP_ACPDP award!! #CAGP15 http://t.co/juE65pInW5Wonderful to see Roger Lee accept the @CAGP_ACPDP Friend award for 2015! #CAGP15 (one more to go...) http://t.co/Es9oz6PNdFVery appropriate that outgoing chair Malcolm Berry gets the first new logo t-shirt at #CAGP15 http://t.co/IZECiWlqq0Super-excited that @dpklassen is our new @CAGP_ACPDP chair! #CAGP15 http://t.co/O9TRkKTffq@RyanCFP Steve and his cats@RyanCFP interpretative dance joint session at CAGP16?Love the @malburrs animating GRE's shot from today @LatteMorning ! #CAGP15 http://t.co/d6fMu0woArThe faith and fundraising session has become a workshop with @dpklassen @mjstrathdee - big value gents. #CAGP15 http://t.co/MwKOTC49DdWant to have better donor conversations that lead to gifts? Read these books by @GlennStewardson @frasergreen #CAGP15 http://t.co/9ny5Pvz5jGThanks @shegrosz @YYCPhilanthropy for taking pictures at my #CAGP15 session! http://t.co/4Ma4zqRlWpIt's all about @CommFdnsCanada leadership! https://t.co/9RBBULR8DDYes! Big thanks to @ImagineCanada ! https://t.co/9RslQ8UySwAdvisors are not "the dark side"- planning hundreds of millions in gifts each year, they are next to you, near the light. @UinvitedU #CAGP15
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@UinvitedU says motivate giving from the heart. "Donate to eliminate" the most anti-philanthropic phrase ever. Hear hear #CAGP2015
Retweeted by Paul NazarethIf your donors don't know who you are, what you do, where to find you - how can you help them? Get online! @UinvitedU #CAGP15
Retweeted by Paul NazarethAMEN --> RT @YYCPhilanthropy: Stop using info@ emails, stop using front desk phone numbers, don’t just use job titles.. @UinvitedU #CAGP15
Retweeted by Paul NazarethLittle bit Celtic, kind of bad-ass. This Is Happening https://t.co/UEKDgfytJMOur @canadahelps course is the first in Canada on digital fundraising & social media! http://t.co/vCHP5k6FIq #CAGP15Want to read up on that budget change? Here's a @MTCharity update http://t.co/kjKVw0d0qk #CAGP14Yes, digital media is a way you're going to talk to donors and advisors in 2015! Read http://t.co/I1XmBpHKjz by @GrantThorntonCA #CAGP15Digital planned giving resources? Read @malburrs in @allaboutestates ! http://t.co/9APxGelnRp #CAGP15The MUST to engage as a charity to be found online http://t.co/QaGYZ12BCv via @ImagineCanada - bring your charity, into focus! #CAGP15Have you read the @CAGP_ACPDP research report on working with advisors? http://t.co/18SyOGZA5q #CAGP15Liquid gold #CAGP15 - you NEED to read @CommFdnsCanada professional advisor resources http://t.co/s8RIUQI3YIOh no. I'm speaking right after @Richardradclif #CAGP15If you have a will that includes a bequest, you’ll live to 87 (vs 67 with no will and no bequest (via @RichardRadclif) #CAGP15
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWho doesn't like a circle? @CAGP_ACPDP new logo! #CAGP15 @RuthInOttawa @ErinKuhns @UinvitedU @LeahEustace http://t.co/5nOKLqjnNz
Retweeted by Paul NazarethBuckle up #CAGP15 https://t.co/hw0nULsJzfWell done @estateslaw of @MTCharity as board representative of French philanthropy at #CAGP15 http://t.co/NXMzVQlwlr@UinvitedU @RuthInOttawa @CAGP_ACPDP and what an amazing job she, Ross and board have done!! $90k swing!!! #happy #proud #CAGP15
Retweeted by Paul NazarethA man of action, impact - Malcolm of @sickkids final @CAGP_ACPDP conference as chair of the board. #CAGP15 http://t.co/E4oejfLty0What an interesting introduction of @Richardradclif by @hilbornjim at #CAGP15 - Storyteller always. http://t.co/qHm4dNrsUpHere we are @CAGP_ACPDP a $90,000 turnaround and we're BACK in BLACK! #CAGP15 well done team! cc @RuthInOttawa http://t.co/YD4BG6UnMEBAM! Here we go @CAGP_ACPDP ! Your new logo! Goosebumbs! #CAGP15 http://t.co/Ih3TLg0gaD
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