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Cross streets lit by sunset’s fiery light, rendering our urban canyons aglow. Behold #Manhattanhenge http://t.co/H7pWyYyL9l
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@jk_rowling What do say about this theory about #Crookshanks? http://t.co/LEr7ZyT1F1@melissaanelli Yep, she pretty much hits it right on all fronts. @Evy_Lynch"You on WooWoo?" You can now see and post live blogging on #Periscope an app from the Twitter people. Sign up!@qikipedia Is the puffins-as-fish thing a stretch of the saying "you are what you eat"?
@neiltyson I am so with you on that! Birds belong outside, flapping, soaring, etc..
@qikipedia Are we on "'P' for Poo" now?
Thoughts? @jamieoliver @BuiltLean https://t.co/Vg25pyRt1jThere are only three countries in the world where your boss is more likely to be a woman than a man, Jamaica, Colombia and Saint Lucia.
Retweeted by Lanai T.@ramit How would you answer the person who posted the question?@samsparro Then hie thee to the market post haste!
Guys on the keys @jamiecullum what a legend! Friday 15May stay tuned guys! http://t.co/mlUJbTOdL2 #FoodRevolutionDay https://t.co/1LkTpD0RBn
Retweeted by Lanai T.It's is a musical cliché, which is unfortunate, since Beethoven's Sonata No. 14 in C#m🌛 really is a beautiful piece of music. @ClassicalKUSCEver said ‘I’m fine’ & not meant it… ? It’s time to #SwitchOnTheLight with @_selfesteemteam for #MentalHealthWeek http://t.co/CccvztiVH2 x
Retweeted by Lanai T.I like how @Allisonholker seems so earnest. :-)
@montepittman Woohoo! http://t.co/0Mmz1m0gWD@zulily Honestly, Zulily! I am not a five year old. What is up with these dresses?!?.@longshotauthor True! And there's no need to be a jerk about someone else's awesome just because it isn't your thing.@jasperfforde Did you see these photos of sunset on Mars? http://t.co/hrEpKrguc2
@HarriedWizard Sure, but the dog's name is Fuego. @amurderofcrows.
@qikipedia I guess that said what they thought of the local politicians. Is a rhinoceros better or worse than a jackass?@yanismarshall What is your shoe size? Do you have to special order/use a specialty shop for heels, or can you fit in a larger ladies' shoe?A lady removed her lawn to install fake grass. Good intentions, but it's worse for the environment in the long term. #drought #liefallow@OviActor is not the only one to get put in overalls. @chriscolfer @BettyMWhite
@ramit A good pitch shouldn't be like that. It doesn't insult the pitchee, & it stands on the merits of the product's benefits for your need@ramit You have to straighten them out and make them understand you will not be handled that way.@ramit Some see "nice woman" and think she can be pushed into their decision. It's done with a smile, but it's still rude and insulting.@ramit requiring different treatment. I do not let my niceness be abused in a pitch, and they learn that my decisions are my own.@ramit Depends in part on their paradigm. Some see a man as different from a woman, different ethnicities, cultures, etc. as (con't)@ramit I was thinking of when you have said no multiple times and "pitch" turns into smiling hounding/harassment forcing you to be rude.@ramit I do not mind a good sales pitch, but I do not like ones where they are clearly trying to deceive me or don't know when to stop.@danzr4ever Wonderful!.@melissaanelli @FoxNews Some ppl seem to think that an abortion is performed at 8.5 mo because a woman just can't be bothered w/ kids.#HowToSpotAFeminist ... They know that gender equality is not synonymous with man-hating or ANY hate for that matter. http://t.co/bdQYRSmQ7U
Retweeted by Lanai T.Thanks for keeping Napoleon III off our backs, Mexico. #CincoDeMayoSo, a little #OxyClean will get that right out. @DonJonMovie@scotthoying It's a bit of a tourist thing 'cause they're well-known, but it was a nice late lunch and worth seeing.@scotthoying Excellent! Go to the Willow Tea Rooms and for a nice afternoon tea and to see the fantastic Charles Rennie Mackintosh decor..@Lisa_Eldridge flings makeup on like Jackson Pollack, and yet somehow it comes out looking like Rembrandt. She's amazing! #magic@adamsmadams Ugh. It has won for now. Feel better soon. :-)@yanismarshall What'd you get?@weird_sci I just hope the ants don't take a notion to take over the world.Smith College​ updates female-only admissions policy to include transgender women: http://t.co/za4hiZj3fz #NOH8 #LGBT http://t.co/h2Zxr13VyP
Retweeted by Lanai T.The bullies of @TheRue must have just been jealous. She is lovely! Beautiful face, gorgeous, leggy physique, winning smile. 💃🏻
@ModernScotsman You have created a false dichotomy. @jk_rowling @YESthatcherDead @mypolitics@YESthatcherDead Right, and I'm sure there is not a single questionable individual in the party you support. @jk_rowlingMy right thumb has been twitchy all day. It's rather annoying. Perhaps someone's communicating from Beyond. But I don't know morse code.Ugh. I had a comma-o. I am a terrible self-editor.@jk_rowling You're really good at papier-mâché, and a dab hand with the glitter. ;-)@deadpoetperks If they don't know what that is, however did you end up talking to them in the first place? ;-) Kidding!@deadpoetperks Perhaps this should be a litmus test for people one dates. The wrong opinion, or worse, NO opinion, and they're not suitable.@deadpoetperks You ask as though there were another option that doesn't make one re-read in confusion. @jk_rowling@Panda333 @jk_rowling The same can be said about the U.S., but people come up with some racist stuff & crazy ideas on immigration policy.@LeProfAido @jk_rowling Does independent Ireland have its own Wizarding school or do they also send students to Hogwarts?@jk_rowling @mypolitics Wow. So much for United Kingdom.@adamsmadams Trips to CA. Shoe sales. A girl's got things to do!@adamsmadams I mean, apart from mere subsistence, why else are you working?! HahaFor every RT this gets, @pedigreeUS donates a bowl of food to starving dogs!! RT it takes 2 secs 🐶 #tweetforbowls http://t.co/x5JlU5lNsm
Retweeted by Lanai T.@yanismarshall How about an iPhone 6 Plus?
@jamiecullum @MMWBand I'd be down for your take on an Elvis album, too. Do this!@adamsmadams oh, noooo...! Can't have that.@melissaanelli If you say so. :-) I think I'll stick to dancing and walking for my cardio.Oh, my word! @FisayoAkinade is just adorable. :-) I'm enjoying Cucumber and Banana. His cheerful smile makes me smile.@melissaanelli It takes three sports bras and running is your sport of choice?! 😳😧 You look great, but, ow! #buxomlassproblems 🏥 Medic!
@clockwork_ctr @HarriedWizard Have you seen this? Very fun! http://t.co/F0PZOje7A0@DarthTaxus @montepittman @Tx_Dude @MakingStarWars @RebeccaKnight01 Thought you all would enjoy that. :-D@DarthTaxus 20% off my Star Wars prints for #StarWarsDay with code Maythe4th, would you RT? https://t.co/iKF0grKqbi http://t.co/BpLR7lC1lL
Retweeted by Lanai T.@Masonglazier Who? Me..?? 😜😬😳😝😜 hahaha@Masonglazier Well, that would be one explanation. Haha 😜@NOH8Campaign @josswhedon We have been needing equality. It's kinda ridiculous.@Masonglazier I'm 1/2 English and 1/2 African-American. That second 1/2 would be a blend of who knows what. Haha I'll have to get DNA tested@montepittman @DarthTaxus @Tx_Dude @MakingStarWars @RebeccaKnight01 Now that I'd like to see! :-D@hmgrensbraaten I would expect nothing less from such a dashing fellow. :-)@hmgrensbraaten @TommyJoeRatliff Chewbacca is a lot smaller than I thought. It's funny that even he is stylin' the man-bun these days. :-)Argh! Was dropping my phone. Here's the link this time. @montepittman have you seen this? http://t.co/F0PZOje7A0Have you seen this, @montepittman?
Good gracious!! #gasprices have gone up $1.00 per gallon since I bought gas last time. D-:@Masonglazier @Graceglazier Woo-hoo!The police union's kneejerk claiming that 6 cops were diligent in handling Gray undermines ANY credibility they would have
Retweeted by Lanai T.Quartz’s Kevin Delaney: Time to kill the 800-word article: http://t.co/AbaLpVfPfI
Retweeted by Lanai T.Mosby: "I have heard your call for no justice no peace. But your peace is needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man."
Retweeted by Lanai T."We look forward to the time when the power to love will replace the love of power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace." - ...
Retweeted by Lanai T.You can tell I've been unwell. Did half-hour #yoga program from PBS, stretched...limped to shower. Need strength....stamina...flexibility...
Heard #whereareunow. Sounds like it was produced by a whale in collaboration with a couple tom cats.What if Monsanto is Ilaria?@clockwork_ctr Surely you're not just getting on board with that now. D-:
Well said, John Angelos COO of the @Orioles http://t.co/7nEi97UAbH.@amazon Tighten up your search feature. If I ask for linen towels, don't show me 25K cotton towels. :-/
@qikipedia Does the predator then eat the organs and not the rest of the sea cucumber?@qikipedia And just how is that helpful?
Loved hearing the @PMJofficial (Postmodern Jukebox) arrangement of Wiggle by @jasonderulo in #DWTS tonight.@danzr4ever Hahaha! Yeah, I'm liking the minimalist approach.Some genius-level trolling by progressive clergy here. ht @randyprine http://t.co/Xt7WLEmtp3 http://t.co/MHBG2OK7yg
Retweeted by Lanai T.The less evidence we have for what we believe is certain, the more violently we defend beliefs against those who don't agree.
Retweeted by Lanai T.@AvaJazlyn How have you been otherwise? :-)Greeaaaaat...just what I needed--house pets. Or would that be house pests? https://t.co/Ig3Yr7QQqxNew Aubrey Beardsley Women Archive Special for May! Available April 27th thru May 31st:... http://t.co/dcnAhZZxL0
Retweeted by Lanai T.In this day and age it is criminal that there is no national data base of police involved killings.
Retweeted by Lanai T.Powerful image going viral now. This isn't the 1960's. It's Baltimore, April 2015. #BlackLivesMatter #Every28Hrs http://t.co/O8ecd3jRzi
Retweeted by Lanai T.@AvaJazlyn Congratulations!!
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