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My style is unorthodox, but of course it rocks.

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Retweeted by Corey DonohoeFound an @atmos in my Illustrator
Retweeted by Corey DonohoeInteresting article on @kqed about the crazy gun violence in Potrero Hill lately. @roidrage you can only leave this place via SFO though. There's a wall, I checked.
@evanphx @mrtazz @lstoll shoutout to 1999@evanphx @mrtazz @lstoll normal reaction “I treated it like a computer and I can’t unfuck it. Sorry. Please help”#ILookLikeAnEngineer @GitHub. Wait, I am one! ⚡️
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@mrtazz @lstoll the prodigal beard returns.@mrtazz nope. My employee badge has me with red dyed tips though.@mrtazz thanks. I’m pretty excited.@kdaigle internal tools, should be a lot of fun.@flangy one of my faves@kneath NOPE@sambreed basicallyI somehow deleted all basic Unix commands from my system because I still don’t understand boxen/puppet.Bricked my @heroku laptop on my second day, having @salesforce IT reimage it. 😔
Pier 70 is awesome. drums tho @technoweenie lol base🍜 encoding. I’m pretty sure no one has touched since 2012 fwiw.
@michigangraham @lstoll 😉One of the saddest things about working around South Park in SF for the last 7 years is seeing the same homeless faces year after year.@vesirin @goconvox yeah, I’m excited to give it a try for personal stuff@vesirin gotten a chance to try @goconvox out yet?
who wants to come to glue camp? we just sniff glue and recompile kernels in the desert.
Retweeted by Corey DonohoeI’m pretty sure this is the first crowdfunded physical artifact I’ve ever received. S/o @coldbustedbeats
she texted me '<3' and i said never tell me the odds.
Retweeted by Corey Donohoetfw you make a repo to mess with a kiwi friend that’s getting married and you get a support request you can find a copy of Tampopo( you should check it out, it’s dope.@batalia hi, do you have the original photo from the one you instagrammed a few years ago of me on a swing? @janaboruta wants a print of itomg
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@Flashflooder i owe you a hug@Flashflooder must not sleep, must warn others. 😀@Flashflooder omg, this delights me.@Flashflooder have you ever sampled this?
@perezd @jrecursive yeah, i thought it was weird how it almost made a skeleton on its own@jrecursive dragging/zooming leads to some weird shit. I resized to 50% and threw them here 💗💗💗@jrecursive do you have a higher res version of this? trying to make some tights out of it@mmibty uhh… @shiftkey @kdaigle How else do you get the 8MB .bmp file to attach?@shiftkey @kdaigle @lstoll You joke, but the stuff we had at GE in 2004 supported that. Instead of commenting people attached .doc files. 😕@glenngillen 🔜? @lstoll I gotta find a way to make a ppt first@mitchellh It’s not something I see as an immediate use case for me, but I can see a lot of value to others.Anyone else seeing these on your GitHub issues forms? Kinda crazy. Unfortunately I just declined and didn’t mention my stance. Much respect.@aphyr 👏🏻 I turned down a speaking opp in .ru a few years ago because the anti-gay laws fucked with me philosophically, and I’m straight.Okay so this is a very personal decision and you shouldn't feel bad for speaking in Russia but here's how I feel:
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@haacked @fabrahamlincoln TIL Phil invented PHP@homakov 😨@homakov have there been any specifics released yet?@shayfrendt does anyone do a good job of it besides Facebook?@racheltorro did you get cdjs for the event sorted?
@BrettRuffenach is he as dope live as I imagined?Me: boring detective? Her: what? Oh, yeah. Maybe it'll make sense this week? Why are we still watching? Me: prolly not and I have nfi@socodedconf @rachelmyers omg, exploding dog comics.
@DOG_NOISE Japan great other than that?@DOG_NOISE remember when I told you that you shoulda got a Mac.I just want whatever drugs Tigger was on.
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@chelsea house vs techno.Here's a helpful chart, where green represents how many awful @-replies come from white males:
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@Cryptoterra @theshrillest wasn’t a ton of the anticon shit all based around sfs dot com bubble.@theshrillest wowOne of my favorite wineries in CA, Frogs Leap. wow
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Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@lstoll DC lobbying, lack of accountability in leaders, larger area, apathy, everyone tweets hashtags and does nothing. For a few variables.
@racheltorro email me.
@WassupBryant she misses youMy dog is awesome but she’s pretty freaked about @janaboruta being more than 20 ft away. @dukeofberlin @chelsea it’s a cock joke, dude.@sarahcpr i’ll have to check it out. i have no clue about her work tbh. thx@sarahcpr lol, unplugged though. what’s the go to katy perry version of that?@fabrahamlincoln @muanchiou apparently@fabrahamlincoln damn, you and @muanchiou on the same day. lucky them.@muanchiou shoutout to typos. I'm leaving it. LolFeels like someone is creeping on me.
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@em_csquared @glenngillen i didn’t even get that far. i stopped at “A GITHUB FOR DUBSTEP” and just assumed they were challenged.@muanchiou you are a fantastic and i think you make cool stuff. 🐈I woke up like this
Current status. I always thought that’s why a16z invested in them, to fix code reviews on github.@alindeman It took having a job for 5-10 years before I realized how important experience is for weighing trade offs and how bad newbs are@alindeman It’s complicated. The years of experience allow you to pick up things in shorter amount of time, and use them correctly.@tenderlove you gonna be ok?@mrb_bk I went deeper up with this song in my head for the first time in years yup. There's a github service for it or you can use the deployment app and heaven.
@brandur *manbunI used to believe crop circles were really a thing, but I was suffering from corn formation bias.
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@ohhoe it’s not the end of the world if you smoke a cig or two. just don’t go back to the old habits tomorrow if you do. you’ll be alright 😬I don’t yell at my tv for sports but I’ve been swearing at it all afternoon playing mariokart.@dannygreg @kcshearon I intentionally spoke to the big ones earlier because I knew timelines would be longer.@dannygreg @kcshearon As someone who is interviewing right now, they both have their pros and cons for sure.@tenderlove it’d be great if it was morse code saying “kill this process. hit ctr-c. it. life is too short to wait for rubygems.”
@jmhodges worth seeing?
@mrtazz hint: good ideas and writing doesn’t need to go viral. They just need unique addresses.
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