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Dare Obasanjo @Carnage4Life Washington, USA

My day job is leading the team behind http://t.co/YcLuFUER8Q and http://t.co/YzvkbJjpUn . Outside that I dabble in mobile apps and blogging.

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Verizon snapped up TechCrunch & Engadget so Comcast circles The Verge & Recode http://t.co/y4blvxJTVp #NoMoreNetNeutralityStories
Why investors don't fund dating apps - http://t.co/Xx0LtmJWLo@alex Snapchat's ad pricing model was quite ridiculous so board should be happy they've come to their senses@michellemsem This is great. I believe we fixed the network targeting bug on import. Would like to hear more on location import bugs. Email?
Saw Mad Max: Fury Road. Not a lot of Priuses in that movie.
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo@arcadiy @ellenchisa this should read every tech company does perf reviews based on relative performance.Stack ranking isnt just that #mybad@stevesi @ellenchisa @arcadiy great post. Agree stack ranking is a specific implementation of providing differentiated comp given a budget@stevesi @arcadiy @ellenchisa that has been my experience and that of peers outside MSFT.@ellenchisa @arcadiy stack ranking as MSFT used to practice went further by dictating quotas and sharing ranking with employees. Both bad ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ’ฉ@ellenchisa @arcadiy people at same job level get different compensation based on their performance at most tech companies.That's well known@arcadiy @ellenchisa every tech company stack ranks because they have a budget. Microsoft's mistake was in telling people their score.@arcadiy @ellenchisa applying labels to employees based on performance is the demotivator.Also people can get good reviews from bad projects@ellenchisa @arcadiy I wouldn't blame it on the stack rank.Maybe on the project, my manager or me. Stack rank is 2nd order effector at best@ellenchisa @arcadiy if this is how one of my projects went, I would expect a bad review. Been on both ends of that http://t.co/0ThvQ5sosK@arcadiy @ellenchisa my biggest takeaways where her honesty and lack of introspection. Though stackranking discourages managers from helpingKey problems with #stackranking 1. People take their review score personally 2. Managers not incentivized to help https://t.co/y70ezX1oP7Reading @ellenchisa explain why she quit Microsoft after getting a bad performance review. http://t.co/ijaGVTEFv0I just started the last episode of Daredevil. And this series is incredible, y'all.
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoImpressive diversity numbers at Andreessen Horowitz. Props to @pmarca and @bhorowitz - http://t.co/9Sdy78UqS3Watch for products that are worse at what you're good at but good at things you considered too hard to do http://t.co/C3YjCIMMtC #disruption
Was wondering why "why Blackberry failed" essays being recycled this weekend then saw they're having layoffs...again http://t.co/4hdZyrma8k@stevesi @mikeyavo @sriramk @tcarmody @benthompson there are always contrary opinions ๐Ÿ˜Š. What matters is what the leadership decides & does@mikeyavo @sriramk @tcarmody @benthompson big culture shift to go from charging for OS to giving it away and making it up on spying on users@mikeyavo @sriramk @tcarmody @benthompson MSFT wouldn't have drawn same conclusions as Google even with viable search ad biz #culturematters@sriramk @tcarmody @benthompson the Android blind spot was quite peculiar especially as they stole mobile OEMs right from under us
I used to ask when last did you hear about an interesting new Windows app? Now I ask the same question about web apps #mobilefirst
@Mel66 @BingAds problem should be fixed now. We apologize for the inconvenience.@Mel66 @BingAds looking into it
European carriers trying to bring back days when you needed to do a biz dev deal with every carrier to ship an app http://t.co/44bhzi3X2R
@gaberivera @kevinmarks responding with "open standards" misses the point. Google similarly missed the point back in the day #opensocial
@tomsreview @BingAds we're looking into this now. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I also got your email@fmanjoo what is considered the network effect in Uber's case. How does my experience get better the more people who use Uber like FB/email?
@tsatalmpasidis there isn't a Mac version of Bing Ads Editor available. Please let us know how we can ensure the web site meets your need.@tsatalmpasidis can you send me your account info to DAREO@MICROSOFT ?@tsatalmpasidis sorry to hear you are having problems. what version of Chrome are you using on what OS and what doesn't work?
@DrPizza I'm confused. Are you making the bull case for Uber because all drivers will be robots or bear case since they need to own fleet@DrPizza ditto Yellow Cab having an app and yet here we are.@DrPizza that's like asking what's the point of Uber once Yellow Cab has an app.@trevin dm fail?@MrsDebbieW if you shoot me an email at DAREO@MICROSOFT the engineering team can look to see what we can do to help.
@shanselman #klaw http://t.co/gA9qb98i3ZAmazing essay from the CEO of Slack to the team shortly before launch. Every paragraph has line worth highlighting. https://t.co/3SeBKSXyLC
@obrien @VentureBeat Facebook completely contradicts that statement. More importantly, Yelp isn't social unless you think Amazon is social@the_mjv @BingAds you can set a time zone at the account level. That said, I agree having campaign time zone is confusing & redundant@the_mjv @BingAds see http://t.co/9JOXM54YS2 for how it works
@gaberivera why would users want to give Facebook when it's clearly giving them what they want based on their paper?
Tech news is now primarily VC funding news. The bankers are now running this industry. :( http://t.co/R9rfQOZPeoEmail at work is either 1. Informative 2. Constructive OR 3. A waste of the reader's time My goal each day is to send 0 of the 3rd kind
Crazy how annoyed Google Ventures is that founders of @secretly made money before the startup failed- http://t.co/O1eZStcPUU #badinvestors@Mel66 @BingAds are there non-preferred ads in the ad group? If so send me account info.
Your organizational culture is defined by the worst behavior you tolerateFacebook pulls a Twitter and cracks down on API usage. Enforcement started last week. - https://t.co/EGgNpj0KtL http://t.co/uHTN9fTKtf
Jimmy Kimmel rocking his finest Run DMC lookalike outfit http://t.co/1mIOM1huFy
@cdixon @benthompson @StartupLJackson @howardlindzon what is a good comparison that is worth > $25B?@benthompson @cdixon @StartupLJackson @howardlindzon they can execute well and justify that valuation. A dumb pipe Twitter could not@benthompson @cdixon @StartupLJackson @howardlindzon sharing ad revenue isn't a great biz. GOOG gets 7% of AdSense revs. TWTR not $25B then
@th3hunt @goldstein what problems did you have trying to sign up for Bing Ads? Would love to help.Puppies on demand is actually a startup ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น http://t.co/GBIWQFiZkh http://t.co/gb449W8gEz
Android and iOS apps coming to Windows 10? I think Microsoft has hijacked #ThinkDifferent because my mind is blown - http://t.co/qklunl6Ov6Bigger news: Windows 10 will be able to run compiled Objective-C code written for iOS. http://t.co/f8nwfzlKzR http://t.co/eoqvRoFLQJ
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoNice! Uber app within Outlook that lets you schedule a ride based on your calendar appointment http://t.co/AcVjlITuiE http://t.co/DNz4msNH8t
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoEverybody gets Visual Studio #Build2015 http://t.co/9tSd6peO7N
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoDevelopers developers developers https://t.co/6SzxowP4U4Microsoft releases .NET Core preview for Mac and Linux #programming http://t.co/1p7wxoHUpH
Suddenly user growth is the least of Twitter's problems. http://t.co/tmGu0Y1MUhWhy did Twitter announce earnings before market close? https://t.co/JJl2cuO7j5I think this is one of the best search ads I've ever seen #funny #ppcchat http://t.co/3Vs63Pbe2A@colombo_mario @BingAds @webrepublic_ch you can send me an email at DAREO@MICROSOFT with details of issues you're seeingMore outrage over broken windows than Freddy Gray's broken back. America.
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Skype announces free calls to land lines and mobiles in Nepal http://t.co/XVeFLHSRfSSnapchat working on morphing from a messaging app to a portal anchored by messaging. Explains http://t.co/uz3r8brqhq https://t.co/QcS3iKk6ukWrite once target all. Visual C++ for Cross-Platform Mobile Development, http://t.co/nHbrYN8Me1 http://t.co/ViXtlotXX8
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Interesting watching Jay-Z trying to pivot Tidal messaging away from rich rock stars wanting even more money https://t.co/XiWCGEg1gkBest "first impressions of the Apple Watch" blog I've seen thus far - http://t.co/Xpe38ovE1o@vasudevram sure
My thoughts are with those marching for #FreddieGray http://t.co/cKZRunLcWV@TheTommyRock fair enough.@TheTommyRock I asked a specific question. Do you also think this was a bad idea? http://t.co/ksCYj6PsU2
@TheTommyRock do you also feel the same way about the G.I. Bill?@bradwilson Google miss due to currency fluctuations so not really a missI thought Microsoft was dying? http://t.co/fdty98PdNJ
Is Google App Engine still a thing? https://t.co/I1gD8yZlVbQuestion no longer whether Amazon should spin AWS. Question now is whether AWS should spin/shut down the ecommerce business.
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoMicrosoft commercial cloud run-rate is now $6.3 bln as that business doubled for seventh quarter in a row.
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoSearch advertising revenue grew 21%, Bing U.S. market share at 20.1% - http://t.co/FHKpiYBKBU #bingads #peakgooglePeak Google is behind us. #bingads - http://t.co/JazO9n8f40 https://t.co/2YIKdwOEe4Angrily crumples "Uber for Burritos" fundraising deck http://t.co/CCWIBjoLK5
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo@stevesi @pauljturner99 deja vu
@sriramk @beijingdou kudos on the great work.A journal of my ongoing battle of wits with Visual Studio #programming http://t.co/ML8MYNgwxlSometimes I wonder if Twitter's exec team even uses the product given some of their decisions. Turns out they don't - http://t.co/j3gQ3Rnflk"Search business revenue was up 19.5 percent year-on-year to $531.7 million" http://t.co/XYe48ENis1 <= $YHOO earnings highlight is #BingAds@benthompson @TweetByDavid @stevesi @chrisamccoy do I have to pay to read it? ๐Ÿ˜€@TweetByDavid @benthompson @stevesi @chrisamccoy Apple's business is the iPhone. Everything else is a hobby. Carriers are their oxygen.@benthompson @stevesi @chrisamccoy differentiation to drivers, riders or their dispatching software?@benthompson @stevesi @chrisamccoy sounds like arguing Apple should buy Verizon because carriers are core to their business.
@edbott I'm bad at reading ๐Ÿ˜ณ@edbott love that the URL says $YHOO dropped 4 percent but looking now it's actually up in after hours trading. http://t.co/8DnIGWDsIF@desusnice I just fell out of my chair ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚@jan_lukacs @BingAds can you send me an email with the details of your issue? DAREO@MICROSOFT
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