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Chuck Todd @chucktodd Washington, DC

Moderator of @meetthepress and @nbcnews political director; Covering politics since '92; And, yes, I tweet about sports too.

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It's alive! The Lid: a PM political tip sheet with insight, analysis and some attitude -- from @AndrewNBCNews & me http://t.co/kON5yEtT2k
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSign up for The Lid and we'll deliver #2016 & #funny to your inbox M-F. Get more #MTP daily: http://t.co/UUAX51HYmr http://t.co/NcVlcKzlQt
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@carzola25 hate hearing that. Polarization leading to political paralysis is, sadly, not uniqueCampaigning in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton says the US economy has 'stalled out.' http://t.co/dMEvsZjkw8
Retweeted by Chuck ToddJust 9 states have always backed the winning GOP candidate in primaries/caucuses since 1976: http://t.co/5TX5YG8Mfx
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Michael Dukakis was dinged for dressing like he shopped at Filene's Basement. (Which he did.) Now he could make ads about it.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddRequired #MTP reading from @KathleenParker: "Her ovaries matter no more to me than another’s testicles...” http://t.co/nt6R0IANA1Would @meetthepress be different in #Hillvetica? #MTP http://t.co/TpWFEOx8laUtah’s @SenMikeLee will be discussing his new book “Our Lost Constitution” and more on #MTP #IfitsSunday http://t.co/QvMvGi8zsu23 states and DC have some form of legalized weed. How does your state compare? Find out in #Nerdscreen #MTP http://t.co/hiZzwyCFWkICYMI: @nbcpolitics recapped some of the @hillaryclinton hysteria on our M-F show, @MTP: http://t.co/Hs8buNRcEM http://t.co/X35hIyZ0tCIs @JohnKasich the GOP’s strongest candidate? @POLITICOMag seemed to think so. Catch their take here. #MTP http://t.co/UJJIrCq899Gov. @JohnKasich joins me from Ohio. We'll talk abt his 2016 intentions, the future of the GOP, and Obamacare. #MTP http://t.co/GpZdT8F5BP.@GovernorVA Terry McAuliffe will join me. We’ll discuss his long-time friend @HillaryClinton’s candidacy. #MTP http://t.co/wKYS2ouq5IOn the @meetthepress panel this beautiful Sunday morning are Steve Schmidt, @HeleneCooper, @KathleenParker, and @DavidAxelrod #MTP
If it's Saturday... Your @meetthepress preview: Kasich, McAuliffe and Lee. https://t.co/N7XqRdcJL1@chucktodd @ron_fournier I'm reminded of that old saw about Washington: "They came to do good -- and stayed to do well."
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThis is a bigger problem than some may realize. Lots of family ties in lobbying industry to CURRENT members https://t.co/eRFzzCtATD@MrWalterShapiro @ron_fournier this ban, to be effective, would also need to cover joining any firm that lobbies.This is one of those proposals that should have more momentum in this era of DC distrust. http://t.co/cAm8WNhm6uMark Hamill is now the same age as Alec Guinness was in the original Star Wars http://t.co/EVYITXYZ7z
Retweeted by Chuck ToddI'm sure the last time you visited the Grand Canyon, you thought, if only there was an Orange Julius or a Nordstrom. http://t.co/AE5OL4rwWY
#Senate is poised to finish the anti-trafficking bill, vote on the Lynch nomination and take up the bipartisan #Iran legislation next week.
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Ron Wyden close to deal on 'fast-track' trade legislation http://t.co/O4oPRUu4RZ #ORElection
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@philipaklein @frankthorpNBC let it go already@KevinMaddenDC @HenryJGomez TUNE IN AND FIND OUT. (And get your friends to watch too.)
Retweeted by Chuck ToddJust got AFL-CIO release promising "massive six figure" campaign on trade. In today's big money world, is 6 figures "massive" anymore?@ProJakeSuperPAC typical special interest group attack. Carrying the water for Big RazorJack Handy or WI Tavern League prez? "Nobody opens a dive bar." http://t.co/nAwWwODs7t
UPDATE: Heavy traffic on Chain Bridge due to emergency response. One lane open in each direction. http://t.co/mAgIHn1En4
Retweeted by Chuck ToddBREAKING: Body found on rocks near Chain Bridge http://t.co/mAgIHn1En4
Retweeted by Chuck Todd.@mtp is your daily dose of @meetthepress. Today's edition: @HillaryClinton media hysteria. http://t.co/3ZFyO6nfyy http://t.co/8Qf2rkCrmM
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSurprising that A list FL GOPers are shying away from #flsen. It's highly likely a FL GOPer will be on natl ticket.Every retweet this gets = a thank you to Jackie Robinson. #Jackie42 http://t.co/dasoIa5rIC
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTom Schweich had spoken of suicide for years http://t.co/EUJPTN5Cxv
Retweeted by Chuck Todd#ProTip: When the Pope is a member of your axis of evil, you need to rethink your foreign policy. https://t.co/rfoFClbkmx
Retweeted by Chuck ToddReid: "I'd ban football before i'd ban boxing." http://t.co/q8tsOz6AmB
Retweeted by Chuck ToddJust askin: did WH cave on Corker because they trusted Cardin more than Menendez?
Ack. The Nats bullpen is finding new ways to lose. All my boy wants for his birthday TMRO is to NOT see the Nats in last place. #worriedJust when, exactly, did #Havana cease exporting terror? by @EliasGroll and @davidcfrancis @foreignpolicy #Cuba http://t.co/h8x36kj6Te
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@GerryDales touché. Certainly looks more clinical and sterile by the day@BroTruck thanks for reading.Everyone looks silly in Iowa right now with this "chase" business. The press corps and the Clinton campaign.Weird → Three Republican senators lead the presidential race and the @NRSC hasn't said a word. That's because the NRSC opposed them all.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddJohn Kerry and Hillary Clinton have a cordial relationship. But it never really recovered after he endorsed Obama. http://t.co/IeaxSAwVGM
Retweeted by Chuck ToddLots of great photos of Baton Rouge singing icon Percy Sledge, who died Tuesday at age 74: http://t.co/i3V6mZ5Xjr http://t.co/8GRUrDRh5g
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAs Reps mock HRC as yesterday's candidate, royalty, etc., they're internalizing a message that will make them less likely to nominate Jeb.
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Why does generational contrast matter? 5 of the last six prez elections won by younger nominee. Bush/Gore the exception.At least two of the leading GOP candidates are bilingual: Rubio and Jeb. Neither POTUS nor Hillary is bilingual.WATCH LIVE: Marco Rubio announces run for president, promising 'new American century' http://t.co/LB1CZQ5cgj
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@JillDLawrence @greta don't under rate the importance of the announcement speech though. How candidates choose to use it is tellingIt appears Ben Carson plans to make his campaign official on May 4. Otherwise known as Star Wars Day. Will the 4th be with him?Updated NCAA RPI: 2) @CanesBaseball 7) @UofLBaseball 8) @FSU_Baseball 11) @GTBaseball 19) @DiamondHeels 21) @NDBaseball
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSo it appears everything Clinton camp is doing is right out of NYSEN playbook including the van and Scooby. #rutroshaggy H/t. Everyone.Hillary van trip so spontaneous! Except they did it all back in 2000, down to the "Scooby Doo" name. All for "optics" http://t.co/V9GeczocL9
Retweeted by Chuck ToddJack W. Bush will be old enough to run for president by the 2052 election. https://t.co/w0OS3drhmY
Retweeted by Chuck ToddBush 58. https://t.co/ROc4WMXRaq
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@BecketAdams have since seen this. We've updated our coverage on http://t.co/HgAgRYfua7.For those having trouble reading GOP chart showing Rubio upside I posted on my Facebook page, here it is another way. http://t.co/hqclgV8oij@WaldoWilbur @richardjustice this should expose the current disaster that is the Nationals bullpen.Bob Graham fights to publish secret report on possible Saudi connection to 9/11 via @hillhulse http://t.co/eScDhjV7KO http://t.co/7DC9ZBfct6
Retweeted by Chuck ToddMLB's top 5 rotations ranked by ERA: 1. Tigers (1.37), 2. Nationals (1.91), 3. Astros (2.29), Cards (2.37), A's (2.44).
Retweeted by Chuck ToddA reminder: No GOP candidate had higher upside with primary voters in our NBC/WSJ poll than Marco Rubio https://t.co/NSDAGIavx1From @perrybaconjr: can Rubio do to Jeb in 16 what Obama did to Clinton in 08? http://t.co/1oaMi9oPMg@HotlineJosh @FHQ disagree. I think fl is last stand for at least one of them. Neither have any fallback.@FHQ @HotlineJosh most importantly. It is a winner take all primary now.Get to know Miami's new university president. Dr Julio Frenk. http://t.co/5RV5KgDII0 // Great bkgrd. he ducked the tricky football Q.So, um, anybody seen fmr. Secretary & First Lady Hillary Clinton pumping gas somewhere between NY & IA? #AskingForAFriend #WhereIsHillary
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@BrendanNyhan @MysteryPollster @jeneps @bpolitics micro managey. And sorta Un-social media likeIf he runs, Ben Carson will continue doing paid speaking gigs during his presidential campaign: http://t.co/tjGrnBZfK7
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWhy a Hillary Clinton presidency can seem both inevitable and impossible. http://t.co/xjp1Dlp0rw http://t.co/9rBCrQvzx1
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@shellymann78 general election ballot. 1996 was last time.@MiamiRicks Scott has his eye on the 2018 senate race.
@seanspicer and about those Scooby snack ingredients. Only legal in Colorado and Washington. Right?Lou Holtz is out at ESPN, reports @richarddeitsch - http://t.co/ILC4SpJKoq
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@idaveprice now you've done it. Is the van white?Um...let's clarify that HRC may be in a van in Iowa. But USSS is most definitely driving. http://t.co/R18q0s3xVq
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@dcbigjohn btw, I'm told the candidate does refer to her vehicle as the "scooby do van". Not making that upSo hard in this new media age to do anything that looks spontaneous to political world. This Hillary road trip idea has done just that@djpolitico then what happens. Do we fall into some meerkat vortex?There will come a time when every last thing will have jumped every last shark.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@EJDionne 88 comparison is good on a number of levels, including ideology. Like Bush 41 and conservs, some in Dem base are suspicious of HRCHow will @HillaryClinton run differently this time? My report @NBCNightlyNews @LesterHoltNBC http://t.co/GQirNKMpfE
Retweeted by Chuck Todd.@chucktodd There's a title for people who "wait their turn." It's "Senator."
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@JayCostTWS exactly. Ask all those Dems who decided NOT to challenge a sitting GOP president in 1992. Gore Gephardt Rockefeller Bradley NunnVideo--JFK announces for President, January 2, 1960 (1 min.): http://t.co/juO7oC6Ehk
Retweeted by Chuck ToddNationals bullpen issue isn't one that gets better when Span, Rendon and Werth are in lineup. Tho more runs may mean bigger leads to blowThis memo from Robby Mook reminds me of @davidplouffe in '08,which is the highest compliment an Obama person can give http://t.co/4pLPXrsQsB
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSo for the history books, John Podesta officially launched Clinton's campaign?Is like to see @jmartNYT use "a tradition unlike any other" in his next Clinton announcement storyWelcome to the weekends and early Sunday alarm clock settings @johndickerson The good news: no traffic on the morning commute#TaxDay is Wednesday so #NerdScreen is something you should know about tax rates. http://t.co/ENJaWjA7Cx#MTP panelist @nytDavidBrooks’ just wrote a new book on Character. Here’s his essay in today’s @nytimes http://t.co/NTsd0D4d95.@nytDavidBrooks and I were both on the @HughHewitt show this week. How’d we do? https://t.co/NhO8JpncSk // https://t.co/dO53OrC5qwThis week #MTP panelist @Maria_Hinojosa and @LatinoUSA hit the road to talk to avg Americans up against tough times. http://t.co/SDAMNgKBhS#MTP panelist @MayorSRB just released her plan for the future of Baltimore. Here’s what she’s up to http://t.co/Baky8nohu8Yesterday I hit the campaign trail with @RandPaul in Vegas. Might his Presidential gamble pay off? Catch it on #MTP http://t.co/fDNh1cVFHEMight body cameras be changing the way police keep us safe? Rialto, CA, tested them in 2012. Complaints went down 88%. #MTPWe’ll look at the South Carolina shooting & media coverage. This piece from @huffingtonpost interested us: http://t.co/m2mnNfbGlF #MTPIs the Ayatollah undermining the work of @JohnKerry and others on the #IranDeal? We'll get his take on #MTP http://t.co/lG3zIjHvxs
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