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Moderator of @meetthepress and @nbcnews political director; Covering politics since '92; And, yes, I tweet about sports too.

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@MannyDarino sunset park is filled with great memories for meA scary #tbt Thoughts on the vest? No doubt that was courtesy of my late dad they started polling nationally about two cycles agoA Showdown in Kentucky Could Be the Last of the Obama Wars
Retweeted by Chuck ToddIt was 40 years ago today that Jimmy Hoffa disappeared. The Detroit Free Press has a fascinating look back.
@TheFix @danWorthington turn that frown upside down!
@chrislhayes to put it another way, voters take GOV races more seriously than SEN races... Also, local media COVER GOV races more seriously@geoffgarin fair point. but this early, should any news org be so presumptuous about who will and won't vote?@chrislhayes correct; but voters usually look at GOV cands in less partisan light as SEN cands. Why blue states elect GOP govs & vice versaAnd this Conway ad is an attack on the Obama admin (on issue of coal). // Obama seen as a KY liability w/DemsNote in this Conway #kygov ad: no mention of his political party. And the word "conservative" makes it on screen. list polling THIS EARLY in a cycle also runs risk of missing a surprise expansion of electorate. Again, see Iowa 08One missing fact in this piece: // tight voter list screen is what misled Clinton '08 folks to think they cd win IARGA using Obama card in #kygov; not a surprise but it is trickier on health care given popularity of KYKinect. I'm skeptical. Would have preferred Chapman@secupp @thefix @cyberdustapp it's the social media app you use to talk to @realmarkcuban exclusively, right?Do folks realize how much of a juggernaut David Vitter might be for #lagov this year? // money isn't everything, butHuckabee talking to AFL-CIO is a reminder that he wants to let some GOPers know he was courting populist base before it was a thingFive 2016ers will speak to AFL-CIO this week: four Dems (Clinton/Sanders/Webb/O' Malley) and 1 GOPer: Huckabee
Would love to know if there is a backstory about why Rickey H was introduced late. #HallofFameCan't tell you how much I enjoy the Hall of Fame ceremony and MLB network's coverage. Tough to relegate Greinke's game to the iPad but I amLIVE on #Periscope: Behind the scenes at Meet The Press #IfItsSunday's ahead in Iowa & New Hampshire? I'll debut new polls from @nbcnews & @maristpoll on @meetthepress this morning. #IfItsSunday #MTPI'll also talk populism and the types of voters that support Trump with fmr Pres. candidate Pat Buchanan and @NicholsUprisingIt’s a Meet the Candidates Sunday today - I'm joined by @JohnKasich and @SenSanders this morning on @MeetThePress #MTPTdy's @meetthepress political panel: @telemundo's @jdbalart, @amyewalter, @sarafagen2 & @ron_fournier. #MTP is economic populism affecting the 2016 election? I'll take a look at it on @meetthepress w/ @PatrickBuchanan & @NicholsUprising."Either we're in this to fix America or we're in this to get elected." - @JohnKasich See more on @meetthepress.This morning I'll have interviews with both @BernieSanders & @JohnKasich. #MeetTheCandidates #IfItsSunday
@MC_89 @Cubs yeah. It was. Check out their feed. They did send hamels a congrats. Dry wit is lost on TwitterYeah. That's the lead, 2 walks "@Cubs: Dexter Fowler walks twice in loss to #Phillies. Recap:"If it's Saturday... Your #mtp preview. Exclusive new IA/NH polls and 1-on-1s w/Sanders and Kasich.' last start as a Phillie? Don't miss it now. #hintWelcome aboard the bias bandwagon, @danjsadowski: Plenty of room for you.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddI went to the border with Trump. It was HUGE.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSo horrifyingly true from @Carl_Hiaasen re what majority/plurality prefers via @michaelkruse
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@JimmyJohnson this gave me chills #greatcoach #canes
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@daveweigel that's the first time I've heard admit he is only "really good" at something. Admits he is not the best?@richardmskinner @voxdotcom exactly. Detroit was the country's "Silicon Valley" from about 1910 to 1970@voxdotcom @richardmskinner great gif. Fun to focus on one city. Being in Detroit today, I focused there. Shows up in 1910, gone by 2010America's 10 biggest cities, in every decade going back to 1790
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTOMORROW ON #MTP: @JohnKasich. #IfItsSunday
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@ron_fournier you are a gluten for punishment@samrhall @Bencjacobs is he pro gluten@daveweigel Trump as the "Music Man"Same can be said for Nationals. Both teams need the Reds' Chapman. fwiw, I'm having him on as part of a Trump segment. Trump 2015 and Buchanan 1992 share a lot of similarities on issuesDonald Trump staff exploring a third party run by @Philip_Elliott
Retweeted by Chuck Todd#sunday! #mtp
Retweeted by Chuck Todd
“@HotlineJosh: Nats' bullpen needs outside reinforcements -- ASAP.” I have an idea-- Tyler Clippard!
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAwesome: On 32nd anniversary or George Brett's pine tar HR, @timcarrollart does Brett using only pine tar
Retweeted by Chuck Todd10-foot gator in dugout at minor league Charlotte Stone Crabs vs. Daytona Tortugas game
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@JohnJHarwood @TheRickWilson you will regret asking for that definition. Censors alert
For the purposes of the Nats, am happy to have participated in the Liriano jinxPolitical Debate Bracketology: Dealing With the GOP's "Sweet 16" via @DrJasonJohnson
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTwo interesting pitchers dealing tonight. Liriano and Kershaw. Worth watching both games right about now. #hintCome on over to our Facebook page. Doing a 2016 Q&A right now. SUNDAY ON #MTP: 2016 GOP candidate @JohnKasich joins the show. #IfItsSunday
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@EBOlady thanks. Nice to have editorial noticed.An honest question: Do the other GOP candidates want to be on the same debate stage w Trump? Or is that kid's table looking more appealing?
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThis is TECHNICALLY an Onion article...TECHNICALLY.
@scorpio5053 point I just made on @NBCNightlyNews the GOP rivals all fear thisThese VERY early Chamber SEN spots about establishing specific general elex profiles. Note the use of “independent” Chamber responding to Trump for McCain? // No, it’s for his Senate race. #azsen@chucktodd "What doxxing is, and why it matters" | "Doxing: An Etymology"
Retweeted by Chuck ToddDidn't know "doxxed" until today. Anyone have Safire-esque history of word?.@JohnKerry: Complaints by congressional critics of #IranDeal are ‘without merit’ #AMR
Retweeted by Chuck ToddNot sure Obama admin doing "defiant" style of selling Iran deal to Cong is wisest tactic. Accepting skepticism cd get them fairer hearingJeb Bush Shows What the GOP Primary Could Be. Donald Trump Shows What It Is.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddIt's safe to say Trump will utter what most believe should stay as thought bubbles. Explains both his appeal and struggle for credibilityYou can't spell "Citrus" without T-R-U
Retweeted by Chuck ToddDavid Limbaugh: Don't Be Fooled by the Media; This Isn't About Trump
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@richarddeitsch @jayrosen_nyu it is my biggest beef with modern media criticism. Focuses exclusively on MSM, doesn't scrutinize new media@richarddeitsch @jayrosen_nyu this assumes the press acts as one. Traditional media has covered him one way but newer media anotherI don't agree with this in full, but it's an interesting take.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddImpeach
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@EWErickson but how do you really feel?#Kasich roll-out reminds me so much of my dad's four years ago. Same team, same timing, similar strategy. Hope it ends better for him.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@RyanLizza and he may actually write some of them himself.LOOK AT ME. I'M STILL RUNNING.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddU.S. Homeland Security chief: No more personal email on work computer @Reuters
Retweeted by Chuck Todd.@ScottWalker has issued an executive order allowing Wisconsin National Guard members to carry weapons while on duty.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWow. No respect for Miami by ACC media. Picked 3rd in Coastal. Hope this motivates. Tired of losing #GoCanes
Since 1920 only 3 pitchers have had 6 consec scoreless starts. All #Dodgers -- Orel Hershiser (1988), Don Drysdale (1968) Zack Greinke
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHere's how people learn to loathe copyright laws, brought to you by the Entertainment Cartel.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddPres Obama rarely invites members of Congress to play golf. Last time May 6, 2013: Senators Chambliss, Corker, R-TN., and Udall, D-CO.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddObama never golfs with members of Congress. The day they get the #IranDeal, he has three in his foursome.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddLIVE on #Periscope: Behind the scenes at Meet The Press #IfItsSunday on #Periscope: Behind the scenes at Meet The Press #IfItsSunday on #Periscope: Behind the scenes at Meet The Press. #IfItsSunday comments overshadow 9 other GOPers at evangelical summit in IA @KellyO @chucktodd report
Retweeted by Chuck ToddToday's @meetthepress panel: @mitchellreports, @tomfriedman, @dpletka and @GovRichardson. #IranDeal #Trump #MTP did a deep dive into the immigration debate w/ @JoaquinCastrotx & @Raul_Labrador. We'll air part of it today. #MTP also did a longer intv with @GovernorPerry ytdy where we covered border security, campaign $$, & the @boyscouts. joins me live on @meetthepress. I'll get his take on @realDonaldTrump's comments abt @SenJohnMcCain., @SenTomCotton joins me on @meetthepress. He's a vocal critics of the #IranDeal. I'll talk to him live. & world leaders are trying to sell the #IranDeal. I talk to both @David_Cameron & @JohnKerry on #MTP today.'ll talk to @billhaslem & fmr counter-terrorism official Mike Leiter abt the investigation into the TN massacre.
And folks wonder why the Dodgers are rumored to want Chapman from the Reds so badly. Nats can hit nonKershaw Dodger pitching@JPTooley @NBCNews I get the message loud and clear. It is the messenger that's struggling
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