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@dens I win this morning. http://t.co/stQMGLIJQ8
My money is on AirBnB picking up Puerto Rico in a mostly stock deal.
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@joshelman @abrams that was low, even for Elman.
@delk @andrewchen I also want one that only does Good News. Or frames all news, even bad, from a positive angle.Slipping a note to SCOTUS: Gun control. Maybe metric system, if you’re feeling sassy.
Retweeted by Dave MorinGreat News! Progress. #america
"Startup = Growth" ~ @paulg: http://t.co/aoAue8ClEf "Profits vs Growth" ~ @avc: http://t.co/1oE7yeAlwp "I'm confused as hell = entrepreneur"
Retweeted by Dave Morin@TammyFabulous @rrhoover anytime. Email me and we can meet up..@rrhoover http://t.co/yUCHDUTbi1.@aaron_ & @shafferj #publicstudio http://t.co/qWJInvSqAs.@Sophia_Amoruso #GIRLBOSS http://t.co/D41sJowkOiI am very worried about the terror tactics being used by French taxi drivers. Someone could easily die. See @shervin's Tweets for a sense.
Retweeted by Dave Morin@reidhoffman should be consumer feature!Idea for @linkedin: Collaborative list feature of people you are interested in recruiting. cc @reidhoffman @jeffweiner
@btaylor could not agree more.It's time the tech industry acknowledged how creepy retargeting feels. I do so many things in incognito windows just to avoid future ads.
Retweeted by Dave Morin@Mazzeo @msg @omid @ksimm I'm (not joking) considering it.Irony: We have lived through a 7-year period of extreme financial risk aversion--wrongly believing it a period of excessive risk throughout.
Retweeted by Dave Morin@joshelman you're getting old.Awesome startup idea: serve food past 9:30pm in SF
Retweeted by Dave Morin@Sophia_Amoruso @alexisohanian i want in.It is not about keeping up with the Joneses. It is about keeping up with your own ideas.Pride yourself on your individuality. That's what makes you who you are.
Retweeted by Dave Morin@lessin the ratio of signal to noise in your @theinformation posts vs your Twitter posts is like 20:1 :)I love when products like the OtherMill are only the first step in a BIG vision. Go @othermachine! #SolidCon https://t.co/5zGoFZ7oyV
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Do no evil https://t.co/OgM75mU3hO
Retweeted by Dave Morin@rachaelbr00ke yes. #soulfam4lifeSo apparently #MuseumSelfie is a thing, according to @juliahartz of @eventbrite at #IconicTour15 @IncLiveEvents http://t.co/UG9oHq9769
Retweeted by Dave Morin"We share who we are by what we're doing." @juliahartz @eventbrite #Iconic2015 http://t.co/GNwpNK01wK
Retweeted by Dave Morin72% of millennials want to spend more on experiences, rather than on material purchases. -@juliahartz #IconicTour15 http://t.co/zvvymkJcqy
Retweeted by Dave Morin@stephharnett @juliahartz @eventbrite @IncLiveEvents it is a thing.
50 percent of Americans can buy a gun tomorrow...only 3 percent can invest in startups... http://t.co/Oj4TDAnwxT USA USA USA!
Retweeted by Dave MorinIn 2004, MSFT could have bought every single Internet company except Google for <$32B. Instead they issued a dividend http://t.co/AEWIxZEBwl
Retweeted by Dave MorinStunning Japanese-style home in California: http://t.co/1DW4pShGf6 http://t.co/iuLSEopJYs
Retweeted by Dave MorinDone is better, then perfect.
Retweeted by Dave Morin@DustinFarivar the need for authenticity in relationships has never been greater. This is not the end.@LaurenMcHale @msg @soulcycle exactly! We've got your back. Show up and join me in the #frontrow.@DustinFarivar means a lot. Echoes a lot of my own experience and why we built it.@brianp those pillows are internet history!@heathwblack @davemcclure @khailee we travel in packs.@msg @soulcycle @LaurenMcHale is the best. Period. Let's recruit more people to #teamlauren.@courtklein @msg @sir @mh - Team @LaurenMcHale for life! #teamlauren@msg good to do @soulcycle with you!Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina has called for the removal of the Confederate flag from the State Capitol grounds http://t.co/B9ggGyMeiv
Retweeted by Dave Morin@davemcclure @khailee @christianhern @500Startups I'm in, too.Facebook surpassed Walmart’s market value today http://t.co/kOmTcN0aRr http://t.co/1ffxXh3CKl
Retweeted by Dave Morin@om right? Please @dens? Please?! :)@matthartman @lessin @shafferj love @duckduckgo we should all invest.@dens @mediaguy now the final move is to switch the names of the two apps the other way :)@mediaguy @davemorin Soooo, three months ago, but... done! http://t.co/IzOa6dfOTB
Retweeted by Dave Morin@dens @mediaguy yes!If you don't hire starters into your company, don't be surprised when nothing starts.
Retweeted by Dave MorinThe confederate flag needs to go. We should not stop until it does.@mindykaling epic.@frederikvoigt @thillsman @marcoarment nope, learned that lesson a long time ago ;)Silicon Valley must lead a boycott campaign against South Carolina until the confederate flag is taken down. cc @benioff @tim_cook
Retweeted by Dave Morin@shervin @Benioff @tim_cook agree. Let's do this.Just realized that I'm that old guy in the office who still Gchat's people instead of using @Slack DMs. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME?!
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🕤 It matters how we talk about it after & it matters that we at least try to make some progress. So, WSJ editorial board: fuck you!
Retweeted by Dave MorinOk @taylorswift13 please get on police brutality and gun control next ❤️❤️
Retweeted by Dave MorinThere are so many term sheets I'd love to go back in time and renegotiate with Taylor Swift's help.
Retweeted by Dave MorinIn < 24 hours, using only Twitter & Tumblr, Apple and Taylor Swift resolved what used to take 6 months to negotiate. https://t.co/xPRmhUROjZ
Retweeted by Dave MorinApple will always make sure that artist are paid #iTunes #AppleMusic
Retweeted by Dave MorinWe hear you @taylorswift13 and indie artists. Love, Apple
Retweeted by Dave Morin#AppleMusic will pay artist for streaming, even during customer’s free trial period
Retweeted by Dave MorinInteresting: "Amazon will soon start paying authors based on how many pages are read' http://t.co/FqhcEKzfKa http://t.co/UcwFzPIVhE
Retweeted by Dave MorinSmartphones are really a generational change in scale for the industry. http://t.co/wsQwBh2qJ0
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Super sustainable desert prefab near Joshua Tree: http://t.co/3QOFH144Kt http://t.co/rKg4qlR3yE
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every startup founder should read this. Incredibly valuable on how to do comp http://t.co/nSUoWJmHiZ
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@Katie_Roof doing some testing :)
i hate watching people kill the joy of creation in first-time developers by saying "another stupid app". c'mon, you were young once.
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Well, the good news is that Hodor had a pretty solid season.Information Condensation, via @kortina http://t.co/2FdjjwKVBDCurry! #NBAFinalsNever doubt the power of Craigslist! 😉 http://t.co/RlG5TL8Fbi
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Monumental prairie home with a planted roof: http://t.co/gDDYMQRPhD http://t.co/X4t1y9dyV5
Retweeted by Dave MorinHow important is mobile for @nytimes? We’re blocking access to our home page on desktop in our building. http://t.co/AVu9RBm98F
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@zkahn94 yup that was me.just met with an 18 year old iOS developer: "bitcoin? that's what all those old people were wrong about".
Retweeted by Dave Morin@zkahn94 where?
@dtrinh @getonfree grateful for you! Delight to collaborate. Congrats on shipping your next piece of art. #artistsshipCongrats @dtrinh & team on launch of @getonfree with a compelling vision for getting us off of our phones and hanging out more in person.Introducing Free — https://t.co/4R9f8Hcj89
Retweeted by Dave Morin“Free” Shows Which Friends Are Available To Hang Out http://t.co/cFkYsCaAJ4 by @joshconstine
Retweeted by Dave MorinSo damn proud to share Free with you all — it's made unforgettable experiences for me and I hope it helps you too. http://t.co/VPO8LOH4Ru
Retweeted by Dave Morin@TheColdFrog I'm clearly the worst comedian ever. Never going to live that one down.Injectable electronics holds promise for basic neuroscience, treatment of neuro-degenerative diseases http://t.co/stiBnOLQT8
Clever and useful solve to the exchanging contacts problem: Rive https://t.co/nOF1w97Ijd
Brit+Co Confirms $20M Raise Led By Intel, Acquires How-To App Snapguide http://t.co/sKYUvL5cFI by @ingridlunden
Retweeted by Dave MorinExcited to finally share what's been keeping me up at night (other than my baby) for the past couple months. 😉 https://t.co/6cJzCfCz8G
Retweeted by Dave MorinBrit + Co acquires Snapguide to bolster DIY empire http://t.co/PZ1wiry2Ri http://t.co/8afTfUQWUv
Retweeted by Dave MorinThrilled @DailyMail investing in @brit - DIY media, commerce, and classes are super exciting- Brit+Co is the leader! http://t.co/etxnzezmer
Retweeted by Dave MorinWhat are you grateful for today?Send a warm welcome! Today we introduce the June Intelligent Oven, the powerful and easy-to-use computer based oven. http://t.co/FARnAiGh3e
Retweeted by Dave MorinToday in our scifi present: Meet an oven that can ID your food and then cook it, called @june http://t.co/l7MAL2dQf6 http://t.co/EGHtCcGVi5
Retweeted by Dave MorinOne of our favorite @slow companies just came out of stealth. This oven is pure magic: IDs food & cooks it for you http://t.co/sJy8QdHrdiIntroducing the June Intelligent Oven http://t.co/d0wSfZeGAk , what @nikbhogal and I have been working on. Pre-order! http://t.co/rhn0he5xzo
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The sheer breadth and quality of the work from @tim_cook & team at @apple today is inspiring.WWDC begins w/@tim_cook http://t.co/bkQXDLzDmq
A Transformer Wins DARPA’s Robotics Challenge http://t.co/WhD2Bzxwax
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