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Dan Moren @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer. Slamming evil since MCMLXXX. Inconceivable! (@incon_ceivable) impresario, Clockwise (@clockwisepod) & The Rebound (@reboundcast) co-host

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@calzone Happy to help! Let me know if you need further consults. This is like sport for me. ;)@calzone That…is weird, but not entirely surprisingly.@calzone Hm. As long as you have an HDMI port, thought it would work. I’d happily lend you my Chromecast except I left it in a hotel. :(@calzone Fascinating. I’m a Comcast Internet subscriber, but have no cable through them, so end up borrowing a FiOS login often.@calzone If it’s a Mac, then Apple TV is unquestionably the best choice. AirPlay mirroring will let you do that.@calzone Hrm. Off the top of my head, I would guess no. Mirroring from what? Laptop? Tablet/phone?@calzone But I also really like my Fire TV, surprisingly enough.@calzone If you are thinking Apple TV, you might hold off a little while, since a new one's rumored to come down the pike.Finally got to see Inside Out, and man, my allergies must really be acting up.@theincomparable @lexfri Award-winning x2!@HollyGoDarkly @Paul_Cornell @ChuckWendig With or without the terrible Sean Connery impression?@incoherentdrvl @reboundcast @Moltz @lexfri Totally forgot about that. Nice catch.Quite enjoying ep2 of @Paul_Cornell's #CornellCollective. @ChuckWendig's voice reminds me of @dmoren's. This is a good thing.
Retweeted by Dan Moren@joelmmathis And that’s the best any of us can hope for.@blankbaby @HollyGoDarkly That makes three of us. Also, I didn’t read the others.@RoboTony But will you have Wi-Fi?@gte So close. So. Close.@redgirlsays There should be a medical study on all our blood pressures spiking when people call.At @macworld my Stay Foolish column this week has some ideas of how Apple can turn Music users into paid subscribers., @lexfri called me to ask for help buying a new phone, so sort of an emergency I guess?@lexfri No, it was smart. How often do we talk on the phone, you and me?Because that’s what phone calls from most people—aside from my mom—mean these days, right?Got a call from @lexfri this morning and the first words out of his mouth were “Don’t worry. Everything’s okay. Nothing bad is happening.”
Round 2 of the superhero tournament is not quite as far off the rails as round 1, I think. Still can't see the rails from here.
Retweeted by Dan Moren@kbourgoin @JasonT Yeah, I’d guess the iPhone’s are private APIs.@JonyIveParody @TheWinotaur Man. I hope that I didn’t make that account, in which case I have lost the password.Great news, everybody! I've now been on this grounded flight for 90 minutes. @united send pizza
Retweeted by Dan Moren@hhwong I AM MERCILESS.@JasonT I actually have the old iStat Pro for iPhone, but it no longer exists. (Still installed on my phone!) Doesn’t do temp readings tho.@JasonT I believe it has an internal temperature sensor. (As computers do to mediate fan usage?)@stewartmjohnson @clockwisepod I disagree with this tweet. That help? :)This week, @Moltz and @dmoren’s nice little chat is crashed by some guy named @lexfri.
Retweeted by Dan Moren@AntonyJohnston … I assume that is everyday. :(Here's a really well-edited salute to producer/star Tom Cruise and the "Mission: Impossible" films.
Retweeted by Dan Moren@calzone IT IS THE FUTURE, AMY. YOU CANNOT FIGHT IT.This picture is your virtual reality future: slumped over a table, mindlessly clicking away. @heymermaid @Kersimus Let me spin for you a fantastical tale of how I stopped doing work and started building a D&D character...@heymermaid @RoboTony @Kersimus Hey, I’m Djanggawaul Fossae. The “D” is silent.@RoboTony @heymermaid @Kersimus Cthulhu Regio (goes by “Reggie”) swinging Drow lounge singer.@heymermaid … Seriously considering this now, thanks.@Moltz @gte That’s what we get for bringing @lexfri back.
@mikemearls I mean, it freaks me out every time I see an ad on the subway for @clockwisepod Thanks, I try!New! Uncarrier insanity, Windows 10 arrives, ads worth watching, and Kindles for kids, with @Spacekatgal + @schollem!
Retweeted by Dan MorenTHRASH IT OUT! A NEW HEAVY METAL PODCAST by me and @seebrianwrite:
Retweeted by Dan MorenA large part of why I won’t see Pixels. So many films want my attention - why support this?
Retweeted by Dan MorenNew episode! The aftermath of the Tembo tragedy! Is there any hope?
Retweeted by Dan MorenIt’s @clockwisepod, live! Guests @Spacekatgal and @schollem are joining us this week. course there is. Futterneid
Retweeted by Dan MorenOther than, you know, “hunger.”Is there a word in German for when you look over at what someone in a cafe is eating and think “Goddamn that looks delicious.”@dloehr It took two people to write that song?!@mrgan I’m only being a little snarky. It was more the inherent tension of meanings in the admittedly condensed tweet.BREAKING: The meaning of breaking.
@TSindelar @GlennF Reference acknowledged.@AntonyJohnston 😭@AntonyJohnston It’s been written!@AntonyJohnston Man, I hope my book comes out before we discover travel by wormholes.Ooh! Preview art from my pal Antony's new comic. Check it out peoples!
Retweeted by Dan MorenYou should read @joekissell’s new Take Control of Keynote book because a) Joe is really smart and b) I edited it. CNBC: “Jelly beans fundamentally flawed.”@tomhpollock @Harkaway In the game of pun thrones, you pun or you die.After 2 weeks with Apple Pay, it seems obvious to me that Apple Watch’s top use case will be as an identity token for the physical world.
Retweeted by Dan Moren@Harkaway Sorry. I know that is…tiresome. I’ll see myself out.@Harkaway Good old sidewall bulge. Need to replace it. I’ve had a couple of those. :|@magicspark Haven’t. Good tip. (Harder if you don’t have a Mac, obviously.)@will_wagner @zandperl @RoboTony We’re all Tony Stark.@tayawhi @bleedsixcolors Ugh. Thanks for the catch. Sleep dep, you’re the best!@jeffkibuule John Legere can control ants with his mind?!@jeffkibuule Punching above their weight, maybe?I don’t know what that means, but it sure sounded good in my head. N.B.: I have not slept well in the last week.T-Mobile: the Ant-Man of cell phone carriers.The dedication in KILLING PRETTY is a joke and serious at the same time. Don't let anyone stop you from writing.
Retweeted by Dan Moren@Genevieve if you'd watch the black widow movie, im trying to prove a point to @marvel
Retweeted by Dan Moren@gte @caseyliss @erinliss @imyke That’s pretty tame for you, too.@caseyliss @erinliss I heard you subjected @imyke to The Rocketeer, and am once again forced to note how we have the same taste in movies.@JasonT I don’t know, but it was @cmchn who pointed out to me!@JasonT I bought this one, which just shipped: I have no recollection of what mine was, but I’m sure it was equally nerdtastic. Man. Let’s bring back BBSes!Damn it, I already blew my monthly allowance on Rocketeer-related shirts. Shit, man, those were the days. Mt. Olympus forever.@Architecday @wordpressdotcom Prego. 😀
@marcoarment @tiffanyarment Whoa, it’s the other side of the Skype call! Trippy!@mattalexand Don’t argue or she’ll push you down a mountain.@gracesonnet Thanks, Kate!@dloehr Uncanny! (That’s what it is. We spent a lot of time talking about it.)Ladies and gentleman, my agent, Mr. @samroebuck. like Nolympics, amirite?@AntonyJohnston This is the reaction we aim for.@thepelkus THEN I CAN’T HELP YOU. (If the Grilled Cheese kitchen is there, it’s still pretty delicious.)@reppep Not my local network and specifying a separate server doesn’t help.@heymermaid @JasonT @zandperl @thejessbeast 5e says CG “act as their conscience directs” which works for me in terms of Robin Hood.@heymermaid @zandperl @JasonT @thejessbeast I actually feel the 5e descriptions are very good, acknowledging nobody is always perfect.@heymermaid @zandperl @JasonT @thejessbeast There’s wiggle room within it, to be sure—letter vs. spirit—but implies a societal context.@thejessbeast @heymermaid @zandperl @JasonT Absolutely. The tension for me is characters who are nominally heroes but do not behave that way@heymermaid @zandperl @JasonT @thejessbeast We’re kind of back to alignments, then. Because there is a “lawful” element there.@gedeon It’s an interesting theory, but I don’t know of any really good examples of medium sized sites that sustain themselves that way.
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