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Lazy editors, take note: Instacast has added support for Apple Watch four days ago http://t.co/26MJMkWBqv
First Apple Watch software update arrives http://t.co/kClx7BOVDl tip @Techmeme
“We are efficiently routing electrons in three dimensions, spanning of a network of eight processors working as one” https://t.co/2Q8Ph55SbbThis is how #ApplePay works with vending machines on #AppleWatch @MacRumors http://t.co/duQebMEkCB
Retweeted by Christian Zibreg@tapbot_paul You’re not thinking small enough. 14nm for the win!
Hey Google, keep my fucking apps alone! http://t.co/Nj5YqXwuk7 http://t.co/1VKjLGqbrCPretty hilarious: Jony Ive’s voice over Samsung’s copycat #GalaxyS6 craftsmanship ad https://t.co/TULaQv7PinEven Mickey has joined the #starwars craze http://t.co/wbR76n5cDMHappy #StarWarsDay — Celebrate with discounted games, featured TV shows, books, movies, crazy Disney events and more http://t.co/Tc66nc0eNnApple no longer signing iOS 8.2 for iPhone and iPad #jailbreak@kevinklinkmuler We shall see.@kevinklinkmuler No, Google is the bad guy here, they ended support for YouTube API V2 on 2012 and older hardware http://t.co/GSC0EwPYokYou can no longer watch YouTube on 1st and 2nd generation Apple TV. What a bummer! http://t.co/Ndd1uspcRGIncredibly, this Super Mario knockoff has made it past Apple’s censors, grab it now! http://t.co/976t2VfGqJ http://t.co/kCCmhcMFn0How Uncle Sam spies you from the skies http://t.co/bbE7kUKMBV http://t.co/oZPZXmKxiGApple Watch and potential skin irritation… http://t.co/c6g7AHUWI3 http://t.co/NcWgC7tUCAHere’s a nice fantasy: what would it take to take Apple private? http://t.co/92modkRMutIf Apple’s Jony Ive designed new #starwars droids… via @deplaatjesmaker http://t.co/1Gag3R3gvB http://t.co/U7wZfiNrR6NFC, Force Touch, stylus… iPad Pro wish list grows bigger and bigger http://t.co/Ad9qTUi3SL http://t.co/FLHTMZRtenTips on avoiding potential skin irritation and allergic reactions stemming from wearing #AppleWatch and its bands http://t.co/c6g7AHUWI3
Just making sure goddamn #AppleWatch is what FedEx dude shipped. Now off to bed. Tomorrow can't come soon enough! http://t.co/n80NzybfLcIt’s poll time again — should Apple allow third-party Watch faces? @wedgies http://t.co/SbwuZhtvfN http://t.co/5YaN0lgxpLYou won’t believe what Apple picked for its latest #FreeAppOfTheWeek on @AppStore http://t.co/saBfmxCao7@NSDelToro @matthewmspace Happens a lot to Yosemite on my Mac as well. Does performing a clean install solve this?
I bet you didn’t see #AppleWatch #FartGate coming http://t.co/7hVge3bLFH http://t.co/Xe0BjeMe03Some useful tips by @SebastienPage on bringing order to your messy #AppleWatch Home screen http://t.co/vy45Dxx4iS http://t.co/IRrLGBba1iSo #monumentvalleygame finally launches on #WindowsPhone https://t.co/1MvTgQh6QwDon’t listen to people saying #AppleWatch Home screen organization is a mess http://t.co/YMb0rulYrIhttp://t.co/z6JHGDhcTq RT @BGR: Microsoft created an addictive new website that tells you how old you really look http://t.co/hloStpqaj7How to speed up your Mac for free: grab Onyx and run it http://t.co/9r1QJ8AgjqWarning, linkbait ahead — .50-caliber shatters #AppleWatchSport to pieces https://t.co/lA5YCwodZ7@jlgolson To gain more followers“Which won’t sit well with Tim Cook” is unnecessary #linkbait for a reputable website like @MacRumors Just my $0.02How I know Apple’s @AngelaAhrendts isn't to blame for #AppleWatch launch shortages http://t.co/CL2wr6Qts2The guts that make #AppleWatch tick, exposed and identified http://t.co/i6Hm2MY80c http://t.co/DFjwZuVJCJThe abandonment rate for wearables is pretty high. Wondering if #AppleWatch changes thatNot a good day to have fewer. Should I unbox #AppleWatch now or enjoy it when I get better? Not sure I can rest 1-2 days with unpacked WatchPremium @StarWars titles discounted deeply on Mac App Store and @AppStore ahead of annual May 4 celebration http://t.co/eU8Irh61wx. @TaragoonTech What the fuck is wrong with you spamming #FreeAppOfTheWeek with you stupid posts? Blocked!Apple R&D spending swells to a whopping $1.9 billion, now at 3.3 percent of its total net sales http://t.co/3cMtJ10QrAThe Watch is here! http://t.co/sYGdouUkB2
This bizarre selfie stick disguised as a hand http://t.co/oFIqLXpbjP http://t.co/COSis2D5BLWorried about #AppleWatch Tattoo-Gate? An amazing solution is available now: don't get tattoos on your wrist!Grab Password Alert Chrome extension to get alerted of fake sign-in pages & phishing attempts https://t.co/kKSlGGza7S http://t.co/zLplaeiZK5That new report on Apple Store shipping app for #AppleWatch is inaccurate. Apple Watch + Apple Pay is your friend.Wrist tattoos reportedly confusing Apple Watch Wrist Raise feature http://t.co/jDl5XXPt4F http://t.co/w30OaevJWj@DanielEran Samsung reports crappy nos. & same day some “market research" firm with ties to the Co. makes lemonade. https://t.co/P6eGmhM8Ek
Retweeted by Christian ZibregAlso, seems to me that Android, not iOS, is reaching saturationSamsung may have reclaimed #1 smartphone vendor title but this is the only metric that matters http://t.co/IiMkAanqpA@zaheenhafzer As reported yesterday http://t.co/wNTZCm8ykF@Objective_Neo Great, glad you didn’t lose any of your messages :)Because the phone sucks… RT @TaimurAsad: Samsung Giving $500 Worth Of Gifts With Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Here’s The List http://t.co/Ed9xO1oFmd@Objective_Neo How about force-quitting Messages or restarting your device?From yesterday: #AppleWatch pushes iOS 8 adoption rate to 81 percent http://t.co/wNTZCm8ykF http://t.co/AAK5Tgow17FYI: @griffintech’s cool WatchStand now available for order, ships in two weeks http://t.co/0QHSNNFWvq http://t.co/arz0fuqKS1Here comes #AppleWatch Tattoo-gate ! https://t.co/R9jharbrjF@PhoneDog_Cam Yet we don’t get to read about that important disclaimer in most Apple reporting. Sloppy journalism…Is it too much to ask that Apple bloggers please note in their market share reporting that Strategy Analytics counts Samsung as a client?Can we stop reporting on smartphone share numbers based on unit sales (Apple) vs rough shipment estimates (others). Thank you.What’s up with tiny images? RT @BW_Technology: A Phone with the Ultimate Macro Feature http://t.co/w9Di45l9qe http://t.co/hyzZZleCRYA milestone RT @JamesLiamCook: SoundCloud CTO says that it has over 100 million tracksSamsung regains title of top smartphone vendor by volume, but who the hell cares. Sucks at Profit/Satisfaction/Usage http://t.co/oaqfU1hWMiSo Instagram Music… https://t.co/XMQCFkYaeGSo @instagram is up to something: they just launched a dedicated Music account on Instagram http://t.co/hkxVP9z3Na http://t.co/yESRHM4rR5This is cool: @twitter content and accounts apparently coming soon to Apple’s Spotlight search http://t.co/5i0ybqA7OzHere’s http://t.co/PZu2WfEwIQ’s freshly released calorie tracker for #AppleWatch http://t.co/eJGRMRv0lm http://t.co/bvDZJuk9xI@mike_tyrell This time next year, hopefully…A nifty little update to @periscopeco’s iPhone app now available in @AppStore http://t.co/gV6VcUHV8vMicrosoft’s @msonenote for #AppleWatch looks pretty cool http://t.co/Q3TZjLVLwNMicrosoft Health for iPhone now finally tracks your steps and calories using mention sensors on your device http://t.co/7NMhI3KswgIf only @Halfbrick would port @FruitNinja to #AppleWatchFor those few who still care.. http://t.co/iQTULbeapvSo @periscopeco now has million users. Not bad, especially considering it took them 10 days to hit that milestone! http://t.co/BKVb6CM9RsPixelmator for Mac gains Photos app support, Force Touch drawing, enhanced Repair tool http://t.co/iGn6cTEq4t http://t.co/21Astlaxdi
It’s not a good idea to shower with your #AppleWatch after all http://t.co/nOqPHV29acThanks to Apple Watch, iOS 8 adoption rate jumps from 79 to 81 percent in just two weeks http://t.co/wNTZCm8ykF http://t.co/z6LXlugavj@RudyChidiac “shocked” was used in an ironic way :D@andrewr727 I’ll be proudly wearing that face on my Watch all day longI’m shocked, shocked, that custom faces, fart apps and clocks aren’t allowed on #AppleWatch http://t.co/7hVge3bLFH http://t.co/973yGHbYyFNot sure why everyone’s hating on the Mickey Mouse #AppleWatch face. Keep your goddamn inner Peter Pan alive, people!pPoor RAM management RT @BGR: This is the first significant complaint we've heard about the Galaxy S6 http://t.co/GYMnCq3HOrHacking searches: searching iPhone 6s on Google for some people produces this Samsung ad http://t.co/L6L3sllibd http://t.co/P4fJYrC6rlThe geniuses responsible for #AppleWatch http://t.co/BV9eAa8ESIControl your music library from your wrist with VOX Player for #AppleWatch https://t.co/iUwAjmcBAc http://t.co/QV0SU8l6YxSo #AppleWatch and #AppleWatchEdition sapphire degrades image quality versus #AppleWatchSport, expert tells why http://t.co/TARIDeB9CILet’s Talk iOS - on your Watch! This simple trick lets you sync podcasts with your #AppleWatch http://t.co/DyRZmDmqwaDiamond-testing #AppleWatch sapphire screen… http://t.co/1Me5LmZSk4 http://t.co/CM8iOab25YHow to get started with @SoundCloud podcasting https://t.co/dQRT2YsQhi@osxusr Thanks, will keep you updated :)Podcasting on @SoundCloud opens to everyone https://t.co/2fVd02KiUL@osxusr Thanks for the tips, been doing that since yesterday evening :)@osxusr But I don’t want me first-time experience to be spoiled and remembered hazily just because I was running a fever :(You can’t search for photos hashtagged with the eggplant emoji on @instagram http://t.co/BFblP9SsIR@davidcaolo Get a standing deskI’m sick as a dog (caught a flu) and have an #AppleWatch incoming. Will be hard to resist unpacking the damn thing before I get well…How to take a screenshot on your Apple Watch - it’s easier than you think http://t.co/rhW5hgWUpz http://t.co/Dm7jWF6ZhBApple shares opened Tuesday at an all-time high $134.48 — and almost immediately started falling. $AAPL
Retweeted by Christian ZibregThe difference between Apple and Samsung industrial design: Almost nothing is aligned on Samsung gear http://t.co/QpGTpH2etg@JeffBenjam winning combo!Why @JeffBenjam recommends the 42mm #AppleWatch over the 38mm version http://t.co/MGTScTtoKj
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