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Sometimes known as Anne or Ingrid. Not sure why. Twitter Commissioner. Director of #ffthefilm, available NOW on iTunes and Amazon.

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@JonathanLKrohn probably not. Unless I'm drunk. So, no promises I guess.@tnofuentes never Kentucky. Or Seattle. But you forgot Austria.13 hours well spent. Scafe out.One Last Ride. http://t.co/GZSCMOB7pWI feel like my life is complete now that I’m caught up on the Fast & Furious franchise. You all know how much this weighed on me.
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate@erinscafe "This can't be healthy." -The Erins Cafe story.
Retweeted by Scafe for SenateI want to start back at the beginning. This can't be healthy.@Adam_Jacobi @talkhoops just don't get in his wayNight all. Ride or die.
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate@KK0618 thank YOUOh my god. If you aren't fucking giddy about Furious 7, you have no soul.@elfurberino I'll do it.@sctheatrical dammit seanWORKING HARD REPPING FOR MY DOGS DO THIS EVERY DAY@Adam_Jacobi no"The only thing that could make this franchise better would be Jason Stath-OH MY FUCKING GOD OH MY FUCKING GOD." - me every time[bouncing in chair like a 4-year-old]
Retweeted by Scafe for SenateSTATHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Don;t forget to watch to the end of the credits.Wait. Why are they praying.@Adam_Jacobi this franchise came so close to becoming Big Love in fast carsVin Diesel is really trying to have two wives? Think this through. #Furious6
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate"You don't have to go." Uh Dom that's not what you should say to the woman you were fucking while your wife was dead.@JVSylvester whole seriesMia, the baby has no business building a car. It is a baby. #Furious6
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate"In every car movie, they have a barbecue when everything's over. People who drive fast cars fucking LOVE to barbecue." - @coricablekidderGisele couldn't handle falling off a plane but Dom managed to walk out of a fire. The Fast and Furious franchise is a fickle bitch.
@ghostwritingcow I saw an early screening. IT IS AMAZING.Oh man. Just missed the end of the runway. NAILED IT.@ghostwritingcow YES HE ISFortunately, the damage to the runway is about 45 miles past the point any other plane would be using it.Rough approximation of how much runway has been used #Furious6 http://t.co/j2Ce9rc7Nz
Retweeted by Scafe for SenateHow did everyone get a harpoon did I miss the harpoon distribution.THEY'RE JUST FLYING NOW THEY'RE JUST FLYING CROUCHING FAST HIDDEN FURIOUSI think The Rock just bitch-slapped that guy."Do you smell what The Rock is cooking??" - @coricablekidder, who just walked in the doorIf it started in LA, it would be in San Diego. RT @KK0618: How long has this plane been taxiing @erinscafe@Mobute they're circling okay@erinscafe the runway is like 27 miles long, the weight is the least problematic part of that entire scene
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate"We've taken too much weight!!" Wait. The planet plane is too heavy now because of the two cars. Are you for real.Adam. RT @Adam_Jacobi: More like Gina Hit-by-a-car-ano #Furious6Mia really needs to be better at running away.@Adam_Jacobi you say potato@ghostwritingcow YES@erinscafe I remember seeing that scene in the trailer. It was revelatory like OH MY GOD YOU CAN DO THAT CAN YOU DO THAT CAN I DO THAT.
Retweeted by Scafe for SenateCan we go back to that moment Mia could have gotten away with the baby but she was like nah imma stay here with the bad guys.Vin Diesel has just flat-out stopped making sense. #Furious6
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate@ghostwritingcow yup :)Turns out The Rock does negotiate with terrorists.@ghostwritingcow A rewatch. :) I love them so so much."Let's allow Shaw to stand there in handcuffs and say things to people." - British authorities I guess."We always talk about Tokyo." NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAN NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DON'T DO IT NOOOOOOOO@ghostwritingcow because omg 12 hours of my life are now gone. But it was worth it.THAT. WAS. AMAZING. EVERY TIME. @erinscafe
Retweeted by Scafe for SenateYes, what was unclear. RT @KK0618: @erinscafe WTF WAS THAT? DOM JUST FLEW OUT OF THE CAR AND CAUGHT LETTY@Adam_Jacobi I've noticed the death count increases dramatically outside the US@Adam_Jacobi “Did Tyrese not understand…” “The answer is yes he did not understand"
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate@Mobute I don't know I just feel unprepared and also there are no car chases or explosions and I regret thatOmg Letty is such an annoying backseat tank driver.@Mobute well yeah but omg you're watching my movieCan't believe they waited this many films to introduce a tank into the chase scenes.@Mobute WAIT WHATI'm watching @erinscafe's movie and am totally flabbergasted that the car passengers weren't constantly on drugs.
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate"Let's make this fast and clean." Uh Ludacris that's not how it goes.@T2Va not quiteI saw part of one Fast/Furious movie way back when. Today, thanks to @erinscafe, I feel like I've seen the first half-a-dozen of 'em.
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate"Brush up on your Spanish, boys. I'll see you in España." The Rock pronounced España in a way that suggests he should take his own advice.Oh god The Rock’s name in Ludacris’ phone is “SAMOAN THOR” I promise you The Rock demanded this #Furious6
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate@elfurberino shhhhhIf I had that many screens in front of me, one of them would be Tweetdeck.@erinscafe Living in London, went to bed last night after 2F2F. Now up in time to join for Fast 6 before work. Youre an American hero Scafe!
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate@nycsouthpaw yes because it seems hard to remember things@erinscafe A life lived well and with his trueness of spirit is a life without ambiguity of what is right or wrong. He needs no gray.
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate@Adam_Jacobi omg yes pleaseDo you think Dom is colorblind and that's why he only wears black and white because matching is hard.@Adam_Jacobi yeah I just dropped a Buffy reference nbd@Adam_Jacobi right? Like when they brought Buffy back from the dead and she was like bitch please I was in heaven and it was awesome.Because being part of a British crime gang is probably kind of fun actually.You guys if I ever lose my memory and a British criminal tricks me into being part of his crime gang will you please just let me live.Americans street racing in London seems like a sure way to kill everyone.@Zach_Baum omg.@VinBioDiesel omgNo, because glass houses. RT @Zach_Baum: @erinscafe Any comment on how her Portuguese sounds like Russian Spanish?Oh god Paul Walker is going to build a 747 out of a legal pad isn’t he #Furious6
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate@insomniacslounj @Adam_Jacobi not with with, but sure@erinscafe DON'T TREAD ON US
Retweeted by Scafe for SenateWas thinking of taking kids to Amsterdam this weekend, but now @erinscafe has me wanting to watch #AllFastAllFurious...
Retweeted by Scafe for SenateOur depiction of British law enforcement in Fast & Furious 6 is proof that we're still not over that taxation without representation thing.It's like they realized how little the ladies did in all the prior films and decided to make up for it in one go in Fast & Furious 6.Han and Tyrese should have gotten their own buddy cop spinoff.They just spent like 10 minutes shooting at each other and hitting nothing, and then Gisele picks off a guy on a speeding motorcycle.@JVSylvester they only hit that stupid blond guy@natevavra @nycsouthpaw so trueBrian just stands back as Dom gets attacked by three guys because come on three guys can't take down Vin Diesel.@Adam_Jacobi what we're learning is that British people are the opposite of furiousThe Rock and Ludacris are undressing a British guy because he was mean to them earlier. This is not not weird. #Furious6
Retweeted by Scafe for SenateI’ve got a long travel day on Tuesday/Wednesday and I’m contemplating getting an iPad big enough to house all six Fast and Furious movies.
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate@talkhoops do it@omw2innisfree #scafebumpAND BOUNCED OFF THE ROAD & SHOT AT THE CAR RT @Adam_Jacobi: AND LIVED RT @erinscafe: THE ROCK JUMPED FROM 1 MOVING VEHICLE TO ANOTHER...
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