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June Thomas @junethomas Brooklyn, NY

Slate culture critic, Outward writer/editor, Double X Gabfester. http://t.co/MViXTzz1ZS

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@SebastianNebel @JillMcElmurry @ChrisRyanPhD Oh, sorry!@SebastianNebel @JillMcElmurry @ChrisRyanPhD If they don't have info pre-18, including it spoils the apples-to-apples-ness.@SebastianNebel @JillMcElmurry @ChrisRyanPhD I'm guessing it's just about the information the interactive is based on.@LindaFSemple @Slate Yes, please!@LindaFSemple OOOOOH!@JillMcElmurry NO! (I guess the study didn't ask about pre-18 experience.)@MidoriZine This s a judgment-free zone. (Truly, nothing judgey in the feature/writeup.)@emilynussbaum Is that the set list of your band's concert tonight? (Or is it the hashtag-busting name of your band?)Have you slept with more or fewer people than average? This Slate interactive will tell you: http://t.co/lQ9F9vtrw8I was a guest on @podpopculture, discussing television's shifting presentation of trans people: http://t.co/vAigpwlqly
@Coops_tv There's a novel in the answer to that question.On this week's Double X Gabfest we talked Park Avenue primates, bridesmaids, and gay culture: http://t.co/9ogg5IU942Too sick to go make planned trip to #BEA15. My shoulders are supergrateful, though.@willapaskin So good!@Dee_Lockett @TVMoJoe I almost signed up for the Slate softball team so my walk-on music could be "(Got) To Be Real."I found NBC's new Charlie Manson drama #Aquarius cheap, nasty, and totally lacking in subtlety: http://t.co/fNi4wBU37l
@samimartin56 Ah! I am on the Doible X Gabfest, but yes, Seth and I are looking for something spoilable.@samimartin56 Working!
@kraettig Me, too. SF deserves a great show.@kraettig I'm watching it with pleasure, but I'm constantly second-guessing and thinking of things I wish they'd done differently.Props to @IDNYC for its efficient and friendly sign-up process at the Brooklyn Library.@BeMissH That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me!@BeMissH @v_urq I suspect you might just be better at it than many (most?) of us!Why don't queer women flirt with other queer women? @v_urq investigates: http://t.co/E4xbSuqODw
Congrats #grads. Now for the hard part, adulthood. @RealSimple’s #AdulthoodMadeEasy w/ @samzabell has a grad guide. https://t.co/qIw3fm95oh
Retweeted by June ThomasThe straight parents' guide to raising children who aren't homophobes, by @LinRod: http://t.co/0x8UBGyfAw
@yoprice Not standard recaps, but some weekly features, eg, The Worst Person in Westeros.On this week's @NY1arts Book Reader I gave love to @katebolick's Spinster and @MSignorile's It's Not Over: http://t.co/qB9TqynbyM
@WillKnott @SlateOutward Now Northern Ireland sticks out like a sore thumb.
Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand fast. http://t.co/QYzWxkI1EH
Retweeted by June Thomas@nathanheller OMIGOD, your New Yorker portrait. I just saw it for the first time and my life is changed.
Today is @BiNetUSA's fund-raiser, #giveOUT day: https://t.co/3kclAuQiI4I need a podcast to dissect/discuss @jbouie and @rebeccaonion's podcast. It is *that* good. https://t.co/UF7w7xPoJQ
Retweeted by June Thomas@adam807 Also another of my favorite and oft-Googled things: Canadian.@adam807 Yes!@adam807 i recently had to do a lot of "[Person X] gay" Googling. Apparently, everyone is.
@moryan That paper stuff is magic. When I held that photo up to my TV, your remote changed my channel.No surprise @tomandlorenzo crushed it with their final #MadStyle analysis of #MadMen. Truly #TheEndofAnEra --thanks! http://t.co/7ZvH0L9M6J
Retweeted by June ThomasNote to self: Don't open dental-related email newsletters while eating. If you're not a dentist, the case study photos are hard to take.Ep 1 of the Slate Academy on The History of American Slavery is phenomenal. Bravo, @jbouie, @rebeccaonion, @dankois: http://t.co/WkDDb71xKT@nigelcsmith Sort of! I just listened to the first episode. It's PHENOMENAL!
Slate is proud to present our inaugural Slate Academy, The History of American Slavery, with @jbouie & @rebeccaonion: http://t.co/ZXKspZlhij
Retweeted by June ThomasHow much of a "husband bonus" will @HannaRosin be handing out this year? http://t.co/FtoC5rk8Xu@Vims8 I totally get that, and I share a lot of those feelings. What I don't get is people who liked the scene until they knew it was faked.
@RonPyke What a cutie!@JoeWatchesTV 20!Sooky, 20 today, just loves to have her photo taken. http://t.co/EFmsF7FAjO@goldaad @Slate @lbennett Jolly good.Want to know how that classic Coke ad really came about? @lbennett spoke with its creator, Bill Backer: http://t.co/MeiEzlpnJaFascinating piece by @johnculhane on the outrageously unfair compensation caps on Amtrak accidents: http://t.co/xdeCIBCBns@plotzpie @Slate I will!@plotzpie @Slate REALLY?@adam807 I totally get that--and while it does feel unprofessional, their unprofessionalness has been handled professionally.@TalkingTV But there was the kaddish scene in the season opener, so maybe I can let myself off!@TalkingTV It was either that or sitting shiva. (I have to admit it's probably a poor choice, given Mad Men's goyishness.)Yes, The Good Wife's final Kalinda-Alicia scene was faked. So what? http://t.co/zJvlMJkovv
Reposting this story I wrote a few seasons ago about #MadMen's staff researcher, whose job I still wish I had. http://t.co/kvPrxPeS1G
Retweeted by June ThomasYou have time before the Mad Men finale to read @jbryanlowder's great #longread about the cultural meaning of "gay": http://t.co/dMt6FhWrMT
@ghweldon That bottle manages to be both phallic and gunlike. Oh yeah.@katelinnea Only for Katrine Fonsmark!
@iamnotatwit Indeed.@pescami @chazubell Catching up on TV, the April 8 black-ish showed people getting delivery Chinese and ... eating it off plates! #TVfirst@FayebellineW @pescami I always find the "order 3 dishes, pass the cartons around" method particularly confusing.(Except, @pescami, your clip from The Americans shows FBI agent and--as far as we know--native-born American eating out of the carton.).@pescami is frequently wrong, but he is absolutely right about TV's weird presentation of Chinese food eating: http://t.co/yyou1eRU6iA great @vulture video look by @saywhatagain at the outsized, enduring influence of the MAD MAX vision of the future: http://t.co/CljST4dUTJ
Retweeted by June ThomasChuka Umunna withdraws from the Labour leadership contest. No doubt hacks doorstepping didn't help. C'est la vie. http://t.co/S1N7enFWz3
Retweeted by June Thomas
I knew there was a reason I ran into the Oscar Meyer weinermobile yesterday: http://t.co/Vl5qNU6m4RMad Men musical #s ranked: Cooper sings, Zou Bisou, Ken tap dances, Joan accordion, Pete/Trudy Charleston, Kinsey a cappella,Roger blackface
Retweeted by June ThomasMore art masterpieces as censored by Fox local news stations: http://t.co/vEF9rtn9yk (By @mjs_DC and @lrsnwlkr)@katelinnea It's (my) perfect summer TV: not really good but very, very watchable. Plus: "Rum raisin. Hmm!"On this week's Double X Gabfest we talked Kim's Selfish, the nail salon exposé, and the male work week: http://t.co/PTCmJaYUA4Wayward Pines, M. Night Shyamalan's first TV show; premieres tonight. I was surprised how much I didnt hate it: http://t.co/76ElLOH3v3@TaraAriano @nprmonkeysee Please say more about the carb cure. I typically wake up with "eye headache," which is both maddening and puzzling@jclarkebell @Slate @Tate Oh, that's great. It's an amazing exhibit.
There should be a position in British politics that is in favour of keeping the union but with Scotland in charge
Retweeted by June ThomasThis Sy Hersh/Isaac Chotiner interview is everything: http://t.co/6KJkmJqAxY http://t.co/VcMc4u89SB
Retweeted by June Thomasseriously though: I never go to theater but I'd pay $100 for 90 minutes of Chotiner-Hersh on stage, w/ Zachary Quinto and Brian Dennehy.
Retweeted by June Thomas@ZackFord Tease, c'est moi.Look what I just spotted! #weinerinthehood http://t.co/w9odRZMSCMUpdate to @bspeed8's story on LGB reps in UK House of Commons: Seven SNP MPs now out: 12.5% of the delegation. http://t.co/Ph9RoIHqcn
“@DanielHarris: Unsurpassable weirdness http://t.co/bPRSOcoIrk” <= LOVE THIS #fb
Retweeted by June Thomas.@junethomas could not have brought me this present from England on a more appropriate day. :) http://t.co/5yrHc6IHJe
Retweeted by June ThomasBritain's House of Commons now has most LGB MPs: http://t.co/Ph9RoIHqcn (Interesting breakdown: 12 Tories, 13 Labour, 4 SNP.) By @bspeed8The making of Fancy Peachtree: http://t.co/BXpT6iYqfx No, make that, Dragging Miz @jbryanlowder.Somehow the similarity between the UK election map and Maggie Simpson eluded me until 45 seconds ago: http://t.co/tPjanrgOK7I spoke with the amazing, eloquent, and insightful @UzoAduba for Marie Claire: http://t.co/QsYutoEZPW (One more month to OITNB Season 3!)Marketing genius. RT @johnjcook: my wife won't let me go to this http://t.co/EMiVu0xxRBRT @KateAurthur: Do read @cristela9's painful blog post about her show's cancellation. http://t.co/02BEZo0grt http://t.co/aAwMjFyKTTBlock out the next hour to commune with @jbryanlowder's amazing reflection on being gay in a post-closet world: http://t.co/dMt6FhWrMT@jpjernigan Aw! My trips to London were brief (was up north and in Cambridge), but that would've been awesome.@JoshMBingham It ran out of programming on Sunday. Could be worse.
America, I missed you! Hello again.Allow @junethomas to take you inside the discreet charm of the paperie: http://t.co/EqLksHWtXL
Retweeted by June Thomas@elgray I watched a recent-ish episode while in England. Odd jokey tone. I like comedies, and I like proceduals. But together? No, thanks.@Coops_tv And the reason he gave for passing also admirable.
"Well, on the bright side, this new table is wonderful." #EdStone http://t.co/26oCtDCXUw
Retweeted by June ThomasI spoke with Lily Tomlin about Grace and Frankie for Marie Claire. http://t.co/Wn9t3mkW3k@sepinwall @nprmonkeysee I think you mean, "Ø, I did," Alan.
@WillSeattle @Slate I'm sure they would receive support, but I don't know that they care much about events beyond Scotland's borders.
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