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@politico. @glensgardenmkt. philly sports. Big Money: $2.5B, 1 Suspicious Vehicle & a Pimp:

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@justingroenert cool, thx! Look forward to reading it.
Psyched for this. @tparti gotta get that nameplate!End of an era: the @kenvogel-Parti byline
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelPolitico $ team reunion: @ByronTau @tparti. Not pictured @davelevinthal @lkmcgann @DHBerman @apalmerdc @abbydphillip.'s time to discuss @POTUS's selfie technique. cc @kenvogel
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@ByronTau if by "over," you mean "has the population density & demographics to support locally sourced food," then yes, i agree.@ByronTau i know you're counting down the days until @GlensGardenMkt opens in shawAmong over-heated reax to Obama selfie photo I tweeted: It's a sad day for America Our president is a moron. Worst ever God, this awful man@kenvogel the point is to point the camera at yourself. Distance doesn't matter. Also GoPro is wide angle
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogelthe $1 million pro-Graham buy in NH focuses on his national security cred
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogelkinda defeats the purpose of the selfie stick when you hold it that close, no? don't like to brag, but I am a master marionetteer. @BadgerHerald (my alma mater): money in politics and foreign policy intersect, in one chart (Actually, in one really long story. But still.)
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel"The (email story) mistake had nothing to do w/ the Clintons. The mistake had to do w/ some sloppiness on deadline.” is hilarious. Clinton chilling last mo. off Sardinia aboard Barry Diller & Diane von Furstenberg's yacht #EverydayAmericans tweeps: MUST-READ piece by Dave Warner on the future of journalism in our city
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel.@Uber now delivering lunch in DC (b/t Dupont & the Hill). Menu today: @MGMROASTBEEF @busboysandpoets @GlensGardenMkt"Next installment: O’Keefe catches a Mexican national buying a Clinton sweatshirt?" your taste buds ready for today's #UberEATS menu –
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelRhode Island passes law barring condo associations & landlords from prohibiting mezuzahs on doorways. h/t @J_Insider. Dream Team: Sheldon Adelson recruits Alan Dershowitz to defend Sands against wrongful termination suit., 2 weeks ago: any GOP candidate who attacks Trump is foolish. CW, today: any GOP candidate who doesn't attack Trump is foolish.Ok fine I'm awakeVP Cheney: Going into Iraq in 2003 was still the right thing to do
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel
@kenvogel @TheGreyKing "With its quaint, colonial streets built for carriages rather than motorcades..." (hasn't visited Philly since 1908?)
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelMaybe if @BarackObama (finally) visits #Tacoma after Alaska trip, he could rename our mountain, too. #welcomepotus
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelNEW: Feds move to consolidate dozens of #FOIA lawsuits for emails of Hillary Clinton & aides
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelThe beginnings of @SlaughterAM's famous @TheAtlantic piece.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelInteresting look at Clinton @StateDept's (unsuccessful) effort to prebut @nytimes story on $ for 2010 Shanghai Expo. in Hillary's @StateDept: "The pace is absolutely killing," per top official's "family plea" for X-Mas time off., apparently emailing Hillary from Doug Band’s Super Bowl party with an update on the Costa Rican elections. Blumenthal, forwarding @mikeallen's @Politico playbook to @HillaryClinton. Subscribe for yourself, hdr22!'d that turn out? of Cheryl Mills' associates at @StateDept made her talk to @NickKristof. & grovelers wishing @HillaryClinton a happy birthday, featuring Haim Saban, Diane von Furstenberg, Ex-Im chair that cheryl mills likes maureen dowd, but ..., keeping tabs on Palin for Hillary: really doesn't want you to see the evite for '09 Clinton Senate alumni XMas party Brock sure has come a long way since "The Real Anita Hill."
Talking @scottwalker #CanadaWall, @BobbyJindal assimilation & @GovChristie immigrant tracker on @MSNBC w @perrybaconjr & @CapehartJ in a few"Idiot": among the 1st words people think of re: Trump. "He did this to himself & he did it pretty quickly" @hardball Dept's gonna release 7,000 pages of Clinton emails tonight at 9pm. cool thanks awesome
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel.@ScottWalker apparently taking nat'l security advice from @vermontgmg, who warned of Canadian border threat last yr. wow snark seems bit unnecessary I'm sure all events in DC went off w/out a hitch & residents were always pleased @kenvogel
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel.@JebBush called @realDonaldTrump "a jerk" during a closed-door fundraiser in the Hamptons, reports @PageSix. Nutmeggers knows @talbagels are the best, though @BullfrogBagels are the class of DC @JakeSherman @samsteinhpPresenting the First Jewish President of the United States of America, @BarackObama. used to walk from Columbia to H&H for a poppyseed bagel. "Lox & capers OK but generally just ur basic schmear" it wudda been legal for @repjohnduncanjr to provide free tix for constituents as long as he hit 'em up for $.
As Washington grapples with its inferiority complex, its newspaper projects civic self consciousness. super PAC places $15k online ad buy in South Carolina. latest front in Obama's war against the robber barons."Elites can have wisdom that populists lack." @douthatnyt praises 2-party control, & warns Trump could "burst" GOP. @LILBTHEBASEDGOD has endorsed @BernieSanders, he says @BillClinton is "in touch somehow with the earth & kids."“That’s nasty!” one little boy yells. 30 seconds later he’s asking for a photo. @ambiej goes undercover as a desnuda: acknowledges the Packers are a better football team than he is a prez candidate.
@sethbringman @nickconfessore :(.@AmalgamatedBank prez―tight-lipped at 4/14 DA when I asked about role as left's banker―opens up to @nickconfessore: 1: how to buy a juice from #TheJuiceBox @glensgardenmkt @ Glen's Garden Market
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelWeird sight for @eagles @jets & @falcons fans. booo!You guys know that jeans & sneakers with a suit top thing only works if the viewer can't see under the table?, but we need to jail him first, so that he can be set free. banking has gotten a lot more specialized (&partisan) since I wrote this in '07 (my 2nd @politico byline!): @AmalgamatedBank (part of Democracy Alliance) is easing $ flow for Hillary, Dems, reports @nickconfessore's campaign & super PAC use same fundraisers, but thats less of a potential coordination issue than this is: camp definitely has $ issue, but not sure I'd call these departures high profile
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelWho worries Hillary backers? Her super PAC @prioritiesUSA reports digital buys hitting @JebBush @scottwalker & Trump. yrs ago today: @SenJohnMcCain introduced @SarahPalinUSA as his VP choice, & she gave quite a 1st speech in Dayton. restrictions apply to spending--not raising--$. does it mean when youre voted class “Ladies Man’’ by the all-male student body at your military boarding school?
Bill Maher, on Trump confrontation with Jorge Ramos: "& of course, Trump's audience was like 'see, he does know how to get rid of Mexicans'"@TheRickWilson will be hard for SNL to top that#TrumpPalin2016 asking @realdonaldtrump the tough questions about his confrontation w/ Jorge Ramos."Everything about Donald Trump's campaign, it's avant-garde"--@SarahPalinUSA.Popcorn ready's incorrect. DSA, Inc. did not--& cannot--donate to a Dem socialist candidate (or any candidate) b/c it's a c4. Jesus has a 501(c) dark money non-profit group. mega-donor Ronnie Cameron funneled $26M+ into non-profits b/t 2006 & 2013 thru a 501c called The Jesus Fund. first word when it comes to #Clinton and #Trump @SabrinaSiddiqui @KenVogel @CPTime
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel&, to comply with equal time provisions, HBO tonight will air 3 episodes of The Wire, starring @MartinOMalley did it become a thing for super pacs to report every little expense as a separate IE?“We think of Ellis Island as this great monument to immigration. It’s really the monument to border control." a @JoeBiden super delegate in waiting. guys need one more alum to form a bball team. cc: @apalmerdc @davelevinthal @tparti Moscow next week? Stop by the American Center to hear my dad @VogelMorris talk about U.S. national identity. like Scaramucci's plea on Monday to stop "railing" against hedge funds didn't work out
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelTrump, channeling Bernie, hints that he'd hike rates for "hedge fund guys...These guys don't really build anything." can count on 1 hand the # of journos who know campaign $ as well as @tparti. Great hire for @BuzzFeed ahead of race where $ is huge story.Very excited to join @BuzzFeedNews next month to cover the hill! And very grateful to my @politico colleagues & friends for 3 great years!
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@KevinMaddenDC @BresPolitico @TheFix Huma was consulting for both @StateDept & Teneo, she used her govt email to discuss dinners w/ Teneo officials.
Talking gun control prospects & latest polling on Hillary, Jeb & Trump on @hardball next with @CPTime, @SabrinaSiddiqui & @hardball_chris.also, this is quite a letter to the FEC from @actionfund, which accuses the federal agency of encouraging PACs to lie
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