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Traveler. Author of The Girl in the Road. Playwright at @OLittleGreenPig. Columnist, NEW SUNS, at @ElectricLit. Estoy aprendiendo español--hable conmigo!

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So happy to know @hyeheyyun, whose web series HEY YUN was just profiled in @BitchMedia: & full story: Why we're suing Pat McCrory
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@NightColander yeah didn't kerry put a clause in there for me? no? ugh, typical@monicabyrne13 Monica's Iran Deal. :)
Retweeted by Monica Byrneso now i'm vaguetweeting the entire country of iran or maybe like their ministry of tourism better quit while i'm ahead goodnight twitter :)though again, i totally understand why you have that we have been assholes to you for four decades i don't get to have that erased for meso when do i get to go back to iran, #iran? wd be sweet if you dropped the whole u.s. citizens needing to be accompanied at all times thing@NightColander yeah. that sounds pretty lazy.@NightColander Was referring to this in particular :) wish the average intelligence of commenters on articles in the atlantic were, oh, say, one-one hundredth that of its writers@LauraBloomify ;)“Who cares about your jetpack? How does technology enable us to keep loving each other?” @monicabyrne13 @Nnedi
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@gerardiki 😊@monicabyrne13 and I are quoted in this rather awesome piece on futurism: "Why Aren't There More Women Futurists?"
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@Optimistontour Fantastic. I think you'll find a lot there for you.@Optimistontour ☺️also, high five for the narnia reference made me laugh so hard my abs hurt now'm quoted in this wonderful piece by @roseveleth, and so is @Nnedi, and you should read it. @TheAtlantic @roseveleth @Urbanverse @MadelineAshby Awesome.I am literally purring at these HRC's message was solid today, nothing particularly new, but her rhetoric is now on track.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@elnathan Oh my God this is so good.The gospel according to Aid
Retweeted by Monica ByrneYou guys. You guys. This is our President.
@snazzaro De gustibus, non disputandum est. ☺️Thai Taste. Epic clouds. South Carolina.'m the 2nd most important monument in town after the gay scissors on Foster.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@GamingPoet lol@thinkalot @David_Dobbs @MaryEPritchard It's above mine. :)@GamingPoet "it was great except instead of [last line of scene] u should have said [awful pun punchline]" *looks at me expectantly*@GamingPoet lol. lady came up to me after a play and said exactly the equivalent of [really good news] dad: get your crucifix readyoh MAN "caught a lite sneeze" by tori amos this coffee shop has my demographic nailed to a golden crossAnother case of the media using something as simple as photographs to shape public opinion. #SamDubose
Retweeted by Monica Byrne...and even then. Even then, man.Reminder: the people who get to offer me unsolicited advice on my work are (1) my agent, (2) my editors, (3) my family. That is it.@nitinthewiz Read this and then this "fade into you" in this coffee shop while i'm critiquing stories...clutch playlist, yall@monicabyrne13 and things were changing as I was reading! #GirlInTheRoad reads like a dream, a dream I'm in...
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@nitinthewiz Things were changing AS I was writing. It was amazing.@nitinthewiz Whewwwwww. Yeah.@monicabyrne13 What was it you said about Africa and India in #GirlIntheRoad? :)
Retweeted by Monica ByrneA beetle walks into a Starbucks and says, "__________________" ❤️❤️❤️Every time I think it's impossible to admire @MonicaByrne13 more than I already do, I'm proven wrong.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@snazzaro Actor. 😁
@crashwong KYYAAAOOOOOOOOOOTi listened to her album once and i liked it best that first time, after that, lost its flavor rapidly like watermelon bubble gumhave any of the women on snl parodied st. vincent yet@usmantm oh wowAnd my lover's body a boat I row gently across its stormy surface to an island, a shore, unknown. (2) -- Noon Meem Rashid
Retweeted by Monica ByrneA thought has occurred to me recently: The world's an ocean, unlimited, of pain
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@pushinghoops Ugh. I'm sorry. :(@ItsNasB @djolder Oh it's SO FUN. In Durham there's a Drawing Day at @cocoacinnamon and dozens of people show up.@aurelia_nicole ;) i'll rotate!North Carolina governor @PatMcCroryNC is being sued for violating the state's Public Records Act. Fuck yes. if you haven't seen @OLittleGreenPig trailer for THE SHIPMENT yet then you are at a disadvantage in life :)@completelydark i agree. :)"beneath"? or "beyond" :)and now the near-full moon is shining directly into my window from beneath a blot of cloud@PinkBBWhiskey heh heh i just changed it to that and kinda love it@SofiaSamatar <3 <3 <3 Take good care of yourself.@ouijum :)let's play What Should I Change My Avatar To Wrestling with exactly this issue for my column. "Newsworthy" is often code for "can be wrapped up with timely moral."@GilesHC @walkercobrands Sí, in this @Playboy interview: Ana Tijoux at a railroad crossing in Spartanburg. ❤️ had a chance to ready the Playboy w/ @monicabyrne13 --nice piece, interrupted by a patriarchy pop-up booty call....
Retweeted by Monica ByrneWhite people. #SamDubose
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@frompruneland sideways wink & big smile@hyeheyyun @Playboy ;)@monicabyrne13 talking about “Equilibration” in pop culture on @Playboy is SEXY and PLEASURABLE indeed.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@NightColander AWWWWWWWWWWWW #SNAPOfficer Ray Tensing has been formally arrested for the murder of #SamDubose.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@frompruneland ;D@frompruneland 😜Waiting for students to come talk to me about their stories feels like being a priest, waiting in the… I was en route back to Iran, then Morocco. I needed to pack my silk headscarves for Iran, and my cotton ones for Morocco.
@charlesatan good night charles :)nnkay gnight tweeter it's not too bad bruh appetít@bill_bier bruh voy-ageThe body camera video of the police murder of #SamDubose is apparently so bad that Cincinnati is preparing for riots
Retweeted by Monica Byrnebruh bars bruh concerns bruh-friendly spacesit'd be funny if there were a travel agency that specialized in travel for bruhs@jeffvandermeer Stealing this for the day's dress pic. :D@HubCityBookshop--Shared Worlds teen writing camp. @monicabyrne13 @tobiasbuckell @esedia @AnnVanderMeer @NBallingrud
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@SamSykesSwears poguethere's nothing to it, vogue Culture is ‘Boring as F!@#’: A Playboy Conversation with Monica Byrne | Playboy @monicabyrne13
Retweeted by Monica Byrneoh no i made redditI have the alcohol tolerance of a 12-year-oldShared Worlds reading about to commence with @tobiasbuckell, @AnnVanderMeer, @esedia & @nathanballingrud ☺️ @aurelia_nicole Hey! I'm actually planning a blog post on this, since I get Qs a lot :) So watch here: 6:08pm...that's gotta be a month record@djolder i have this exact picture above the desk in my study@djolder here's another good HF one
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