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Watching WHAS on Netflix and it looks like someone dubbed Archer's voice over Mitch...not used to seeing that voice go with a human.@KWALRULES @k_ved
If today is any indication of what August will be like, it may be worth learning how to sleep with my eyes open.Cancer ravaged @DanielJacobsTKO's body and bank account. But he didn't let it beat him:
Retweeted by ___LOL: Barclays using an 'executive search firm' to find their new CEO. I think we all know how that's going to end.Sweet baby jesus this would be incredible. 'toga still on menuPer Citi- Fannie 30Y FRM prepay rate to decline 8% in July + another 6% in Aug. Recent vintage 3.5/4.0 will be hit hardest by speed decline"Drive like a Jet" playing Daft Punk on the outro to commercials is the stuff that Fridays are made of.@k_ved I've been all about that album. Specifically cream on chrome
@jabriella congratulations! Hope he knows he's a lucky guy@polly @BossLNS every time I see your avi the only thing I can think of is Daria (the show). Must be the sweater..I would do this repeatedly just for fun @Gizmodo @Ashncoll one bad apple spoils the barrel@BossLNS @Gizmodo @Ashncoll I'm not saying he's justified and I don't get trophy hunting. Point is that people flip out w/o the whole picFantastic read. Check your outrage.
Hasn't Greenspan done enough?Some people... 're-open closed tab' feature in Chrome is nothing short of benevolent sorcery.MBA refi index up 14/30 weeks YTD. Currently at 1406, averaged 1450 in 2014. 30Y fixed rate mortgage sitting at 4.17%@aF9q my tower came with 8 so the upgrade to 10 is necessaryWindows 10 is free, so you know I'm installing that tonight.
this i believe
Retweeted by ___never count out touch-tone tom
Retweeted by ___"Great call Roger, that took guts. Very brave." "Thanks, Roger. Somebody's got to hold em accountable." *Goodell walks away from BR mirror*@delangedotcom the only argument ever made in def of TW: "come on, he's Tiger Woods"DB expecting 6.9% HPA for 2015, with y/o/y change accelerating in second half of this year. Hold onto your butts, homeownersThe only way to start a Tuesday. |
Adios'd AT&T today. Officially all Verizon everything (cable, Internet, mobile).Weiss Residential: Nearly half of homes in top markets losing value #hw
Retweeted by ___Missed this last week, Babson priced AAA (of course it is) CLO that's compliant w/ risk retention rules that will go into effect end of '16As a Jets fan, this is my most awaited WYTS. We are masochists.
A raccoon was loose in the Mets' weight room today:
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@BlondCorporateL SAME
@Nike I am currently wearing my chucks and they are comfortable AF. Don't take something fantastic and take a giant swoosh shaped shit on itThrowback to me dunking on my Fisher Price basketball net @shaneferro sometimes when I'm shaving in the AM, I'll do that just to remind myself how horrible anything past a shadow isWhat a snooze fest.Local barista looks like hipster @TheStalwart. Kiddie watch with rainbow wristband and all.Hopefully it leads to the new phrase 'you got FFELP-ed'Will be interesting to see how this student loan downgrade shakes out. Large # of S/L ABS from ~06 vintage not on pace to amortize on sched
4 Hours Scrolling Through Facebook Before Bed Referred To As ‘Winding Down’
Retweeted by ___@Ryan_STT you just brought back #humblebrag@Ryan_STT damn...@BigInTheShire that's exactly why I got mineGlad I bot my chucks before this Nike redesign. It's elegance lies in the simplicity. That rubber sole is fantastic.Your deepest, darkest fears--animated!
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I am thru 4 tracks. Still very entertaining.Pitbull has a new album out. It's called 'Dale' and you should download it based on my current listen of halfway thru track 1I have no clue what happened in the markets today, and I gotta tell you, it feels phenomenal.Lionel Messi dressed 'like he were going to a zoo' - Gabon political party:
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Man Who Plays Devil's Advocate Really Just Wants To Be Asshole
Retweeted by ___@LadyFOHF when multiple broker dealers have a flow desk that trades credit index tranches, it hardly qualifies as scandalousTo be clear, credit index tranche trading has been around for *years*. Not news. |"Terrible things happen when Northern white kids walk around pretending to be Southern white kids." @ 10pm EST. The only time that matters. time I've ever seen a line over 5 people deep at a hot dog cart. Such sad folks.This sounds so delicious. Time to start a big push to find the stuff. prepay on that inventory is pretty significant. Improved LTV of those borrowers has played a big part in refi opps and inv turnoverBig driver is fact that a lot of the homes that saw the most improvement in LTV were in areas that saw the highest home px decline prevRe 2012/3 vintage hi LTV 3.5+4.0 mtg collat, 10-20% of loans w Orig LTV>125 and 60-70% of loans w Orig LTV bw 105-125 have updated LTV <90@KWALRULES when the Greece thing was at its height, I remember seeing the headline 'Apple can bail out Greece'. PainfulWell, this is terrifying….
Retweeted by ___Staking out prime time for exercise is the land-grab of modern day parents:
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Congratulations, Zach! High five! Zach, high fi— … Wow okay, champ
Retweeted by ___4 hole playoff? *throws 'meeting' in the calendar* busy for the next hour.
Interesting Open "commentary". In a nutshell, these kids had long hair and had no chance of winning. Their hair is cut now: contenders!@delangedotcom I never check hashtags, I just hijack themDGAF #KingChuck, the strokes of your watercolors are always a refreshing sight. #YearInSpace.
Retweeted by ___@gooner_ @erinscafe met a cousin's gf and she did one of those spiritual yoga trips to India. My eyes almost rolled out of my skull...10x@gooner_ @erinscafe staffed by hippie white people who don't understand that chai tea is redundant@gooner_ @erinscafe "omg that god has an elephant's head, so cool. Let's put it on a t-shirt" *rages inside*drake entering his atm pin under pressure
Retweeted by ___This goal was almost disrespectful:
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This is a straight ripoff of Fly Art Productions on IG. | family housing starts up 28.5%. Because the rent is too damn high.Debating the decision to get a mobile hotspot for work because cell service is so atrocious at the office.A Robot Has Passed A Self-Awareness Test For The Very First Time, The Robot Apocalypse Is Nigh --
Retweeted by ___@KWALRULES this dude had belt loops that actually rested as if there was a belt there...but there wasn't@callieabost I just grab a smaller iced coffee in the afternoon, no need to hit a canned drink (unless we're talking about diet coke)@callieabost regular coffee isn't enough?Since when is not wearing a belt acceptable? Heathens.@k_ved my Starbucks was $free.99 so that's not always the case
@ShanersMD @groditi u mad bro? had bohemia with the first one. victoria is next@groditi cubana with the negra. Wasn't even a questionThe return of the prodigal son. in x1000@TBrodes the only reason I don't go ahead with it is because I'm immature enough to think of it. Real recognize real.Good read on how failure to pay down student loan debt will probably burn a ton of investors. | interesting. Regardless of motivation, 1bln size is ridiculousEvery time I want to abbreviate the word 'cumulative' I pause for a second and then decide to just complete it.@DavidSchawel just to keep risk flat for each purch? Could be simultaneously taking a view + hedging with TBAsThis guy needs to go.
Retweeted by ___Ronda is certified bro. on the spread risk like a fat kid at a buffet.Mortgage spreads have been moving wider for the past few months, enticing some to buy to start trading the range.ECB will loan Greece money, then Greece will give it back to them on July 20 $3B debt maturity?
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