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@ARTownsend @dfledderjohn a zoodle sounds like a toy you'd get with a koosh ballHoly shish kebab... https://t.co/4gUg1paDvhMy Big Fat Greek Hissy Fit https://t.co/Mg9RUJgeqYDowntown Manhattan is officially better than your hood. https://t.co/6hgZMn01VwI for one am looking forward to the dirt cheap Greek vacations that await us. https://t.co/jj4y4oBn2sRT if you think these are words to live by! http://t.co/ZCayTw6XT5
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L.O.L. https://t.co/L0h4H6pARHDay 'technically' on the water. http://t.co/2mMF9ZVozjSunday funday http://t.co/vYVUQoB2zo#bro https://t.co/Bob2uQGVuJ
@k_ved negative. Amazon is a beautiful thing@k_ved bruh http://t.co/ulRUkqp8qM
The only reason Greece hasn't already left the euro is because if they did, they'd have no one to blame for their problems but themselves.Scotch. Neat. Now.Purchased Arkham Knight. I really did owe it to my 8 yo self.About 4 of those mini bottles of bombay sapphire and a can of tonic. https://t.co/iMws8TFh9jWell done USA...seems like an apt moment to revisit this classic Andre Santos tweet. http://t.co/yhM7rwdVlb
Retweeted by ___@gooner_ what a disgrace to the brown community. He even jettisoned his given name. @BobbyJindalTaking bets on which Republican candidate will bring up SCOTUS decision and speak against it.SCOTUS rn: http://t.co/k0sVpKxBJC https://t.co/kS0OSDaamXThis piece on compliance: http://t.co/m22Ou4pAv3 https://t.co/BMuNcaJKNPGood Kid, m.A.A.d. Student Loans
Retweeted by ___People on commodity desks are the most insufferable lot. A herd of jackassery.
The internet is a place where "Just sayin'" is considered an argument.
Retweeted by ___Huh, Greece has a population smaller than Ohio. Never would've guessed.I'm just going to leave this here... https://t.co/QUVlaEjR6WQuite useful. https://t.co/UAA7QbSOGVThis piece on compliance: http://t.co/m22Ou4pAv3 https://t.co/BMuNcaJKNPCandidate for best news story of 2015 https://t.co/9xFUsWuTGgI would have loved to see the 180 from total disappointment in your child to utter elation. https://t.co/aKJ0tRFBE0
GOT DAMN http://t.co/bNmXFjRunJPer Barcap, 20Y MBS hits the sweet spot vs 15 and 30Y wrt extension risk and yield, respectively.every single republican candidate for president looks like they would pick mario in mario kart
Retweeted by ___@SBarlow_ROB even payment in CAD doesn't fly hereHe reads with zero shock... https://t.co/Yi56ipjvORYou're not a club until you have a Vlad on your roster #COYGThe cashier's reax was the best: you know there's a place you can exchange that down the block?I just watched an Indian lady try and pay for coffee with a 1000 rupee note. My people can be brilliant or the polar opposite.
The True Hollywood Story of the Ninja Turtles is a sad one http://t.co/0er5ppmigd
Retweeted by ___Picked the wrong day to forget an umbrella.If only my job were this simple #facepalm http://t.co/OCXJh8BsAmNewly constructed home sales up 19.5% YoY | http://t.co/gKH4Re2WcV@groditi hellz yes I didI hope Greece gets bounced from the euro. The only way it can remake itself is if its policymakers are only ones who can be held accountableLighter note, whoever decided that the default Samsung mobile phone alert should be that irritating bird chirp should be shot into space(assuming a 35bp refi incentive)Recent move in 30y mtg rates to ~4.15% corresponds to a pt where MBS go from ITM wrt refis, to OTM. Eff duration quickly shifts longer.Powell says Fed will stop balance sheet reinvestment after rate liftoff. Hold onto yo butts.
Existing home sales at highest level since 09. You get a house! And you get a house!Music concert photog says @taylorswift13 is throwing stones at Apple from a glass house. https://t.co/7QivRE4d5D
Retweeted by ___(When) the Rangers trade Talbot they best fleece the hell out of whoever takes him.Worth noting, while Venezuela isn't exactly Germany, Brazil looked fantastic without Neymar. That makes me happy.
That's the most effective way to nip a bully in the bud #TrueDetectiveSeason2I wasn't a fan of big Pharma before today, but my god, these people give zero fks.
@ShanersMD a *very* long time ago@ShanersMD @NYMag #iSurvivedGood thing I don't have to drive because I would probably go 5x the speed limit after watching that.I have literally heard nothing bad about this movie. Very excite http://t.co/kCw3zpseyoIf you own a dog in NYC, the means your need for companionship supersedes your unwillingness to pick up actual shit.
'If I Ever Feel Better' by Phoenix may be one of the greatest songs ever.Saw familiar face @ gym and had trouble placing him. Then realized he's the manager of the sandwich place I used to go to at my first gig...Son of a... https://t.co/mKKAZFAb5xMight buy $FOGO on principle. Everyone loves steak. Brazilian steak houses serve lots of steak. $$$Owen 'disappointed' by servicer downgrade. You sucked. You have a ton of ground to cover. Deal with it.Just pick your phone up a touch. No one is asking you to stop using it. Be cognizant of your body, numbnuts https://t.co/j4YRu90gLQI wonder if the Germans fly flags adorned with swastikas as a proud display of their "heritage?" http://t.co/L0wTikWO0E
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@ShanersMD @aussietorres @k_ved speaking of, we all gotta get drinks, doc. Been a minuteSaw an old guy reading an article titled 'is getting old a disease'. Grim, bro.FNCL crushing it v hedges across the stack. Volume be damned.Barney Frank: board member of a bank. This is too good.Bowl cuts truly are the mark of a despicable human being.You're on a tennis court w another man, surrounded by tons of ppl. I'm sure the Mrs would understand not wearing it https://t.co/3WPiaIqIJMAre you a journalist developing a hunchback thanks to your laptop? @Pete_Spence has built the scary @BestPosture to shout at you on Twitter.
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@TBrodes (dropkick)Barclays done dealing in (pre-crisis) non-agency MBS. Big news.Congratulations to Golden State http://t.co/MsO1dtnpjh
Assuming Golden State has this. Not willing to wait the 40 real life minutes this game will take to be completed.Honestly, looks like Ted Cruz https://t.co/ZO0Qe4wC0aIt'll be a while before you guys see a championship so here! https://t.co/aXtUjcCC9O#USWNT WINS GROUP D: http://t.co/ajEn6ig2Qj
Retweeted by ___@KWALRULES @ShanersMD http://t.co/tnGPewKP8t@KWALRULES for the love of god it's JUNEThey're playing Dominick the Donkey at Citi field. Wtf cc @KWALRULESI don't always watch baseball. But when I do, it's only for the best steak sandwich on the east coast. http://t.co/pZSUNmzq22J.R. Smith, ladies and gentleman. https://t.co/7lhr2k5EXs
Retweeted by ___That NYT article on dates has be jonesing. Hard.Money Flows Out of 401(k) Plans http://t.co/dWms05u3pw http://t.co/cdlGZKPfnw
Retweeted by ___Or maybe he'll run as a Democrat. Either way, his debates will be fantastic televisionAlso, for your safety, try not to make any debate Trump is in a drinking game...you will probably end up in the hospital.Trump running for president means that these will be the most entertaining GOP debates of all time.This is a fascinating read. Now is when we start to hear from people who delayed parenthood if it was worth it. | http://t.co/1M2MpbOTn1
Thank god Chicago won. And quickly at that.Sanchez robbed.Listening to Ray Hudson is a spectator sport in and of itself.Great series of goals in the CHI-MEX game.@polly Billy Joel pop up concert"Some men just want to watch the world burn" https://t.co/r26bTYOnHkMan Forced To Come Up With 45 Seconds Of Facial Expressions While Waitress Lists Off Specials http://t.co/mKvzIiMQEp http://t.co/dXW3fT2yGo
Retweeted by ___Japanese people can be very...peculiar. https://t.co/eOcmIE9h5vOh man, this is too perfect https://t.co/RNc52roFjB
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