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Ryan Bates @rbates Southern Oregon

Producer of Railscasts - Ruby on Rails Screencasts

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@seanculver @nireyal thanks :)
@piedoomy glad to help!@_GP_ glad you like them!
@seanculver @nireyal is there a link to the slides? :)@SunnyRJuneja grape is on my list to research, thanks for the suggestion@jshgyn possibly, good point.Do you think, at some point, we will only need to program tests/specs?Seriously you should watch this video, it'll stretch your brain. http://t.co/8xC2jiVi9x
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@dhpeterson thanks!@tanvirraj most likely.
@teflonted yeah that is a great game!@dhh @tenderlove this is what they do when submitting leaked photos of upcoming hardware.@phusion_nl @sandelius @steveklabnik good to know, thanks for the update
@AdnanAliArshad Thanks!@superacidjax Thanks. :)@superacidjax not sure, are you referring to agar.io?Playing the new team mode of http://t.co/NISm6XedOF, this game is addicting.@altmind I did an episode on Strong Parameters, or are you referring to another gem? http://t.co/2YrHagxOo4@AdnanAliArshad I don't know a date yet.
TIL: you can create an account on Ruby Toolbox and use that to curate a list of your favorite tools. https://t.co/f5X4Y0K8pM Very useful.
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@Valentinial in due time. :)
@m3nd3s I don't know yet. I haven't gotten around to looking into my open source projectsNow I know how to look younger. Thanks http://t.co/oniPAm43c5! http://t.co/d2X9REN6EB
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@cwgem Obviously the Matrix isn't real.e.g. Obviously I need to mow the lawn to keep it short. Obviously I need to wake up to exercise. Obviously my cat can't make a website.Exercise: Make a statement starting with "Obviously ..." and then ask "Why is that?"why was vi scared of vii? because vii viii ix!!!
Retweeted by Ryan BatesMany RailsConf sessions have been going up at @confreaks, check them out. http://t.co/1Jpidv52OH
introducing Friends: a p2p, decentralized, secure messaging platform http://t.co/gybdVlrMfn made it over the weekend http://t.co/tupE5e17qf
Retweeted by Ryan BatesI wish I had read "Don't make me think" by Steve Krug years ago when I went to art school and paid hundreds of thousands to study design
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@hookipaa thanks!
This online interactive SQL tutorial looks awesome: http://t.co/mb7isKcpaI (SQL is a HUGE asset to have in your toolset.)
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@anno @mbleigh Twitter and Facebook are the latest culprits but I have seen this more and more lately.@rbates hard mode: some checkboxes will be arbitrarily inverted to opt-in instead of opt-out
Retweeted by Ryan BatesLet's play a game called "Uncheck 20 boxes for different ways we can email you." And then when we add more you get to play this game again.@cdiddy42 I do hope to start screencasting again, but unsure exactly how that will look.
@thomasfuchs out of curiosity since I have been gone, who said it wouldn't fail if one crashes?i don't see how unless there is redundancy.@rntaylor75 thanks!
@davidhopkinson thanks!For those who went to #RailsConf this year, what was your favorite part/talk?
So @KentBeck and I are totally BFFs http://t.co/OJU1zX8OwG
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@myfoolishness thanks@jbgutierrez glad to help! I do hope to start screencasting again, but it is hard to say exactly when that will be or how it looks like.Big congrats to this year's Ruby Heroes: @n0kada @sarahmei @samsaffron @_zzak @jeremyevans0 @eileencodes ❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@searls watched your talk on stream, great job!@nodunayo @AdamCuppy haha! Too bad I missed it.my railsconf keynote will be live streamed at 1710 EDT here: https://t.co/4sHb2i8v5Y. you have 7.5 hours to pop popcorn and stuff.
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@jcavena you have an awesome kid.
@robbyrussell strange the same thing happened to me. What's going on.@vircung no, maybe when they get built in support
The American date format, created by me it was.
Retweeted by Ryan BatesMoney saving tip: whenever you want to buy something, first wait a week. Often you will forget about it or realize you don't need it.Some creative street art: http://t.co/rIOPiTjfgl
@sandelius there used to be one. Not sure if it is still live.@andypike I haven't found any good tutorials. The trickiest part for me was learning what blocks get powered in different scenariosWorking on some redstone. http://t.co/CiXxzfupxT@tenderlove glad you're alright! <3
@effekt I plan to answer this questions some more soon. Possibly through RailsCasts@DavidEsmale @cmaxw it was a casual private conversation. Nothing too interesting. :)
@tenderlove I am afraid to visit my Animal Crossing town.@tenderlove have you been playing anything in particular on DS lately?@cmaxw I have only dabbled with game development. Nothing serious, but maybe sometime.@cmaxw thanks for asking, it was good to chat with you and catch up@chacon the best secrets are those you tweet.@qrush @willmanduffy I agree, GBA SP rocked. It's like the Super Nintendo of handhelds.@bketelsen @GopherCon I try to limit my number of conferences but will check it out@kurechii great job on Tiny Guardians. It is a lot of fun!I won't make it out to RailsConf this year, but I certainly hope to next year.@qrush is the Minecraft server survival only? How many members?@qrush I won't make it out to RailsConf this year@davidsouthard thanks!@davidsouthard I haven't focused on my open source projects yet but plan to.@searls :)@qrush looks like Sim City, cool!I found a gif of @coreyhaines tweeting http://t.co/a8LAnINbAm
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@amyhoy for a moment I forgot wallpaper is a real thing and not something you put on a desktop or phone.I have no desire to reinvent the wheel, only other things which don't work as well.@marclameu thanks!Programming is easy until you start typing. And then it's hard.@thomasfuchs love the background. Now I want to play Link to the Past.Is there a good machine learning book that doesn't slam one in the face with tons of math right off the bat? Haven't seen a good one yet!
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@fladamd I haven't but will check it out, thanks@CelsoDeSa thanks@samurailink3 thanks!Watching some entertaining D&D live #CriticalRole http://t.co/TErHHJEMBY@Keloran yeah, payment is getting there but I want it for other things@applerebel @18F I think I would go crazy with the red tape that comes with government work.Instead of handing out personal, sensitive information, provide a unique token that a trusted source translates behind the scenes.I want an OAuth system for my phone number, mailing address, and credit cards with the ability to grant/deny access and change in one spot.@coreyhaines @sarahmei so many kitties! How many sardines are you bringing in a day?@kjswartz04 welcome, that's awesome!
@sarahmei me too thanks to @coreyhaines!@syedsarmadsabih hello, glad they helped!@robbyrussell and if it's Hulu you get to rewatch commercials.@bluescrn any chance for a Skyriders sequel or expansion? Love that game.Re-playing through Skyriders. It's a couple years old but still one of my favorite iOS games.@DigitalLawyer @tgaeta thanks for the heads up. I will look into it.Cool "code bubbles" style navigation and editing system for Visual Studio. Pretty amazing stuff! http://t.co/j6I48qSHbd
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@redhatpro @steveklabnik I should have grabbed the .net and .org variations when I started but unfortunately didn't :/
Music typewriter! http://t.co/74v17M41NM
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