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Eva C Scanlan @ThatEvaOne NYC via Ireland.

Theatre & Events Producer in Dublin & NYC, incl #DTF2015 #AtTheFord & #ImYourManMusical; @24HourPlaysDub @abbeytheatre All controversial/hilarious views my own.

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This is spectacular.
Tiger balm's got my eyes watering like I'm in a Jill Greenberg photo.@McMahonPhilly Totes appreesh.@McMahonPhilly Now, now, Philly. I've been up and chained to my desk since 8am. Ikea was last week. :)Does lighting the blessed candle work if the candle is from Ikea and if you're an atheist?
@McMahonPhilly I'm buying icepacks for @RiseIreland tomorrow. I'll pick a few up for myself too. (Bought my ginseng & vitamins though!)@McMahonPhilly The rollercoaster is made of wood, Philly. WOOD. It was either hold on too tightly (and strain my wrist), or fall out.Nobody tell @McMahonPhilly, but I think I've injured myself. I CAN STILL TYPE THOUGH!Quote of the day: 'I have a deceptively wide hip.' @AODhubhshlaine, ladies and gentlemen.#TaytoPark was a very good way to spend my morning off with @AODhubhshlaine. Heartrate finally back to normal 2 hours after rollercoaster.Overheard in the queue at @taytopark: "Hasn't someone died on this already?" Today might be the day @AODhubhshlaine ! You're fierce good. What's the weather like?@AODhubhshlaine Please, obvs. I'll bring you for a drive if you do. :)@AODhubhshlaine Beside the hotpress. Put the button to On and Sink.@AODhubhshlaine Are you up? Will you stick on the immersion, like a good boy.
I thought the Mr Softee jingle was annoying. Try listening to a tinny, warbly version of Pop Eye the Sailor Man. Keeeriiist.@AODhubhshlaine @MrShaneDelaney @GemCrad It is yeah... #sideeye@talktoBOI Can I get a direct landline number to call re Home Insurance renewal?Mood level: *eye twitch*
@terranovanyc Break legs!!! Love from here. X@killianmccrea Read this.
@McMahonPhilly @itsadammatt @EvokeToday Still, important journalism if ever I saw it. #Eyeroll
@MarketaDee They're going! :) my juggling skills are getting a stretch!@MarketaDee Oh no!! Hope you're on the mend soon.
I've never linked to FB but this is exceptional re: Anna Duggar & what we do to our daughters
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@AODhubhshlaine Oasis, The Script, Twist and Shout (just the chorus), more Oasis...Neighbours having a rowdy, back-yard party: *sighs*. Neighbours having a rowdy, back-yard party w/ acoustic guitar sing-song? *cuts a bitch*
‘Alan and Sue Dumpty had a baby boy. A giant egg, sadly.’ ‘Aw. Still, they must treat him no differently. What are they going to call him?’
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanWe are so proud to announce that @Tarbabyplay just won a @TheScotsman #FringeFirst award! #edfringe2015
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanToday's show #soldout! Make sure you book ahead folks #edfringe2015
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@krisantonym @tigerdubfringe @RuthMcGowan The brilliant #TarBaby just won a Fringe First - we'd love you to see it! @Tarbabyplay@ProResting Whoa.@PippinParker Bitey weather. I get it.@ChristinaMcMc @DonaldClarke63 I don't understand the question...@PippinParker Say what you will about crappy Irish public transport, but there's a whole lot less biting involved.Go see #TarBaby @destheray @Gildedballoon. "Outside the box" storytelling on race & culture. Searing & endearing. Thx @MCCisNauseous 4 tip!
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanHi @edfringe - Celebrating team @Tarbabyplay winning a @TheScotsman Fringe First! :) #TARBABY
@McMahonPhilly Eh...@McMahonPhilly If a *34 year old* you know says they currently work in theatre, slap them and take them to an accountancy course.@MarketaDee Done!SUBMIT, murfurrer!@McMahonPhilly Glad it's not just me. The delicacy with which I'm pressing buttons is something else... Stay alive for 10 more minutes!Arts Council website is having a moment. Not a good fashion / on-trend moment either. A shit-the-bed moment.
Typed my sign-off and pushed send too quickly in an email, so 'Eva' became 'eVa'. And it sent. To another human.After Fight Night & #TGPP made her Best of Year round-ups, Emer O'Kelly picks #AtTheFord in best of @DubTheatreFest.
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanMaybe @AODhubhshlaine and I will get chips for dinner...Super tempted to take a lunch-time power nap, but the avalanche of work is too much. Will replace sleep with Hobnobs instead. #WorkHackAnyone else highly skeeved out by that Sam & Nia couple? Not because they're Christian (please), but because they're total whores?
This is the first time in a few years I'm not hate-watching #RoseofTralee... am I officially a grown-up, or what the what is going on?@kyleharry Damn, Kyle - who's your friend!@GemCrad How hard was that 'frocks and frolics' link not to say something decidedly un-RTE-ish?
@kateoriot Bookmarking for a rainy day!@LisaGarvo Ummmm sure! Next one is double though...@LisaGarvo Eh, no offense! :) Hope you're well! Tea soon!I could make a fortune consulting on what NOT to put on a CV, and how NOT to format it.
Friends! Tickets for #ImYourManMusical and #AtTheFord are flying out. I'm geeking out over the sales reports from @DubTheatreFest #DTF2015.
@DogsTrust_IE Great - should I just drop them to front desk/ reception?Overheard in Dublin: 'Oh, I'm a divil for the tabasco!'Late to this, but the @LightHouseD7 Films You'd Want Your Kids To See series looks AMAZING. *clears diary*
Pretty proud of this one. @BeccaTheSM, Queen!
@DogsTrust_IE Do you take donations of old quilts and towels? Would they be of use? Happy to drop some off.@StefPreissner @_sarahwilson_ Brill, I'll look her up. You look smashing, girl!@StefPreissner Have you blogged it anywhere, aside from the other Twitter acc? Or any good recs for reading?@StefPreissner congratulations Stef! What an amazing achievement.
@OwensDamien Stevland JUDKINS, no less. What a world.@AODhubhshlaine Maybe it's a new lipstick?@AODhubhshlaine The picture...? Nope, never mind. ;)@AODhubhshlaine @AlyssaEdwards_1 You look different, Anthony.
So excited to see #Underneath by Pat Kinevane and @Fishamble for the 1st time @edfringe. Sure it won't be the last, either. #IrishInEdBREAKING: Denis O' Brien is suing Carly Simon because he thinks that song is about him.
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanJust passed a betting shop called Macbet. COME on! That's genius. @aoifesh @NeoNancyBoy #EdinburghPunCapitalofTheWorld@aoifesh Right? I squee-d when I saw it. I adore this place.@aoifesh Edinburgh is ALL about the puns. Passed a shop yesterday called 'Thistle Do Nicely'. That's mind-blowingly good!Just found an errant apostrophe in an email I sent out to a few people. *Digs hole. Dies*
@Fishamble So great. I've never seen those performers before - super impressed.@lostplum @BrooklynBrine I just gagged from 3000 miles away.@flemfest2014 @WhispersNewsLTD Ah now Dave, you KNOW we were only kidding. Right, pal? Buddy? I'll buy you a pint if you leave me out of it!#LittleThingBigThing by @Fishamble is so great. Wonderful performances, writing, direction, sound. The works! #IrishInEdAfter missing 3 years of Irish theatre, I get a smorgasbord of #IrishInEd to sample this weekend @edfringe. Gonna be jammers.@Fishamble @DanceBase I'd better grab a ticket! Any chance y'all can stick one aside for me?! Here til Sunday! XSitting beside a throat-clearer. *ahe-heh-heh-heerrrh-herrrm*@sarahgoose @NYMag Something about being down with the kids?
Alarm set for 2 hours 56 minutes from now. WHY do I keep booking the earliest possible flights? 😣@TheSarahBiz @24HourPlays Woohoo! How quickly that rolls around. Big love to all the team from here!So hivemind: is the #GOPDebate being shown on any channel available in Ireland? Have TV, will hatewatch!@justabloodygame !!!!! I shouldn't laugh (out loud).You know you're doing something right when a multi-billionaire megalomaniac sends you a cease and desist letter. #WAR
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanHow to get me to change channel: advertise a panel show with #KatieHopkins as host. I'd rather be shot in the face. #KatieRules @tlc_ukBirth control? BAN IT! Abortion? BAN IT! Gay marriage? BAN IT! Guns? Look, banning things never works. People will find ways to get them.
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan
@TophHooperton Ah, oui. Let's talk soon.@TophHooperton We'll figure it out. Come over in Sept for the Dublin Theatre Festival! I have shows aplenty for you!@TophHooperton I think I had meant to tell you when I'd be going to Edinburgh for a possible meet up. Well, I'm going Friday. Short notice?!
Oh @OnceMusicalDub was glorious. Thank you @meganriordan & company, and congratulations.
Well done @ireland @meganriordan! Beautiful thoughts on creativity and a life in the arts. I needed some inspiration today: that did it! x@BeccaTheSM I thought about you randomly in Ikea today. Just coz.@justabloodygame I felt the same,about Sherlock. Can't care, won't care. 😒
@ShaneDanByrne Try or . Quickest way out, I've found.
@AXA_Ireland No thanks. I've neither the time nor inclination to haggle w/your staff for a better deal. Got it for €1012 elsewhere, FYI.Oh @AXA_Ireland, no. No I won't be hurrying to take the quote of €2400 for car insurance. You're GRAND.
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