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@Gus_802 I wish success to both sides.@gmw1wiseman Oh I don't know, but it definitely give better access to mental health treatment."Even Bernie?" Bernie is to the right of Obama on national security. sandbagged Obama's right-leaning D nom for when Ds controlled Senate. Now they're stuck with a GOPer.
Retweeted by LOLame DuckPhone call with @POTUS on #IranDeal: 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time, call 1-866-254-5934 and enter the passcode 365802.Senior House Democrat @ChrisVanHollen on #Irandeal: "historic agreement that should be supported by Congress"
Retweeted by LOLame DuckI guess we can't be surprised when a guy named Rand wants to go Galt and profit off it.
Retweeted by LOLame DuckNancy Pelosi: The House has the votes to back the U.S. nuclear deal with Iran
Retweeted by LOLame DuckPlanned Parenthood sees spike in donations amid video controversy
Retweeted by LOLame DuckLOL Someday Boris and Natasha will catch Obamamoose & Bidensquirrel.
Retweeted by LOLame DuckThank you for standing with peace against war., "progressives"? Really? is rarely about optimal outcomes. We should support the Iran deal, says @NickKristof
Retweeted by LOLame DuckSurprise! The fourth video attacking #PlannedParenthood is also full of doctored footage #standwithPP
Retweeted by LOLame DuckDear James Woods, Obamacare covers your situation. You're welcome.Hopefully, losing this war against the @POTUS will be the end of AIPAC, once and for all. #IranDeal+10000.'m personally going to start wearing a lion costume when I leave my house so if I get shot, people will care.
Retweeted by LOLame Duck3/3 Apparently, AIPAC did not have the confidence to let their members engage in a real dialogue with the White House officials #IranDeal
Retweeted by LOLame Duck2/3 White House offers to go to AIPAC. They say okay, be here at 8am. Three senior officials go. AIPAC let's them speak, but vetoes a Q&A.
Retweeted by LOLame Duck1/3 This will blow your mind. AIPAC's swarming congress with 700 members to kill #IranDeal. Admin invites them to White House. They decline.
Retweeted by LOLame DuckObama to explain #IranDeal to grassroots supporters by phone, Thurs. 6:00 p.m. ET; (866) 254-5934, passcode 365802.
Retweeted by LOLame DuckRep David Price says #IranDeal will prevent nuclear-armed Iran & make the world a safer place.
Retweeted by LOLame DuckJames Woods sues Twitter user for $10M Woods blocked me for pointing out one of his Taliban anti-Obama memes was fake
Retweeted by LOLame DuckJames Woods: “I am not a cocaine addict. A selfish, sexist, conservative birther asshole, yes. But not a cocaine addict!”
Retweeted by LOLame DuckWe Weep For African Lions. But What About Black Lives? via @HuffPostPol
Retweeted by LOLame DuckStewart: No, I didn't have "secret" meetings w/Obama. But I did with Fox's Roger Ailes
Retweeted by LOLame Duck97% of scientists agree, climate change is real and humans are a significant contributor. It’s time to #ActOnClimate
Retweeted by LOLame DuckTrump and Romney hold the same position on immigration, so why is only Trump the radical?LMAO I thought so.@darth
Retweeted by LOLame Duck.@PressSec: Why should we trust Rs, who dodge climate concerns with “I’m not a scientist” line, but now act like nuclear experts on Iran?
Retweeted by LOLame DuckFour things right-wing warhawks get wrong about the #IranDeal:
Retweeted by LOLame DuckIs Fournier more racist or sexist?Donald Trump on the 11 million undocumented: "We got to move 'em out...we will get them out":
Retweeted by LOLame DuckLOL @ 'temporary'
Retweeted by LOLame DuckThe Trumpification of the GOP field continues
Retweeted by LOLame DuckGuy In Philosophy Class Needs To Shut The Fuck Up
Retweeted by LOLame Duck@ErnestMoniz shows how #IranDeal succesfully bloks all of Iran's pathways to a nuclear weapon via @jdforward
Retweeted by LOLame DuckYes, please. list of top Sanders attendance districts goes: VT, OR, WA, WA, WA, CA, CA, CA, CA, CA, CA, OR, CA, CA Surprised?
Retweeted by LOLame DuckAnti-abortion extremists: SAVE THE FETUS. When asked about feeding the child, it's "Oh hell, no." Bootstraps, people.
Retweeted by LOLame DuckWH press secretary Josh Earnest just called the Planned Parenthood “sting” videos “fraudulent.” Yes, that’s exactly what they are.
Retweeted by LOLame DuckNew data affirms that the #ACA has increased access to docs, has made health care more affordable. #ACAWorks
Retweeted by LOLame DuckHuge, if true., if true. on him, trying so hard to secure peace. :( my greatest Benghazi acrostic-related accomplishment though:
Retweeted by LOLame Duck@theonlyadult @firedoglake @janehamsher
Retweeted by LOLame DuckFraud, liar, horrible person. energy is booming. #ActOnClimate
Retweeted by LOLame Duck@60th_Street @firedoglake @janehamsher who will kill the bill now??!!!!Why I'm confident in the #IranDeal
Retweeted by LOLame DuckVice Prison Special Featuring Obama Sets Premiere Date
Retweeted by LOLame DuckIn leaked audio, @StephensWSJ tells evangelical group a vote for Iran arms deal like vote for Iraq war
Retweeted by LOLame Duck"Journalist". Piece of shit. Brilliant article. So much truth!!
Retweeted by LOLame DuckGo Nancy. Never stop whipping.
Retweeted by LOLame DuckThank you @MartinHeinrich for championing security through diplomacy #IranDeal #NoWarWithIran #p2
Retweeted by LOLame DuckJosh Earnest warns that GOP is preparing for another government shutdown
Retweeted by LOLame DuckHappy birthday #Medicare and #Medicaidat50, meet @JebBush, he wants to kill you. CHEERS!WHERE IS CHIP?????? @TheObamaDiaryHe's a FLORIDA lawyer. Who's been making CNN blood money excusing police killing of Black people. Why would they hire him? #SamDubose
Retweeted by LOLame DuckHomophobic #Haredi #Jew stabs 6 people at #Gay #pride2015 parade in #Jerusalem. Zealots insult #Judaism. #lovewins
Retweeted by LOLame DuckIsrael 2015, religious nut chasing people with a knife during gay pride parade in Jerusalem.'m so old, I remember when FireDogLake wanted to "primary" @BarackObama in 2012. Fun times.
Retweeted by LOLame DuckAnd this, ladies and gentlemen, is why they're so, so, so mad. just gave one of his most important speeches in office — and hardly anyone noticed via @voxdotcomBecause e don't have journalism anymore. We have bunch of GOP tools killing this country. is divided between people who think all women deserve the same basic rights and health care men have -- and Republicans.
Retweeted by LOLame Duck"12 year old wearing ugly blazer in his avi makes ass of himself on twitter. Hilarity ensues."
Retweeted by LOLame DuckNothing more amusing than a conservative calling someone, anyone, "not very bright". people, in cave-land Obama is a lame duck. Save a thought for this poor guy. LMAOOOOOOO, I do love conservatives, so stupid, endless entertainment.@SoCalCMH LMAO. What a silly little man.@AngryBlackLady @theonlyadult No, it's "black people are lazy bc we had to enslave and torture them before they'd build a country for us."
Retweeted by LOLame Duck@SoCalCMH @jt1945 hahahahaha, majority of Jews support the deal.The tragedy is that he turned Israelis to such zombies, they'll keep believe his crap. Kildee, the most vocal advocate for @FreeAmirHekmati, the American marine jailed in #Iran, comes out in support of #IranDeal.
Retweeted by LOLame DuckFiredoglake wanted to kill Obamacare, instead they killed @dailykosI love the stereotype that black people are lazy, when white people couldn't even build a goddamn country on their own. LOL.
Retweeted by LOLame DuckHappy 50th birthday, Medicare and Medicaid! Two programs, one promise: that every American deserves a basic measure of dignity and security.
Retweeted by LOLame DuckIn 50 years, people will say the same about #Obamacare. Thank you, President Obama! #Legacy
Retweeted by LOLame DuckFiredoglake dead and Obamacare is alive.Remember when Firedoglake threatened that @Eclectablog would never work in the blogosphere again? LOL.
Retweeted by LOLame DuckFiredoglake is closing? Who will kill the bill now? :(The one time I wrote a Kos diary it was when Jane Hamsher called Obama supporters "dumb motherfuckers."
Retweeted by LOLame DuckLMAO using this pic. Racist MoFos. And no one believe you. Sucks. :(Religious Jew stabbed 6 people during Jerusalem gay pride parade. One victim in critical condition..@dailykos update: BERNIE IZ AOSOME DIARIES: 6. HILLARY IZ BAD DIARIES: 1. Calls on action to press Congress on #IranDeal: ZERO. #winningObama, Biden, Kerry, Pelosi - basically the only ones in govt that are worth anything. The rest are trash.
Retweeted by LOLame DuckLMAOOOOOOO! This guy is awesome. LMAO. You've got nothing factual. Nothing based in reality. Zero.Thank you, @RepDanKildee he hasn't done well compare to which president?@JayCaruso LMAO, only in your alternate reality he's a failure.Four people stabbed at Jerusalem gay pride parade. Israel's trajectory, on all fronts, is absolutely frightening.
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